Step 1: Mage Stone (outside riverwood)

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Magicka 490 | Health 210 | Stamina 100 | All before buffs from equipment or standing stones.

BEFORE WE START: You want to max out magika as much as possible. Health is pretty irrelevant right now. I never really go over 200 or 210 HP.

STEP 1: Mage Stone (outside riverwood)

STEP 2: Learn Muffle from Farengar in dragonsreach. Spam muffle while doing step 3.

STEP 3: Spam radeant quests for theives guild (numbers and burglery jobs from devlin and vex) until you reach 60k gold. Its about 75 radeant quests. Also do special assignments.

STEP 4: Build a home and build a garden and plant 3 Creep Cluster, 3 Scaly Pholiota, and 5 Mora Tapinella. If you have choose to build a geenhouse then plant double.

NOTE: If you build a greenhouse catch blue butterflys and plant 1 snowberry. Or find them on your adventures they arent hard to locate. You will only need about 10

STEP 5: Wait 3 days, harvest crop, repeate until you have 275 of each. You can use "set timescale to 10000" and wait 15 seconds inside as well

STEP 6: Combine all together and make potions until 60

NOTE: Sell, use, or throw potions away. Doesnt really matter.

STEP 7: Go to Solitude and buy alchemy enchanted gear (sold in radiant raiment)

STEP 8: Learn enchant but dont make them yet

STEP 9: Go to Raven Rock blacksmith and buy dadric banishing weapon.

STEP 10: Learn dadric banishing enchant

STEP 11: buy about 100 iron and leather strips to make daggers with.

STEP 12: You can use inventory bug (save, punch, reload) on Calcelmo in Understone Keep in Markarth to buy lots of petty and lesser soul gems. Also buy about 10 Grand soul gems

STEP 13: Enchant the daggers until 100 using only lesser and petty soul gems

NOTE: Sell or throw daggers away. Doesnt matter really

STEP 14: Buy any hat, neck, gloves, and ring. Enchant with alchemy enchant

STEP 15: Put on Alchemy enchanted gear

STEP 16: Make more Potions with Creep Clusters, Scaly Pholiota, and Mora Tapinella until 100.

STEP 17: Make Potion with Snowberries and blue butterflies. This will fortify enchanting

STEP 18: Learn following enchantments Fortify Destruction, Fortify Alteration, Fire Resist, Frost Resist, Fortify Magicka, Fortify Conjuration. Usually sold in radiant raiment

STEP 19: Drink fortify enchanting potion and Enchant like this USE ONLY GRAND SOUL GEMS

Circlet - Fortify Destruction + Fortify Alteration
Boots - Fire Resist + Frost Resist
Gloves - Fortify Magicka
Necklace - Fortify Destruction + Fortify Conjuration
Ring - Fortify Conjuration + Fortify Alteration
Chest- Arch mages robe.

NOTE: Ok from here I will explan grinding out the rest of your magic skills but you dont have to do this. You should be around lvl 15-20 so its up to you.

Its also good if you go to Solsthiem and get the Black Book: The Sallow Regent in White Ridge Barrow for the Seeker of Sorcery perk before you enchant your gear and start
really grinding other skills. Its best to grind out Conjuration first before any other skill. Get it 100. Then buy master spell summon Dremora. Then go get the black book.
Allow your 2 Dremora to do the work for you killing the dragon priest in White Ridge Barrow.

Conjuring- buy horse cast soul trap until 100 (waiting 1 hour after your magika is out)

Illusion - Cast Muffel until 100
Alteration - Cast candlelight, Oakflesh, or telekinesis until 100 (your choice) Grinding this sucks but worth it.
Restoration - Cast equilibrium (dawnguard DLC) along with a healing spell. should allow you to cast nonstop if you keep your health up.
Destruction - I havent found a good way to spam destruction that works. The best thing you can do is be trained by Faralda at the College of Winterhold.

You should be Lvl 54 when you have All Magic skills, enchanting, and alchemy at 100. Here are the perks i took NOT in order of how i took them. Focus on Alchemy and echanting

perks first. Then do Conjuration. Make Sure you also do all the Master quests at the College of winter hold to unlock master spells. They are only availabe once you have 100 skill

2 Novice Conjuration

3 Apprentice Conjuration
4 Adept Conjuration
5 Expert Conjuration
6 Summoner 1/2
7 Atromancy
8 Elemental potency
9 Twin Souls
10 Alchemist 1/5
11 Alchemist 2/5
12 Physician
13 Benefactor
14 Alchemist 3/5
15 Alchemist 4/5
16 Haggling 1/5 - OPTIONAL
17 Enchanter 1/5
18 Enchanter 2/5
19 Enchanter 3/5
20 Enchanter 4/5
21 Insightful Enchanter
22 Corpus Enchanter
23 Alchemist 5/5
24 Allure
25 Merchant - OPTIONAL
26 Enchanter 5/5
27 Extra Effect
28 Novice Restoration
29 Regeneration
30 Nercomage
31 Novice Destruction
32 Destruction Duel Cast
33 Impact
34 Augmented Shock 1/2
35 Augmented Shock 2/2
36 Augmented Flames 1/2
37 Augmented Flames 2/2
38 Augmented Frost 1/2
39 Augmented Frost 2/2
40 Novice Illusion
41 Hypnotic Gaze
42 Aspect of Terror
43 Animage
44 Novice Alteration
45 Apprentice Alteration
46 Magic Resistance 1/3
47 Magic Resistance 2/3
48 Magic Resistance 3/3
49 Adept Alteration
50 Disintegrate
51 Respite
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