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Concentration and Memory

  • Memory and concentration are directly related . Many memory complaints have nothing to do with the actual ability to remember things but come from a failure to focus on the task at hand.


  • Receptive Memory

  • Sequential memory

  • Rote memory

  • Working memory – short term memory

  • Long term memory

  • Receptive memory – recognizes physical features of a given stimulus to be able to recognize it at a later time. - receptive processing difficulties – will not recognize visual or auditory stimuli shapes and sounds associated with alphabet or a number system.

  • Sequential memory -remember in their order of presentation reading letters appear in a specific sequence, poor auditory sequential memory will have difficulties with syllables

  • Rote – learn as a habit pattern

  • Working memory – need to retain ideas and thoughts when writing a letter, follow instructions or remarks made by a teacher for example .

  • Long term- If you have weak long term memory each new situation will be regarded as a new one .


  • The ability to willingly focus on a task

  • To maintain a high degree of vigilance

  • To willingly ignore distractions from task at hand

Improving concentration

  • Focus on task at hand

  • Avoid or eliminate distractions

  • Do try to double task as will increase errors and divide your attention

  • Meditation / relaxation methods

Improving memory

  • Pay attention and concentrate on task

  • Relate to the information you are learning

  • Repeat the information

  • Elaborate on information and think about it concrete and clear meaning are easier to understand , abstract and vague is more difficult pictures easier to remember than words often


  • Creating a rich context for the experience by adding together visual , auditory and other information about the fact.

  • Focus -

  • Brain remembers things by their meaning .. Create meaning .

  • (e.g. if a child is having difficulty remembering how to do something …ask does it have meaning for them?? How would you create meaning?)

Disabilities that affect concentration and Memory

  • ADHD

  • Cognitive impairment

  • Multiple Sclerosis

  • Traumatic Brain Injury / Stroke

  • Dementia / Alzheimer's

  • Learning Disabilities

  • Epilepsy

Multi – Factorial

  • Poor impulse control

  • Poor concentration

  • Poor memory

  • Inability to follow instructions

  • Learning styles

  • Over activity

  • Sequencing

  • Non goal directed behavior

Tasks that address the following:

  • Impulsiveness

Students must be challenged to wait ..

  • Inattentiveness

Only progress when correct answer is given ..reward for attending

  • Distractibility

Try to pull the child off task on purpose child has to learn to resist distractions to win game

Poor impulse control

  • Urgency - in a hurry

  • Lack of premeditations- acts without thinking

  • Lack of perseverance –gives up on task

  • Sensation seeking- seeks fun without consequences

Therefore have bad turning taking skills, can lash out when teased e.g hit another child


  • Teach appropriate waiting behaviors

  • Reinforcement plan for appropriate responding behavior

  • Break down tasks to smaller chunks gives more opportunities for reinforcement

Touch Screens

  • Direct

  • Consistent

  • Accurate

Ipad apps

  • The attention Trainer HD . (no reading skills necessary as has audio commands)

  • Train your attention

  • Improves symptoms of distraction and increases attention level ( 15 minutes supervised)

Epic Timer

  • You pick a task and choose the completion time the app keeps you on track by showing time elapsed and time remaining . The task timer can be customized.

  • Useful for those who find it difficult to meet goals.

  • Timer that visually shows time passing and time left to complete task.

Impulse control and turn taking

  • Helps children with ADHD and other impulse control problems . (android and Mac)

  • Turntaker

  • Visual and audio cues to facilitate turn taking and sharing.

First then visual schedule

  • Allows you to create visual schedules that provide positive behavior support through the use of images that show daily events or steps needed to complete activity

Apps to help children follow directions

  • One step two step

  • Designed to improve listening , following directions, working memory and auditory processing of language .

Visual assistant

  • Provides powerful task prompting by including digital pictures custom recorded audio , or video messages to provide step by step instructional support

Memory Games and concentration activities on line


  • Play interactive and fun memory games , concentration building exercises


Text to speech solutions why?

  • Attention is focused on meaning rather than trying to read words.

  • Allows readers to engage with text-based information aurally and visually and enables slow readers to process text quickly and efficiently .

What is a ‘text to speech’ screen reader?

  • Converts computer based text into spoken words.

MS Office Narrator .

Solo 6 ( Don Johnson)

  • Text reader

  • Graphic organiser

  • Talking word processor

  • Word prediction

Read and Write Gold

  • Reads text . Word prediction, Highlights words as reading. Has study skills tool .

  • Provides summaries of important points.

  • Primarily aimed at dyslexic students but study skills tools very useful for those with memory and concentration issues

Graphic Thought Organizers

  • Outliners

  • Graphic thought organizers

  • Mind maps

  • Flow charts

Useful why

  • Maintain focus on tasks

  • Enhance recall

  • Provide motivation

  • Create interest

  • Clarify information

  • Assist in organizing thoughts

  • Promote understanding


Example of web based outliner

  • Persuasion map

  • Web based

  • Helps to map out arguments for an persuasive essay or debate.

Example Graphic thought organizers
Videos showing how to use VUE can be found at
  • VUE

  • Mind mapping
    A mind map is a diagram used to represent words, ideas, tasks, or other items linked to and arranged around a central key word or idea.

  • Inspiration mind mapping utility for both children and adults








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