Smoking: To Stop or Not to Stop… That is the Question

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Smoking: To Stop or Not to Stop… That is the Question.

  • A WebQuest on the risks of smoking.
  • by: Tony Love


  • As you watch TV or listen to the radio there is no doubt you have heard adds that encourage people to stop smoking. These adds provide various reasons and statistics to support their cause.
  • Have you ever looked into the claims that these adds make for yourself? Do you take everything you hear at face value?


  • Through this WebQuest you will:
    • Investigate the risks that smoking causes to those who do so on a regular basis.
    • Write a persuasive speech on why to stop smoking or why to continue. This speech is to be accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation that would be displayed as the speech is given.


  • Part 1: Research
    • You will be supplied with a list of websites on the resources page to investigate. You are not limited to these websites, however any website that you do use should be examined for accuracy and reliability. Remember that Wikipedia is rarely as good a source as it seems.
  • Part 2: Speech and PowerPoint
    • Based upon the results of your research you are to write a persuasive speech to either encourage or discourage smokers. This speech should use references to your research sources. The PowerPoint should be designed to flow with the speech as if they were being presented together.


  • Pro-smoking Sites:
  • Anti-smoking Sites:


  • You essay/speech like others will be graded on correct spelling, grammar, mechanics, citations, and accuracy of information. The side you take in the debate will not influence your score one way or the other.
  • Your PowerPoint will be graded based on the 6x6 rule as well on how it flows with your essay/speech (i.e. ideas in the same order).


  • Through your own research you have now come to a conclusion on the debate about quitting smoking. Not only that, but you are also able to defend your conclusion with sound arguments and evidence.
  • Remember to always look into these types of issues for yourself. Be informed, not just a follower of the media.

Download 4.44 Kb.

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