Smartphones and Mobile Phone Technology

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Smartphones and Mobile Phone Technology

  • Andrew Chang, Naeun Choi, Nicholas Delrose, Charlotte Gilmore, 
  • Silvia Manolache

What are we talking about??

    • The world is flat!
    • Bringing people together.....?
    • Changing the way things work.

"Text messages are like little sugar rushes of contact, postcards from the people's cyberspace, the real reason God gave us thumbs and the capacity for language"


  • - The first official mobile phone used in Sweden by the Swedish police in 1946; could make 6 phone calls before car's battery was drained
  • - development of first cell phone (creation of towers/cells at Bell Labs in 1947
  • - FCC?
  • - 1983 Motorola DynaTAC 8000X made commercially available: 2 lbs, $3,500
  • - 1991 Motorola MicroTac Lite the lightest phone: $1,000

History cont.

  • - 2nd generation: from the early 1990's
  • - smaller, better batteries, huge increase in popularity 
  • - 3rd generation: include 2 Megabits of maximum data rate indoors and 384 kbits for outdoor use
  • - include internet access and other modern innovations
  • - 1993 IBM developed first smartphone, Simon


  • - Smartphones provide portable use of IT
  • - Entertainment Uses:
  • games, music (mp3 player), books (e-book), and digital television broadcast
  • - Social Uses: phone call, text message, wireless internet (access to e-mail, social networking websites)
  • - Organization Uses: calendar, finance manager, address book, storage for data

Uses cont. 

  • - Hospital Uses: used to view image (x-ray, MRI, etc).
  • means of communication between nurses and clinicians.
  • - Museum Uses: audio guide is provided through cell phones.
  • - China: mobile learning provides access to lectures and test preps.


    • Mobile technology is key to keeping in touch in the modern world.
    • Text messaging
    • Smart Phones aren't only used for communication, but for organizing schedules, jotting down notes, playing music, games, checking the weather, and other applications.

Benefits Cont.

    • Cell Phones "revolutionized long distance calling", making it much more inexpensive for long distance communication.
    • Cell phone logs have also been helpful in court cases where they can be used as evidence.       (You may also consider this a disadvantage)


  • - negative health affects (increases resting blood pressure, reduces production of melatonin, related to Altzeimers's Disease, linked to cancer)
  • - increased stress level (fatigue, headache, difficulty in concentration, disturbance in sleep)
  • - male infertility
  • - effect on children; the "blackberry father"
  • - risk in driving
  • - reduced privacy
  • - effects on language


    • Mobile technology and smart phones play a major role in every day life, and their importance is expected to continue, and even increase in the future.
    • The pho


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