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SJAV Samiti’s
K.R.Bellad Arts and Commerce College


Post Graduate Studies in Economics


IQAC Report for the year


The plan of action chalked out by the IQAC in the

begining of the year towards quality enhancement

and the out come achieved by the

end of the year 2010-2011

To make our college a centre of higher learning for youths

with spiritual and moral values

Let there be pursuit of perfection by means of getting to know

each other by practicing sweetness and light

Aims and Objectives
Our motto is to impart education to the economically and socially backward students in the rural area.
We recognize ethical standards in the field of education.
The priority mission is to maintain academic discipline.
To achieve all round development of the students so that they become good citizens of the country.
To develop characters, comradeship. Discipline, leadership, secular outlook, patriotism, selfless service and competence.



Name of the Institution : K.R.BELLAD ARTS AND COMMERCE



Year of Report : 2010-2011

The plan of action chalked out by the IQAC in the begining of the year towards quality enhancement and outcome achieved at the end of the year.
Quality is context and need specific and it is the holistic approach in higher education. The college believes that education is not a mere process to comprehend the highest levels of knowledge attained by humanity at a given point of time but a continuous activity that creates new knowledge to sustain life across temporal and spatial barriers. It is, in this connection plan of action for the year 2010-11 is as follows.
 To undertake personality development, communication skill, computer operating programmes for students to make them globally competent.

 To improve the quality of teaching through effective teacher performance appraisal, learning and evaluation. The teaching effectiveness is linked with human touch. As such, the personality copmonant of teh faculty plays a greater role. So IQAC has insisted the faculty members to prepare “Teaching Plan” and “Unit Plan” for the effective teaching.

 Strengthening the community extension activities so that college establishes still better link with the society.

 Cultivating research environment among faculty members and students.

 To organize various extra curricular activities and programmes like cultural events, debates, essay competitions, group discussions and placement activities to develop competitive spirit among students.

 To arrange study/ industrial tours so as to give exposure to students.

 To improve infrastructure facilities in the college.
 Education is a dynamic process and it changes with changing times and there is a significant increase in the standard and learning ability of the students.

 A positive development in the research culture among the faculty members is witnessed. The college succeeded in maintaining healthy relation with the community.

 There is an improvement in the competitive skills acquired by the students which helped them to get better employment opportunities.

 Many students participated in state and national level seminars and presented research papers.


The college has been rendering service to the cause of moral, ethical and innovative education in the backward region of North Karnataka. It believes that education is the single most important means for empowerment and for sustained improvement in well being. Education reinforces the socio economic dynamics of society towards equality and promotes a social order conducive to an egalitarian ethos. It is in this connection the college has organized its various activities in tune with the changing conditions and this is reflected in our goals and objectives.
1. The College has started Post Graduate Studies in Economics.
1.1 The College is providing value based education to 414 students out of which 155 are girls. The result of the BA VIth sem was 74.20% and 12 students passed with distinction. Similarly, the result of B.Com VIth sem was 92.59% and Six students passed with distinction. This year the college has started P.G Studies in Economics and out of nine students three students passed with distinction and remaining six students passed in First class in the first sem examinations.
1.2 The College library has 21,387 books worth Rs. 19,07,681 and the library is kept open for 12 hours a day. It has 79 Journals in different disciplines.
1.3 The Inaugural function of the ‘College Union’ took place on 7-9-2010 with the holy blessings of H.H. Sri Jagadguru Anndaneshwar Mahashivayogigalu Samsthan Math Mundargi. Prof N.B. Sangapur from Dharwad was the Chief guest. The Union activities were inaugurated by Prof C.H. Murugendrappa, President of Karnataka State College Teachers Union. The Function was presided by Sri R.B Dambalmath, Chairman of the local governing body.
1.4 Karnataka Sangha of the College is known for its distinctive objectives. It organized one day seminar on “Neglected Vachankaras” on 28-4-2011 jointly with :Kannada Book Authority” Bengalure. The Seminar was inaugurated by H.H Jagadguru Dr. Annadaneshwar Mahashivayogigalu Samsthan Math Mundargi. Dr. V.S. Mali, Dr. Ashok Narode, and Dr(smt)Shailaja Pavadshettar were the resource persons. The Students participated actively in the seminar and raised many issues related to such neglected Vachankaras.
1.5 The Department of Economics and Commerce Jointly organized National Level Seminar on “Service Sector; Challenges and Opportunities” on 14-10-2011. The seminar was sponsored by UGC and graced by H.H. Sri Jagadguru Annadaneshwar Mahashivayogigalu Samsthan Math Mundargi. Dr. S.G. Hundekar, Dean of Commerce Department, Karnataka University Dharwad inaugurated the seminar. Dr. R.L. Hyderbad gave a keynote address. Deligates from various colleges and universities participated and presented their research papers. The Department has published selected articles in the form of book.
1.6 The Commerce students along with faculty members visited Vijaya Nagar Sugar Factory on 3-3-2011 to known its functioning. There was an open discussion with the management of the factory. A visit to local JRG Stock Brooking co. was organized on 18-4-2011
1.7 A.D. Shroff memorial debating competition on “Telecommunication revolution in India” was organized on 3-11-2010 Miss J.V. Nirvanimath, Miss M.S. Patil and Sri S.N. Bellari bagged first, second and third prizes respectively. Quiz Competition was organized to the students on 15-5-2011. The teams headed by Sri Arunkumar. Meti, Miss Sunita. Patil and Y.B. Gollar received first, second and third prizes respectively.
1.8 Ganesh Chathurthi’ was celebrated on 11-9-2010 by the Cultural Association. Various activities related to moral education were organized on this occasion.
1.9 Students welfare unit of the college and ‘Mundargi taluka legal advisory committee’ Jointly organized legal awareness Program to the students on 11-9-2011. Civil Judge of the taluka Sri. M.R. Odeyar inaugurated the function. The members of the Taluka Legal Advisory Committee were the resource persons.
1.10 International Women’s Day was celebrated by the “Ladies Association” of the college. Smt Girija Hasabi was the chief guest and Prof. M.G. Gachchannavar presided over the function.
1.11 A Special lecture on “Importance of Hindi Language” was organized by the Hindi Association on 3-5-2011 Prof. Kerur from J.T. College Gadag was the Chief Guest. An essay Competition and debate competitions were organized for the students on 16-5-2011.
1.12 The Counseling and Placement Cell of the College gave training to 28 students regarding “Competitive Examinations” and 11 students were selected for the special training given by the ‘Graduate Finishing School’, ‘Vidya Poshak, Dharwad’.
1.13 A Special Exhibition on ‘Census 2011’ was organized by the Planning forum of the college. H.H. Sri Jagadguru Annadaneshawar Mahashivayogigalu Samsthan Math Mundargi inaugurated the exhibition.
1.14 The Red Cross unit of the college along with local NGO’s organized a special lecture on “Bad effects of plastic” on 17-9-2010. The President and Vice president of Mundargi Municipality were the chief guest. A Jatha on “Anti tobacco” was organized on 27-9-2010 the members of the college governing body, staff and students participated in the Jatha.
1.15 The sports department of the college as organized various activities to achieve all round development of the students. Karnataka University Second Zonal Volley Ball tournament was organized on 13-14 March 2011. Miss Shruti Mugangoudar was selected to the University Kabaddi team and Participated in the Inter University Kabaddi Tournament held on Ujjayani. Our college Tenniquite team bagged second place in the Intercollegiate tournament held at Mudalgi.
1.16 UGC Sponsored state level seminar on “Evaluation of Teacher by the Students” was organized by the Forum of Social Science on 28-4-2010. H.H. Sri Jagadguru Dr. Anndaneshwar Mahashivayogigalu Samsthan Math Mundargi graced the function. Dr. T.R. Narasihman, joint Director of collegiate education inaugurated the seminar, Smt. Dr. M.R. Chadavrkar, Dr. Y.M. Jayaraj were the chief guest. The delegates from different colleges and Universities participated in the seminar. The selected research articles are published in the form of book.
1.17 “Historical Heritage Union” formed by the Department of History was inaugurated by H.H. Sri Jagadguru Dr. Anndaneshwar Mahashivayogigalu Samsthan Math Mundargi on 1-3-2011. Dr. K. Ravindranath and Dr. Siddhanna Jakbal were in the chief guest.

A rally on “Preserve the Historical Heritage” was organized under the joint auspicious of Gram Panchayath office Hammigi and Sharan Sahittya Parishad. The Rally was inaugurated by Sri R.B. Dambalmath, Chairman, College Local Governing Body. The member of the Gadag Z.P. Sri Hemagirish. Havinal, Taluka Panchyat Member Sri Ramanajeya raju and Sri. A.T. Kalmath, administrative officer of SJAV Samiti were the chief guest.

1.18 The NSS Unit of the college is functioning effectively with 100 volunteers, under the able leadership of Prof. S.R. Basapur. A special camp for the volunteers was organized in the adopted village from 25-10-2010 to 1-2-2010. some important activities of the camp were as follows.

- Jatha on Bad effects of using Plastic

- Jatha on Anti Tobacco

- Special Lecture on World Aids Day

- Construction of Primary School Compound

- Tree Plantation and Road making

- Sanitation Drive in the Village

- Repair of Hanuman Temple in the Village

- Health Cheek Up Camp for Village

Sri Sangappa. Gaddi and Sri Ravi. Jigalur Participated in the University Level Camp held at J.S.S. College Dharwad.

1.18 NCC Unit of the college is functioning with 45 male cadets and 35 female cadets. Cadet Sunita. Patil, Cadet Arer Cadet Amaresh. Jadimath, Cadet Arunkumar. Talwar participated in the RDC camp held at Davangeri during the month of January. Cadet kavita. Kadgad, Cadet Vijayalaxmi. Hurkadli Participated in Shooting Competition organized by the Gadag Bn office and bagged first place. The unit also organized of the following functions.

- Health Cheekup camp along with NSS Unit in the adopted village

- Sanitation Drive in the Village
1.19 The College has a separate Post Graduate Department in Economics. Miss. Deepa Neelannavar and Miss Shilpa. Naik presented research paper in the National Level Conference organized by the Indian labor Association at KUD.
1.20 The College as Training Center for competitive examinations funded by the UGC. It has organized Coaching classes for the selection of primary school teachers. Nearly 30 students were trained. The center also organized a special lecture on ‘Employment avenues’ for Final year students. Sri. Ravi Havinal, Alumini of the college gave lecture on the topic.

A Special lecture was organized by the Unit and Global management unit Hubli. on the ‘Avenues for Higher Education’ for the final year students.

1.21 The College has introduced Diploma Course in Soft Skill funded by UGC and the course is affiliated to Karnataka University Dharwad, nearly 30 students were benefited by the course. The efficient functioning of the course under the leadership of Dr. B.G. Javali has improved the popularly of the course.
1.22 The faculty members are hard working and dedicated to their duty Prin. S.B.K. Goudar, Sri. M.G. Gachchcannavar, Dr. V.K. Kolur, Dr. M.B. Belavatagi, Sri. A. Manjunath, Sri. S.R. Basapur, Dr. B.G. Javali, Sri. G.R. Kalburgi, Sri. Smt. A.S. Kalyani, participated in the state and National Level Seminar and presented their research Papers.

2. New academic Programmes initiated

- Diploma in Soft skill funded by UGC
3 Innovative in Curricular Design and transactions

Since Karnataka University prepares Curriculam, the college has no chance of transacting curriculum but it has adopted certain practices which are complementary to curriculum.

3.1 Co-ordinating research in the Curriculum

The college believes that participatory approach in learning where in the students involve themselves in identifying the problems, analyzing the causes and finding the solution will have a positive impact and will make learning process more meaningful and interesting. Each Department of the college, under the supervision of staff members undertakes field surveys with the help of students in their related fields. Each Department his conducting a minimum of 2 surveys at micro level in the region. This type of field survey undertaken by the Departments and students developed self confidence for independent research work and motivates them to undertake research project. This kind of exercise has certainly added value the curriculum.

3.2 Re grouping of the Subject Combinations

The Subject combination his made by the affiliating University itself but the college has the freedom of rearranging the subject combinations to accomodate student’s choice. This tendency of rearranging groups is to avoid subjects which students do not like. The college has given combinations and each student has to select any one group of combination. This practice has positive response from the students and there is considerable increase in the strength.

4. Inter disciplinary programmers started

In pursuit of our vision “to make our college a centre of higher learning for youths with spiritual and moral values” it sought to provide the opportunity to inculcate extra inputs by way of additional courses in the form of compulsory papers. The objective is to provide all students an opportunity to move across streams and to take up subjects to develop more in depth of knowledge in their subject. The affiliating university has also given permission to start following subject as compulsory to all students.

1. Indian Constitution

2. Human Development and Environmental Studies

3. Computer Applications

These courses gave an opportunity to the students to gain extra

edge in pursuit of their goals and aspirations.
5. Examination Reforms Implemented

5.1 One of the major component of our examination system is examinations. The education process in any discipline of learning ends with examinations. The Examination reforms in the college are not merely the techniques to the improve the evaluation system but to be viewed as an aim in improving the education process itself. The College has the practice of time schedule and transprant internal assessment system.

5.2 For evaluating students performance a lecturer conducts written test, home assignments, periodical quiz, seminars or any other assignments that lecturer considers it necessary for assessing the students performance.
5.3 the distribution of marks (20 marks of each semister) to various components of assessment will be decided by the concerned Department and will be announced in the class room.
5.4 Each lecturer conducts two such assessments for each class and each semister. The marks obtained by the students will be displayed on the notice board and the marks cards will be sent to the parents.

5.5 Regarding attendance of the students in the class concerned, lecturer announce that 80% attendance is necessary and below which the students will not be allowed to appear for the final year examinations.

5.6 Thus, the continous assessment of students through internal assessment encouraged the students to work more systematically through over the semister and the abilities that are not tested otherwise could be tested.
6. Candidates Qualified NET/SLET/GATE etc

Since the members of the faculty have been appointed before UGC has laid down rules for appointment, the question of NET/SLET does not arise and no faculty member have been appointed after UGC has imposed the prescribed qualifications.

7. Total Number of Seminars and Workshop Conducted

The College has organized three seminars during the year 2010-11

7.1 Seminar on “Neglected Vachankara’s”

The main objective of this seminar is to develop the knowledge of the ‘vachana movement’ under the leadership of Sri Basveshwar During 12th century. Its main focus is to throw light on those vachana’s belonging to the depressed sections of the society. The seminar was organized by the sKarnataka Sangha of our college and Kannada Parishad Pradhikar, Bengalur.

Number of Students Participated - 225

Number of resource persons - 08

Number of delegates participated -30
7.2 National Seminar on Service Sector Challenges and Opportunities

The main objective of the seminar is to create awareness among the students regarding the importance of service sector in the Indian Economy. This UGC funded seminar was organized by the Dept. of Economics and Commerce of our college and co-ordinated by Merchant’s Association Mundargi.

Number of Students Participated – 125

Number of resource persons - 09

Number of delegates participated -82

All the proceedings of the seminar and brought in the form of books.

7.3 State Level Seminar on “Performance Appraisal of College Faculty by the Students; An overview”

The main objective of this seminar is to identify a new ways in the performance appraisal of college faculty by students. The seminar was jointly organized by the Department of Sociology and Forum of Social Science and co-ordinated by Sri Jagadguru Annadaneshwar Vidya Samiti Mundargi.

Number of Students delegate Participated – 30

Number of resource persons - 09

Number of delegates participated -80
8. Research Projects

1. On major research project Funded by UGC is about to complete

name of the principal investigator – Dr. M.B. Belavatage,

Dept. of Economics

2. One minor project funded by UGC is under progress

Name of the principal investigator- Sri. .D.C. Math,

SGL in Geography.

3. One Minor project funded by UGC

Name of the Principal Investigator- Prof. S.B.K. Goudar.

4. One Minor Project Funded by UGC

Name of the Principal Investigator – Dr. V.K. Kolur

Dept. of Sociology

9. Patents generated if any –Nil
10. New Collaborative Research Programme – Nil

11. Research Grants received from various agencies

Research grants for one Major and three minor project have been availed from UGC
12. Details of the Researchers

Name of the Researcher

Prin. S.B.K Goudar

Sri R.L Policepatil

Sri. M.G. Gachchannavar

Dr. V.K Kolur

Sri R.K. Rayangoudar

Dr. M.B.Belavatagi

Dr. B.G. Javali

Sri. A. Manjunath

Sri S.R. Basapur

Sri D.C. Math

Amt. A.S. Kalyani

13. Citation Index of the Faculty Members and Impact Factor

An excellent teacher has to be a good researcher. The enhancement and sustenance of the quality education mainly depends upon the contributions of the faculty members of the college. Accordingly the citation index reveals the positive character of our teaching faculty in their research.

13.1 Economic Analysis of manufacturing sector in South Asia


This paper tries to analyze the comparative status of manufacturing sectors in south Asian countries viz, Bangladesh, India, Nepal Pakistan and Sri lanka. It examines the changes that were brought about from time to time in the growth of manufacturing sector. The study concludes that south Asian countries dominated by agro based industries but their performances declining after 2000. So Government has to take positive measures to strengthen their base so that they may generate more employment and increase the output.

13.2 Reaccredidation of Higher Education Institutions, New Avenues

Dr. M.B. Belavatagi, Dr. V.K. Kolur

The Present study aims to highlight the role of IQAC and self study report and new avenues in the process of reaccredidation. When students come out of HEI’s certain capacities are required to be built in them for enabling them to face the challenges in the real world. So a good educational model is the need of the hour in the reaccredidation process to ensure that students grow to attribute towards the economic growth of the nation. for participating in nation building activities the HEI’s should consider following aspects. capitally for research or inquiry, capacity for creativity or innovation particularly the creative transfer of knowledge, capacity to use high technology, capacity for entrepreneurial leadership and capacity for moral leadership.
13.3 Migration of Agricultural Laborers in Gadag Dist of Karnataka

Dr. M.B. Belavatagi

The Existence of large number of small and marginal farmers, low agricultural productivity, lack of employment opportunities and irrigation facilities induces the farmers and laborers to migrate. It is in this connection a micro level study in Gadag Dist of Karnataka was undertaken to know the reason and result of migration. The study reveals that agricultural laborers with small land holdings were forced to migrate when they could not found any work in the area of study. The seasonal and permanent migration both with in and outside in District is a common phenomena of the district. It is evident that farmers migrated to increase their family income, to buy consumer durables and to earn money for celebrating various social customers and traditions. Among the migrates, illiterates and laborer with primary education dominates.
14. Honors and Awards to Faculty

1. Prin. S.B. Karibharamgouda : Honored as “Member of Syndicate Karnataka University, Dharwad

2. Sri. R.L. Policepatil : Working as President “Mundargi Taluka Sharan Sahittya Parishad”

3. Sri A.Y. Navalgund : Working as President “Mundargi Taluka Kannada Sahittya Parishad”

4. Dr. M.B. Belavatagi : Working as Member of Executive Committee Indian Society of Agricultural Economics Mumbai

5. Sri. D.C. Math : Awarded fellowship under FIP to complete P.hd

6. Smt. A.S. Kalyani : Awarded fellowship under FIP to complete P.hd

Following members of our faculty have worked has resource persons/ president in seminars

1. Prin. S.B.K. Goudar

2. Dr.M.B. Belavatagi

3. Dr.V.K. Kolur

4. M.G. Gachchannavar

15. Internal Resource Generated

The college has generated sources from the alumni and other external sources for the propose giving scholarships and prizes to the student.


Resource Generated

1. Form of Free Enterprises-Mumbai


2. Dr.S.S.Sirur (Alumni)

Rs. 600

3. V.R.Hegadal (Alumni)

Rs. 501

4. D.B.Sajjanar (Alumni)

Rs. 600

5. Kishor Jine (Alumni)

Rs. 400



16. Details Department getting SAP/DST/FIST etc

Not Applicable
17. Community Services

The needs of the institution community matrix that motivate engagement are dynamic and complex. The college believes in meaningful community engagements which brings benefits for the communities and continues academic development of the institution.

17.1 Service Learning through involvement in Community Marriages

The main objective of this activity is to inculcate human values, devotion to duty the joy of dedicated service and integrity of character. Sri Jagadguru Anndaneshwar Samsthan Math a pioneer religion centre of the region organizes “Free Community Marriages” during it’s Yatra Mahostav in the month of February every year. The students and staff actively participated and their service was highly appreciated by H.H. Jagadguru Dr. Anndaneshwar Mahashivayogi and even by the General Public.

The Practice has made an impact on students and faculty members. The response from those who were benfited from the services rendered by the college was positive.
17.2 A Rally on ‘Preserve Historical Heritage’

The main objective of the rally is to create awareness among the students and general public regarding the historical heritage of Karnataka. The Department of History has formed “Historical Heritage Union” during 2011 and a rally on preserve historical heritage was organized under the joint auspicious of Gram Panchyath office Hammigi Village and Sharan Sahittya Parishad. Mundargi The rally was organized at hammigi Village. The ‘Yuvaka Mandal’ and citizen of Hammigi participated actively. Nearly 65 students of our college took active role in creating awareness of history.

This Practice brought a favorable response from the villagers and they appreciated the efforts made by the college on organizing rally.
17.3 Anti Tobacco Jatha

NSS, NCC and Red Cross units of the college jointly organized this rally. The objective is to create awareness among the public regarding the bad effects of chewing tobacco.

The members of local NGO’s, Governing body members of the college staff and students participated in the procession. The students visited houses and convinced them regarding the bad effects of chewing tobacco.

This practice has developed a sense of commitment of the students to the social issues.

17.4 Organizing free Medical Cheekup to the Villagers

Providing better medical facilities to the rural poor and bringing them to the mainstream is the objective of this activity.

The NSS and Red Cross units of the college conducted free medical Cheek up camps in the adopted village. The NSS unit requested the local Doctors and Indian Medical Association staff to cooperate merely 85 people from Byalwadgi Village participated and sought solution to their heath problems.

The Doctors of IMA Gadag distributed the medicines to patients at free of cost Our student volunteers visited each and every house in the village and brought patients to the camp. The college has not faced any financial problem in organizing this camp has all doctors participated volunteer.

17.5 Construction of Primary School Compound

This is a pride community activity of our NSS wing, The college has adopted Byalawadgi village for its all round development. The NSS wing constructed compound wall for the primary school. It took the help of Pattan Panchyath Mundargi, Taluka Panchyath and Local Leaders to construct compound. All the materials required for the compound were supply by the local bodies and our students completed the construction.

This activity has brought a sense of community orientation among the students.
17.6 Health and Hygienic awareness

The NSS, NCC and Red cross units of the college have organized various activities which are community oriented they are-

a. Aids awareness Rally

b. Program on Health and Hygienic in the slum area

c. Participation in anti Devadas rally organized on the local NGO’s
17.7 Faculty Participation in the Community Development

The College believes that its competitiveness to attract best students, the socio economic educational and cultural ethics in which the college operates and public accreditation it enjoy depends upon effectiveness of faculty members in different community oriented programmes are note worthy few community oriented programs in which faculty members participated are as follows.

1. Involvement in the Yatra Mahostav of Sri Jagadguru Anndaneshwar Samsthan Math , a seat of regional in this area

2. Direct participation in the free mass marriage during the Yatra mahosthav as members of various committees.

3. Direct involvement in Grama Devata Jatra Mahostava, NavratriUtsava and preaching the public regarding the religion and moral values to be followed in the life.

4. Staging various dramas of social relevance and utilizing the money for public service

5. Involvement in Shivanubhava Function where our faculty members teach moral , ethical and religion value to the public.

6. Working as Ground Water expert and assisting the farmers to undertake irrigation in their lands.

7. Organizing various literary activities in the Taluka through Kannada Sahittya parishad and Sharan Sahittya Parishad.

8. Working as a members of Advisory committee in various local NGO’s

This kind of involvement by the faculty members as defiantly awaked a new board thinking and a sense of self introspection and it has a sensitizing effect on their mind and heart.

18. Teachers and officers Newly required

One lecturer in Geography is appointed under the staff gap in place Smt. A.S. Kalyani, SGL in Geography who is on deputation under FIP to complete her P.Hd.
19. Teaching and Non-teaching Ration : 18:11
20. New Practices in Library Services

In today’s Information enriched world, the teachers are not only a source of knowledge and classrooms can not be the only source of learning. In such a educational process, the skills of learning to learn self and lifelong learning gain significance. It is in this connection our library is a core wing of the college in which the user community is befitted in identifying and assessing the knowledge resource. The best practice undertaken by our college are as follows.

20.1 Library Book Exhibition

The main objective of this practice is to create awareness among all students in general and new students who have taken admission to the first semester in particular regarding the books available in the library.

All the recent editions along with some important reference books related to all subject were displayed in the library. This activity works as an orientation programme to the students regarding the use of library and it has developed awareness about the service available in the library.
20.2 Granth Vachan Spardha

It is normally observed that reading beyond syllabus is declining among students. So the develop reading habit this practice is adopted.

The members of the library committee selected a set of 40 books covering all branches. Students were informed regarding the rules and regulations of the competition. The students has to select the book of his interest, read it and review it systematically. The planned issue of books in the library was monitored.

The librarian of the college offer a pen to the winner along with his best appreciations and names of such students were displayed on the notice board.

Students have shown great interest in the competition through their active participation and this practice has increased the regarding habit among the students.
20.3 Other Practices of the Library Services.

1. Complaining student/teacher attendance statistics

2. Arranging book exhibitions of different occasions

3. Instituting Best Library User award for students

4. To collect user input at regular intervals in prescribed format to identify and address gaps in the facilities and services. Suggestion boxes, printed field back evaluation forms were used for this purpose.

5. Usually the library is kept open for 8 hours a day, and during the examinations it is kept open for 12 hours.

  1. New books and journals subscribed and their value:



No Of Copies



































Comp. Applications








Phy. Education




Gen Books






21.1 Journals subscribed during 2010-11


1 Sudha 7 Outlook

2 Tarang 8 University News

3 Lankesh patrike 9 Indian Today

4 The week 10 Business world

5 Economic and Political weekly 11 Sportstar

6 Time
1. Karnataka University Career Review 5. Business Indian

2. Women’s Era 6. Frontline

3. Down to Earth 7. Fortune

4. Business Today 8. Udyoga Varte

1. Kasturi 18. Yojana

2. Janapad 19. Indian journal of Marketing

3. Mahamane 20. Educare

4. Hosatu 21. Indian Today Travel Plus

5. DixSutchi 22. Readers Digest

6. Yuva Kannada 23. Wisdom

7. Butti 24. Chip

8. Graha Shobha 25. Discover of India

9. Competition Awareness 26.Tell me why?

10. The Journal of Banking Studies 27. Travel and Leisure

11. Competition Master 28. Tushar

12. Facts for you 29. Jeevanadi

13. Humanism 30. Spardha Sports

14. Competition Success Review 31. Indian Journal Of Finance

15. HRM Review 32. Guide

16.Swapna Lok 33. Bank prapanch

17. Kurukeshtrs 34. Udyoga margadarshi

35. Spardha Chitra

Bi Monthly Quarterly

1. Sankramana 1. Sadhane

2. The economic challenger 2. Prabudda Karnataka

3. Anubhava patha

4. Basava Belagu

5. Aniketan

22. Courses in which students assessment of teachers introduced and the action taken on student field back.

Student Assessment of teachers is undertaken in all faculties at the end of the academic year. The college ensures that students have voice in various decisions making process formulating, learning teaching practices and views of the students are considered as the primary evidence on which quality of learning and teaching is evaluated. This also help teachers to improve their teaching methodologies.

The performa prepared for the purpose consists of list of portions covering various aspects of teachers knowledge level, communication skill ability to motivate students, all collected perform are given to external agencies (consisting management members retired teachers and principals) for analysis. The results will be discussed with the concerned teacher.

This practice has helped the college to consider the voice and views of the students regarding their teachers. The very noticing feature of this practice is that all faculty members cooperated positively.

23. Unit cost of Education

= Total amount spent during the academic year

Total number of students

= 253
24. Computerization of administration and process of admission and examination result, issue of certificates.

Computerization of administration and process of admission is partially achieved by installing relevant software and giving teaching to non teaching staff.

Examination results and issue of certificates is careered by the affiliating university.

25. Increase in infrastructure facilities

Equipment purchased under UGC XI Plan Assistance – 2010-11

1. Backwar Area Grant 4 Computers(Dell)

2. Library & Office Management Software

Equipment purchased with college and Samiti funds 2010-11

1. Mike Set

2 Steel Racks
26. Technology up gradation

1. Office and Library are partially computerized

2. Overhead projects are made available to staff and students for effective teaching and presentation of papers in the seminars by the students.

3. LCD projector and screen installed staff and students make use of it for presentation

4. Internet facility is available to staff and students.

5. Multi Gym is installed staff, students and even General public take best use of it.

6. Each faculty members maintains ‘Daily Dairy’ and it consist of various classes engaged and subject taught in the class and other assignments given to students.

7. Each faculty member has to prepare ‘Unit plan’ before he attends the class. It contains the details of what teaches is going to teach in the class room everyday. It also includes various technologies followed by the teacher to deal the topic. The unit plan helps ensuring quality of teaching and accountability on the norms laid down by the college.

8. The college is also using other learners oriented teaching methods. Such as group discussion, role play field visit, case studies to supplement the case studies.
27. Computer and Internet access and training to teachers and students

Internet and computer facilities are provided to students and faculty members. The college has a separate “Computer Department” where students are being given training facilities.

  1. Financial Aid to Students

S. No

Name of the scholarship

No of students


Amount paid


EBL charges




Govt. of India scholarship




Govt. of India scholarship




Govt. of India scholarship




Govt. of India scholarship




Govt. of India scholarship




Sanction of fee to SC/ST Students




Sanction of fee to SC/ST Students




Sanction of fee to SC/ST Students




Sanction of fee to SC/ST Students




Post metric Scholarship to OBC Students




Physical handicapped scholarship




EBL amount to Cat –I Students




Scholarship to minor Community




Physical Handicapped Scholarship



29. Activities to support Alumni

The main objective of alumni activities are to build up a strong relation the old students and the college and establishing partnership with the management in all the ongoing development activities of the college.

The College has a separate office for alumni regular meetings are scheduled between alumni (office bearers) and the college. Some activities undertaken by the alumni are As follows.

- Provides financial aid to the poor students in the form of scholarship

- Organizes cultural activities in the college and guiding the present students

- Sponsor various seminars
30. Health Services

The institution is a community and not a temporary arrangement. It has a facility for regular health cheek up to be made by the local qualified doctor who happens to the alumni of our sister concern. It also provides counseling service to the students related to their health problems.

The NSS, NCC and Red cross units of our college has involved in

a. Blood donation camps

b. AIDS awareness programmes

c. Health cheek up programme for villages

31. Activities and support from Parent Teacher Association

The support from the parent teacher emerged due to the retirement of the faculty member. The retired teacher from English department of our college was appointed on a contract base to impart full pledged discourse on the subject. One teacher who happens to be the alumni of the college was also appointed to teach English.

32. Performance in Sports activities :

The institution has organized “Karnataka University Second Zonal Volley ball tournament

Our college tenniquite has baged second place in the inter college tournament held at Mudalgi.

Miss Shruti. Mugangoudar was selected to the University Kabaddi team and participated in the sinter University Kabaddi tournament held at ujjaini.

32.1 Organizing sports for Rural youths.

It is an extensive activity of the sports department. The main objective is to inculcate sports culture in the region. Out door sports were organized for rural youths. The college took the assistance of the taluka level officers in organizing the meet.

33. Incentives to outstanding sports persons

Incentives in the form of uniform, and financial help was given to outstanding sports persons and other members of the team.

A Separate function will be organized to facilitate outstanding sports persons.
34. Students achievements and awards

This year, the students our college participated in National and State level seminars and received awards also

1. Miss. Sangeeta. Chinni, Vth sem Presented a research paper on problems and prospectus of small scale industries in India in the state level seminar organized by S.A. College Naregal on 28th March 2010

2. Miss Deepa. V.B. B.Com. Ist semester Presented a research paper on Rural Entrepreneurship Development in the state level seminar organized by SVS Bellubbi college Saudtati on 4th October 2011.

3. Miss. Pallavi Alwandi, B.Com. Ivth sem presented a research paper on Impact of Globalization on SSI in the state level seminar organized by S.A. College naregal on 28th March 2010

34. Activities of Guidance and Counseling Cell

The college has a separate counseling unit to help the students in their personality development. It aims to build up self confidence to manage the problems. Following students were identified for counseling.

1. Students who were irregular to the classes

2. Less and unprivileged sections of the students

3. Students below average in the class

The college has trained teachers who undertakes the works of counseling the faculty members even meet the parents of some students to solve their personal problems and majority of parents cooperated with our counseling unit. .
35. Placement Services provided to the Students

In order to ensure that students are well placed, the college is supporting them in the development of soft skill and communication skill.

The Placement cell trained 25 students and 10 students were selected to Vidya Poshak Dharwad. The list of placement is as below
1. Akshya Singe TCS, Pune

2. Amaresh Jadimath Aditya Birla Group

3. Anilkumar. Ghatti First American (India)

4. Arun. Meti Aditya Birla Group

5. Santosh. Halemani TCS, Pune

6. Durgappa. Alur Indian Info line Ltd.

7. Ravikumar. M.S. Fidelity Finance
36. Development programs for non teaching staff

Non teaching staff is given computer training as and when the need arise

Peons were provided with uniforms

37 Healthy Practices of the Institution

37.1 Welcome to new students and farewell to outgoing students
The main objective of the practice is to create a family atmosphere in the college through the process of ‘Knowing each other’ in the college. Every year fifth sem students welcome the new students to the college and tells them regarding the college and various facilities available. Elders advices the youngers regarding the values that younger should develop in the college. Elder students act as friend, philosopher and guide to new students who seeks admission to first semester.
It is equally important to note that all new students together gives a heart touching “fare well” to the final year students at the end of the year. This practice has developed a sence of brotherhood among the students and it is a holistic and value added practice of the college.
37.2 Contribution to college magazine by the students
The college has a tradition of publishing “Magazine” containing the articles and writings of the students. Their involvement in publishing the magazine has created self confidence among them to do the work more systematically and developed writing skills also.
37.3 Organizing faculty seminars
The main objective of this activity is to develop research competencies among teachers in the college.
Faculty members in the college take up investigatory and action oriented research. A seminar for every fortnight is arranged by the staff secretary in which faculty members present their articles and later on the subject of the seminar is kept for open discussion. Teachers select any current topic of their own interest and prepare research articles. This practice has developed research skill among them and number of teachers applying for minor research projects to UGC increased significantly.

37.4 Installation of suggestion Box
The college has “Suggestion Boxes” kept in the library and ‘Varanda’ of the college and it is supervised by the faculty members. It is opened every month in front of the principal and managing committee of the college. The various suggestions, remarks made by the students will be considered for the future development of the college.
37.5 Celebrating “Ganesh Chaturthi” to develop moral values
The college recognizes ‘ethical and moral standards in the field of education. Ganesh is the ‘God of wisdom’ and the college aims is develop wisdom among the students through the celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi.
The college invited various religious heads of the region and arranged lectures on ‘Moral values’. There used to be an open discussion between students and religious heads. Certainly such programmes inspired our students to develop moral values in life.
37.6 Organizing parents meet
Public Relation Department of the college has arranged “parents meet” in which various issues related to students and the college were discussed. Parents appreciated certain practices of our college and gave suggestions for further improvement. 35 parents attended the meeting and expressed their full cooperation in achieving the goals of the college.

37.7 TQM to new students
This is another ‘healthy practice’ of the college. The college felt to educate new students regarding the various aspects of quality management. The principal nominated three faculty members to organize a ‘workshop’ on Total Quality Management (TQM) to new students. All the students of the first sem were divided into groups and awareness was given regarding
a) The institution

b) Quality procedures of NAAC

c) Personal quality perception etc
OHP and power point system was used in this activity. Students themselves were made to tell regarding the best qualities that they want to adopt. This work shop brought a change in the mentality of the students regarding higher education.

37.8 Introduction to teacher ward system
This activity aims to enable intelligent students to reach excellence and below average students to reach minimum qualifying mark. Each faculty member takes at least 2-3 below average students as his wards and care to assist them to improve their performance. The students (High achievers) were also given special training in reading and writing skills so that they may achieve still higher excellency.

37.9 Research incentives to faculty members
The main objective of this activity is to encourage faculty members to take up research projects. It is found that major share of the time of faculty members this devoted to teaching and research is given secondary importance in their routine activities.
It is in this connection His Holiness Dr. Annadaneshwar Mahashivayogi Samasthan math Mundargi, who happens to be the president of our Vidya samithi took initiation in the form of honouring those faculty who obtains Ph.D and M.Phil. His Holiness is the source of inspiration to our faculty members as he is personally in the touch with the teachers who are engaged in research.
37.10 Poor students lending
The college has well established poor students lending library to help them in the form of books. This year each poor student was given two books of his choice for the whole academic year. This activity has received great appreciation by the students.
Other Healthy practices
 study tours are organized to impart knowledge to the students.
 Immediate response is shown by the staff and students of our college in the event of natural calamities and fund raising activities are organized to help the victims.
38. Linkages developed with national /International, academic /Research bodies.
Suggestion from the concerned Department of the university, and other related autonomous bodies were taken in organizing seminar and workshops
39. Any other relevant information, the institution wishes to add
 The IQAC of the college has been conceived and developed as centre to facilitate and support activities of learning and teaching. It provides resource support (non-Official) It is also designing and developing strategies for the overall development of the quality education
 IQAC is interacting with different Departments related to quality enhancement and looking in to details of records maintained by the departments. It is working as nodal agency of the institution for quality related activities
 Introduction of P.G. Course in economics.

Details of plans of Institutions for the year 2011-12

The IQAC has evolved plan for 2011-12 which include following things
 To undertake ‘Personality Development’, ‘Communication Skill’, ‘Computer operating programmes’ for students to make them globally competent.
 Improving the quality of teaching through effective teacher performance appraisal, learning and evaluation. The teaching effectiveness is linked with human touch. As such; the personality component of the faculty plays a greater role. So IQAC has insisted the faculty to prepare ‘Teaching Plan ‘and ‘Unit Plan’ for the effective teaching.
 Strengthening the community extension activities so that college establish still better link with society.
 Cultivating research environment among faculty members and students
 Conducting various extra curricular and programmes like Cultural events, Debates, Essay competition, Group discussion to develop competitive spirit among the students.
 To organize study /Industrial tours so as to give exposure to the students.
 To improve infrastructure in the college
Dr.M.B.Belavatagi Prof. S.B. Karibharamagoudar

Co-ordinator Principal

IQAC Chairperson IQAC

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