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West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences (NUJS), Kolkata

Email: | Contact : 09903695628
Academic Qualifications and Achievements

  • 4th Year student, B.A. / B.Sc. L.Lb. (Hons.) Course

  • Cumulative Grade Point Average : 4.86

  • Class rank at the end of 7 Semesters : 23

  • 12th Standard (CBSE Board) : 77.6% (Delhi Public School, Ranchi)

  • 10th Standard (CBSE Board) : 94% (Delhi Public School, Ranchi)

Internships (in reverse chronological order)

Khaitan & Co., Law Firm, Kolkata [Oct- Nov, 2012: 4 weeks]

  • Drafted Legal Notice in a Tort case.

  • Drafted Written Statement on Copyright Infringement case.

  • Worked on and edited a book on Human Rights.

  • Did extensive case law and statutory research on the Arbitation and Conciliation Act, 1996, Indian Majority Act, 1875, Indian Succession Act, 1925, Indian Contract Act, 1872, The Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972, Indian Partnership Act, 1932 etc.

Jharkhand State Electricity Board, Legal Department, Ranchi [June, 2012: 4 weeks]

  • Prepared case briefs on pending cases before the High Court of Jharkhand and Appellate Tribunal for Electricity, Jharkhand.

  • Drafted Report on the functioning of the JSEB, its compliance with laws and the setbacks it faces in implementation of Electricity Laws.

Hon’ble Justice S.J. Mukhopadhaya, Supreme Court of India, New Delhi

[April-May, 2012: 4 weeks]

  • Assissted Hon’ble Justice S.J. Mukhopadhaya as a Law Trainee.

  • Prepared Synopsis and Case Briefs for the perusal of Hon’ble Justice S.J. Mukhopadhaya on matters pertaining to Civil Law, Service Law and Land and Revenue.

  • Attended Court Proceedings.

Shri K.K. Venugopal, Supreme Court of India, New Delhi [October, 2011: 4 weeks]

  • Worked on cases pertaining to Constitutional Law, Mining Law, the Law of Evidence, Arbitration Law and Town Planning Laws.

  • Researched on Enforcement of Foreign Judgments in India and Human Rights.

  • Attended Court Hearings.

Hon’ble Justice R.R. Prasad, High Court of Jharkhand, Ranchi [June, 2011: 3 weeks]

  • Worked on Civil matters.

  • Attended Court Hearings.

District Prosecution Office, District Court, Ranchi [May-June, 2011: 3 weeks]

  • Worked on Criminal matters and attended criminal proceedings to witness processes of “examination-in-chief”, “cross-examination” “identification of accused by witnesses” etc. at the Trial Court level.

Advocate General Office, High Court, Ranchi [April-May, 2011: 4 weeks]

  • Worked on Writ Petition matters and prepared Case notes and Case briefs for the perusal of the Advocate General of Jharkhand.

  • Research work on Constitutional matters for the Government of Jharkhand.

Hon’ble Justice Prashant Kumar, High Court, Ranchi [Oct-Nov, 2010: 2 weeks]

  • Worked on Family Law matters especially concerning Maintenance and Code of Criminal Procedure.

  • Attended Court Proceedings.

UNICEF, NGO, Ranchi [May-June, 2010: 5 weeks]

  • Drafted Report regarding the status of Juvenile Justice Homes in Jharkhand.

  • Field Work requiring to visit different Juvenile Justice and Child Protection Homes across the state and compiling statistics relating to health, sanitation, daily activity, nutrition and status of legal proceeding of the children in those Homes.

CARE, NGO, Ranchi [Dec, 2009: 2 weeks]

  • Drafted Report on “Education in Jharkhand and Implementation of Right to Education at Jharkhand”.

  • Field Work of visiting “Anganwadi Centres” and compiling statistics of nutrition and education levels of children enrolled under the ICDS Scheme of the Government.

Moot Court Experience

  • Quarter-finalist in the 1st Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law National Moot Court Competition, 2012 as a Researcher.

  • Participated in the 3rd K.R. Ramamani Moot Court Competition held in SOEL, Chennai in March, 2013 as a Speaker.

Publications and Paper presentations

  • The Polluter Pays Principle- International and Economic Challenges” – International Journal of Legal Studies and Research, 1e-IJLSR(2012)

  • Presented a Paper titled “Economic Reform, Economic Liberalization and FDI” in a Seminar organized in NUSRL, Ranchi in Feb, 2013.

Seminars and Workshops

  • Participated in Seminar on Capital Markets by Mr. Avik S. Gupta (NSE) in Sept, 2012.

  • Participated in the ILO Lecture Series on “Legitimacy of International Standards” organized at WBNUJS, in Aug 2009.

Organisational Experience

  • Co-Convener of the “Mess Committee” in WBNUJS for the academic year 2012-13. The responsibilities involve overall management of the mess, drafting of letters and notices, inspection of supplies, organization of catering for special events and management of mess workers’ welfare and salary.

  • Member of the “Society for Protection and Promotion of Environment” (SPPE) for the academic year 2012-13.

  • Member of the “Society for Securities Law and Financial Market” (SSLFM) for the academic year 2012-13.

Pre-University Achievements

  • Awarded certificate by the Government of Jharkhand for “Imparting informal education to poor children and being actively involved in literacy campaigns in 2007 and 2008”.

  • ‘Bronze Medal’ in All India Avantika Essay Writing Competition, 2007.

  • ‘Dronacharya Samman’ in All India Avantika Essay Writing Competition, 2006.

Hobbies and Interests

I’m interested in travelling and creating craft projects. I have a special interest in fashion and have a fashion themed blog. I have also performed Eastern and Western Dance at various events and competitions.

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