September 2010 Tradition of Marriage

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2nd September 2010

Tradition of Marriage
Traditional food, dances, houses may already be common to people, but traditional marriages are not. Each province has its own type of traditional marriage. West Kalimantan marriage tradition is unique and complicated. The tradition is unique and different from other provinces and so is its preparation and ceremony.
There are three main ethnic groups in West Kalimantan province, namely the Dayak, Malay and Chinese. The indigenous ethnic groups are the Dayaks, who are also present in other parts of Kalimantan. This essay will discuss the Dayak wedding traditional ceremony and the Malay dance called Tandak Sambas, as well as things to do or bring before the wedding starts and after the ceremony. The Tradition of Marriage, along with the wedding ceremony and after the wedding, is part of the cultural tradition of West Kalimantan.
There are a lot of traditions of marriage this include parents having to agree to the wedding. They then need to give presents to each other, before conducting the marriage. Patone is used in the tradition of the marriage. (“Kalimantan Barat” 262.) “If a man in West Kalimantan wants to propose to the woman, he has to bring “patone” (someone who is an expert in marriage ceremony, and they have to communicate the intention to the girl’s parents.)” After that the man’s parent give something for the woman and the woman parents have to give a ring to the man. (“Kalimantan Barat” 262). “After the man is accepted by the woman’s family, they have to do their tradition such as: the woman parents give a ring to the man, The man’s parents give “pahar” to the woman.” There is also a dance. (Sigar. 77.) “Tandak Sambas dance is a dance for a wedding ceremony, conducted as a couple. This dance is a Malay dance in West Kalimantan.” The tradition of marriage is also connected to the culture of West Kalimantan because they have a specific dance for the wedding ceremony.
The preparation of marriage. What will they do before the marriage and also about what things will the man bring to the place of the wedding. The women have to do several things before the wedding. (Sigar. 82.) “One day before the wedding starts, the women will date for the last time using the wedding dress.” The men have to bring several gifts from his house to the wedding place. (Sigar. 82.) “The men go down the stairs from the house carrying traditional wedding accessories.” Not only the Groom, but the friends of the Groom also have to bring several gifts also. (Sigar. 82.) “The man’s friends bring things such as jewelry, dress, shoes, make up, and the family bring money packages with durian packaged in fabrics.” The Preparation of Marriage is related to the Cultural of West Kalimantan, because they do some cultural things.
After the wedding is finished they still have a tradition (After the Wedding.) They have to do a lot of things that they trust will make their marriage last long, then they have a party. After the wedding the groom has to do several things. (Sigar. 82- 83.) “After the wedding ceremony is finished the groom goes to the wedding room seen by witnesses. The bride use fabrics (usually heredity) and the groom bring her to sit in the wedding altar.” They also have a lot of guests. (Sigar. 83.) “Bride and Groom sit on the stage while watching a lot of people or guests eating.” West Kalimantan people believe that this works to make them stay together. (Sigar. 83.) “After finishing everything the bride and the groom shower with rose in the water.” To make the man into the head of marriage the groom and bride have to shower after three days of marriage. (Sigar. 83.) “They have to take a bath after three days married, so the man will be the head of the family (Belubus.)” After the wedding is connected to the cultural of the wedding, because they have to do their culture, such as take a shower water with rose.
West Kalimantan tradition of marriage is unique because to ask permission to the woman’s parents the man has to bring a patone, the groom’s parents have to give the groom pahar, and the woman also has to date for the last time on one day before marriage. After the wedding they have to take a shower with rose water, and they have to shower three days after the wedding. The man has to bring a patone to propose to the woman. The woman’s parents have to give a ring to the man, and the man’s parents have to bring a pahar for the woman. The man and woman have to shower three days so the man will be head of the family. West Kalimantan tradition of marriage is unique because of the different rituals need complete the tradition.
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