Sample Friendship Essay – What is a World without a Good Friend by Your Side

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Sample Friendship Essay – What is a World without a Good Friend by Your Side
We all need friends. Friends keep us grounded and help us manage and, sometimes overcome, the daily problems in our lives. It is quite safe to say that friends make the world a better place. They make it a more interesting and fun place. What would we be without friends? We would be sad and frustrated. We would be angry and lonely. Friendship, therefore, is vital to our wellbeing. However, it is not easy to find friends who are genuine and care for you. Many people find that friends who they thought were genuine and cared for them turn out to be just the opposite. So, how do we find good friends? What are the characteristics of true friends?
Honesty is one of the most important qualities a good friend should possess. Being honest is not always easy. You stand the chance of ending the friendship. But, if he/she is a genuine friend he/she will understand. A good friend will always tell the truth irrespective of the fact that it may affect the friendship. A good friend will not let you find out on your own that your boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating on you. A good friend will not let you go to a party dressed like a clown even though you think the outfit is fine. Honesty produces trust, and this, in turn, produces confidence. It is important that friends can trust and count on each other. This should be the basis of a real and true friendship. The job of a true friend is not to make their friends happy by pacifying and lying to them. Being honest, even if it makes the friends unhappy, shows that the friend cares for you.
A good friend can be depended on to be there when times are bad. How many of us find that the last person we thought would stand by us came to our rescue when times are tough? This is when you find out who your real friends are. A good friend can be counted on to always be there for you. A good friend will not leave you with a few words to find a solution to the problem you face on your own. He/she will stay with you, be by your side or in the side-lines, and never disappear until you, together, have come up with a solution to your problem. A good friend will help you get through hard times in the least expected manner. They will stay with you when you are ill or sad till you are better and feel normal again.
Being supportive is another quality that enables you to identify a good friend. Good friends will support you in your future endeavours. They will understand you and help you achieve your goals. They will always encourage you to “go for it” even if they themselves are unable to. They will never push you into situations that make you uncomfortable and will always discourage you when you are heading in the wrong direction. They will never try and change you and put you in a situation where you can risk losing something that matters to you.
These are just some of the qualities of a good friend. There are many more. These include trustworthiness, fun, interesting, attentive, acceptance etc. It may not be easy to find friends with all these qualities. However, if you can find a friend with some of these qualities, consider him or her a keeper... After all, what is life without a good friend by your side.

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