S2 Homework Pack Please complete all tasks in the homework jotter provided

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S2 Homework Pack

Please complete all tasks in the homework jotter provided

Pupil Voice

A focus group of S2 pupils in May 16 stated that they believe English homework should:

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The same group also felt English homework should:

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Skills for Life, Work and Learning Developing Creativity Improving Written Communication
Writing about Texts Talking and Listening Skills Reading and Understanding

Week/ Date


Traffic Lighting

Week 1

Writing Skills 1 - Personal Reflective Writing

Week 2

Reading Skills 1 – Word Choice

Week 3

Reading Skills 2 - Connotations

Week 4

Reading Skills 3 – Denotation & Connotations

Week 5

Reading Skills 4 – Words in Context

Week 6

Reading Skills 5 – Words in Context 2

Week 7

Reading Skills 6 – Words in Context 3

Week 8

Developing Your Vocabulary 1

Week 9

Reading Skills 7 – Writing About Word Choice

Week 10

Reading Skills 8 – Identifying Sentence Structure

Week 11

Writing Skills 2 – Creative Writing Gothic

Week 12

Reading Skills 9 – Formal & Informal Language

Week 13

Reading Skills 10 - Tone

Week 14

Reading Skills 11 - Similes

Week 15

Reading Skills 12 - Metaphors

Week 16

Developing Your Vocabulary 2 – Word Wheel

Week 17

Critical Reading Skills 1 – Imagery in Music

Week 18

Critical Reading Skills 2 – Analysing Imagery

Week 19

Critical Reading Skills 3 – Writing an Introduction

Week 20

Critical Reading Skills 4 – PEE Paragraphs

Week 21

Critical Reading Skills 5 – Writing a Conclusion

Week 22

Reading Skills 13 – Holocaust Memorial Day

Week 23

Advertising Skills 1

Week 24

Writing Skills 3

Week 25

Newspaper Reading Skills 1

Week 26

Newspaper Reading Skills 2

Week 27

Newspaper Reading Skills 3

Week 28

Newspaper Reading Skills 4

Week 29

Writing Skills 4

Writing Skills 1
You have to complete a short essay describing something that happened to you over the summer.
It could be good (ie. a holiday, a day out with friends, a surprise, a lovely day)
It could be bad (a disappointment, a sad event, a difficult day)

  • Your essay must:

Describe what happened

  • Your essay should:

Describe how you felt about this

  • Your essay could:

Describe how you now feel looking back on the incident

Here is a short exemplar piece to remind you of the features of personal reflective writing.

I had been awake for hours: the warm July sun crept slowly in the window, tiptoeing gently across the floor before teasing my eyelids open. But Mother Nature can be cruel. Summer weather is supposed to bring good times and happiness; not disappointment and despair.

We had been planning our camping trip to Comrie for weeks. I know a weekend camping might not seem like a fabulous holiday to some; but for me it meant a lot. It is not often that I get to spend time with my step-sister and this was going to be a chance for us to bond. I had been planning my festival chic camping wear for weeks; Googling camping stove recipes and packing and repacking my rucksack. The black clouds rapidly gathering in the skies above suggested fate was not going to be kind.



Personal reflection

Builds suspense

Reading Skills 1
Word Choice – Interesting Words
Good writers will carefully select every word they use in order to describe how someone or something looks or feels.

In English, we sometimes refer to this as their word choice.

Good writers will often try to show how someone/something is looking/feeling rather than simply telling the reader.

Consider the difference between the two sentences below:

  • Suzy was scared to open the door.

  • Suzy hesitated as she went to open the door. Her heart was beating wildly.

Task 1
Read the extract below (from a fabulous novel called ‘Skellig’).

Write out words the writer uses which SHOW the garage is run down.

The outside doors to the back lane must have fallen off years ago and there were dozens of massive planks nailed across the entrance. The timbers holding the roof were rotten and the roof was sagging in. The bits of the floor you could see between the rubbish were full of cracks and holes. The people that took the rubbish out of the house were supposed to take it out of the garage as well, but they took one look at the place and said they wouldn’t go in it even for danger money. There were old chests of drawers and broken wash-basins and bags of cement, ancient doors leaning against the walls, deck chairs with the cloth seats rotted away.

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