Review of Literature. His collections of poetry include Starry Harness and The Spirit of the Scene

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ACF Regionals 2000

Tossups by Bowling Green and Georgia
1. His column of literary criticism, “The Phoenix Nest” was a regular feature in The Saturday Review of Literature. His collections of poetry include Starry Harness and The Spirit of the Scene. He wrote a novel in verse, Rip Tide, and his verse autobiography, The Dust which is God, won him a Pulitzer Prize. FTP, name this American poet, best known among quiz bowlers for editing the Readers’ Encyclopedia.

Answer: William Rose BenŽt (buh-NAY)

2. He was born in the village of Chillicothe, three miles north of Xenia, Ohio. His father died at the Battle of Point Pleasant. His older brother Chiskia taught him many of his culture’s customs, and he learned patience, honesty, and honor from his sister Tecumpese. FTP, name this man, whose name means The Panther Passing arrows, most noted for his participation in the battles of Fallen Timbers, Tippecanoe and the River Thames.

Answer: Tecumseh

3. Though a long version called a buisine (bwee-zeen) was replaced by a shorter version in about 1300, the modern version only came into use about 1815. Made with a cylindrical bore, the piccolo version was created in D for compositions with high registers such as those of Handel and Bach. The more typical B flat version has a range of about three octaves from the F sharp below the treble staff. FTP, name this close relative of the coronet, the instrument of Miles Davis and Wynton Marsalis.

Answer: trumpet

4. These clouds sometimes display a form referred to as mamma, where bulbous protrusions hang from the base of the cloud. Larger ones sometimes have a feature technically referred to as cirrus spissatus, or more commonly referred to as an anvil. It is classified as a low cloud due to the height of its base, but occasionally its top can reach the tropopause. FTP, name this type of cloud associated with severe thunderstorms.

Answer: cumulonimbus (do not accept or prompt on "nimbus")

5. This river is the seventh-longest in the world, but flows through only one city of any note, Yakutsk, on its 2,734-mile course. Perhaps that is because of its remote location, starting near Lake Baikal and flowing generally north through eastern Siberia before emptying into the Arctic Ocean near the town of Tiksi. FTP, identify this Russian river, which flows east of the Ob and Yenisey rivers.

Answer: the Lena River

6. His important poems on early Celtic and Norse themes included "The Bard," "The Fatal Sisters," and "The Descent of Odin." The author of "The Progress of Poesy," his most famous poem helped establish the "graveyard school" of reflective poetry, although he also wrote relatively light verse, like the "Ode on the Death of a Favorite Cat Drowned in a Tub of Gold Fishes." FTP, name this poet best known for his "Elegy written in a Country Churchyard."

Answer: Thomas Gray

7. Similar to the standard practice, the procedure also uses the addition of a column with large glass cylinders or orbs to provide a larger surface area for condensation. This allows only the most volatile material to proceed to the receiver in vapor form; the less volatile material is returned as liquid. The purification the volatile material undergoes is referred to as rectification. This process involves repeated condensation and vaporization processes in an insulated vertical column. FTP, give the name of this technique developed by Fritz Haber and used to separate liquids with similar boiling points.

Answer: Fractional Distillation or Differential Distillation

8. During an epidemic in China, the traveling magician Chang Chueh reportedly healed many by giving them water over which he had said an incantation. The fame he earned by his remedy earned him hundreds of followers, and he decided to exploit his success by promising them immortality through potions, and by starting a revolt against the corrupt eunuchs who controlled the government. This was the beginning, FTP, of which twenty-year rebellion against the Han dynasty, named for the distinctive, colorful headgear worn by the insurgents?

Answer: Yellow Turban Rebellion

9. While travelling in France and Italy, he was impressed by the cultivation techniques used in the vineyards there, and he subsequently adapted the technique of pulverizing the earth between rows of crops at his farm in Berkshire. This man created a horse drawn hoe and in 1731 wrote the book The New Horse Houghing Husbandry: Or an Essay on the Principles of Tillage and Vegetation. However, he is perhaps most noted for his 1701 invention of the seed drill. FTP, name this noted English agriculturist, later the namesake of a rock band featuring Ian Anderson.

Answer: Jethro Tull

10. His works include a study of Lucretius, Dante, and Goethe as three philosophical poets and a group of imaginary conversations between figures like Alcibiades, Dionysius, and Democritus, entitled Dialogues in Limbo. He believed that man is the unintended product of a dynamic flux, and his books include The Life of Reason and Realms of Being. FTP, name this author of The Sense of Beauty, Scepticism and Animal Faith, and The Last Puritan, a Spanish-American philosopher who taught at Harvard.

Answer: George Santayana

11. It is known for its northwest spire, called the cl™ture neuf, which was added in 1523 to balance an earlier tower. This cathedral, executed in the Early Gothic Style, was nearly destroyed by fire in 1194. Rebuilding was nearly finished by 1220 and continuing improvements included flying buttresses making it the first building of High Gothic Style. FTP, name this French cathedral, considered unique for the sculpture of its Royal Portals and the asymmetry of its west facade, which includes two towers of different Gothic styles.

Answer: Chartres ("shartr") Cathedral

12. Although the idea goes back to Ptolemy, the first true example of this class of objects wasn’t observed until 1650, when Giambattista Riccioli focused his telescope on Mizar in the handle of the Big Dipper. More and more were discovered, including Virgins, Cygni and Castor, eventually leading Herschel to set down a strict definition and to name them in his 1802 paper, “On the Construction of the Universe”. FTP, name these astronomical objects, now separated into visual, spectroscopic, and eclipsing types.

Answer: binary stars

13. Originally titled A Moment’s Ornament, its protagonist commits suicide by overdosing on pills. Earlier, she had run up gambling debts and found herself unable to marry Lawrence Selden, a nice man who lacked wealth, and Simon Rosedale, a rich Jew. FTP, name this work, which describes the life of Lily Bart, a 1905 novel of Edith Wharton.

Answer: The House of Mirth

14. The only other person who ever saw him was a female exchange student from Italy named Carmella, and she confronted this bully on behalf of her continually harassed friend. This nasty character was never seen by any other students or authority figures, and was commonly believed to be imaginary, despite his frequent victim’s insistence otherwise. Arnold was never able to beat him up, even with his incredibly powerful foot. FTP, name this nemesis of Gary Coleman’s character Arnold Jackson, who remained unseen by the audience for the entire run of Diff’rent Strokes.

Answer: The Gooch

15. After the death of his son Eustace, he signed the treaty of Winchester. With the support of nobles who disliked Geoffrey of Anjou, he seized the throne, but was troubled by Robert, earl of Gloucester, before his victory at Faringdon in 1145 secured his reign. FTP, identify this king of England, who took the crown from Matilda, the daughter of Henry I, but allowed it to pass to her son Henry II after his death, becoming the only member of the house of Blois.

Answer: Stephen

16. Working at a children’s hospital in Kentucky for several years, she became inspired by the writings of American zoologist George B. Schaller. Leaving Kentucky for the Virunga Mountains, she established the Karisoke Research Center in 1967. While living in Rwanda, she was murdered in 1985, a still unsolved crime which is thought to be the work of angry poachers. FTP, name this woman who made a long-term study of the behavior of mountain gorillas.

Answer: Dian Fossey

17. Following the work done five years earlier by Compton on X-ray scattering, this physicist began studying similar scattering properties in light of optical wavelengths in 1928. His demonstration that optical light had particulate aspects just like X-rays strengthened the case for quantum mechanics. More importantly, he also showed that the spectrum of the scattered light was effected by the nature of the molecules doing the scattering, providing another probe of the fine details of molecular structure. FTP, name this first Asian Nobel Laureate, winner of the prize in 1930.

Answer: Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman

18. It begins with letters to the editor from himself and from John Puff, following a dedication to Miss Fanny written by the psedonymous Conny Keyber. The text that follows is sent from Parson Oliver to Parson Tickletext, and describes the title character's affair with Parson Arthur Williams before she tricks Squire Booby into marrying her. FTP, identify this parodic work of 1741, which mocks a popular epistolary novel by Samuel Richardson, written by Henry Fielding.

Answer: Shamela or An Apology for the Life of Mrs. Shamela Andrews

19. His first battle was against the Cherokee in 1759, and when the Revolutionary War broke out he was a member of his home state's Provincial Congress and commissioned as captain. After his most noteworthy battle manuever at Parker's Ferry in August, 1781, he was appointed brigadier general and after the war served in the South Carolina senate from 1782 to 1790. FTP name this Revolutionary War hero, who earned his nickname from the terrain he hid in before rescuing Americans surrounded by the British, that nickname being the "Swamp Fox."

Answer: Francis Marion (prompt on the Swamp Fox before it is mentioned)

20. Located from 70 to 200 kilometers beneath the earth's surface and as much as 600 kilometers thick in some places, seismic velocities are distinctly lower in this layer than in adjacent parts of the Earth's layers. Its delicately balanced pressure and temperature results in most of its material being near its melting point, allowing for flow and movement responsible for volcanic activity. FTP, name this upper layer of the mantle, also called the "low velocity zone".

Answer: asthenosphere (prompt on mantle; accept low velocity zone until mentioned)

OT1. Its author responded to its critics in two works, one of which was titled L’Impromptu de Versailles. Horace is able to persuade Agnes to run away with him because of her lack of sophistication. Agnes’s father, Enrique, arranges with Horace’s father for their children to be married. That thwarts Arnolphe’s plan for Agnes, his beloved, to be raised in innocence so that she may prove to be a faithful wife. These events occur in, FTP, this 1662 verse comedy by Molire (mole-YAIR), which, despite its title, has nothing to do with formal education.

Answer: L’Ecole des Femmes or The School for Wives

OT2. Parallel rings of this are known in Borneo, South Africa, the tropical regions of the Americas. Examples of it can be found among the members of many distinct nymphalid subfamilies in South America. This works due to a principle known as signal standardization. As it is often difficult to judge the palatability of a species, it is hard to distinguish it from the better-known Batesian version. FTP, name this type of mimicry where equally unpalatable unrelated species share coloration patterns.

Answer: Mullerian mimicry

OT3. One of its names translates as "plain of joy", while another means "land of youth". Sources list either King Tethra of the Formorians, a race of giants, or the sea god Manannan mac Lir as its ruler. Sources also can't agree on the location of this paradise for the deceased, placing it at the bottom of the ocean or as an idyllic island. FTP, name this place from Celtic mythology, capitalized upon by Saban Entertainment with its "Mystic Knights."

Answer: Tir na n-Og

ACF Regionals 2000

Boni by Bowling Green and Georgia
1. Identify the bones of the human body from a description for the stated number of points.

1. (5 Points) This bone holds the scapula and the humerus away from the body and with those two makes up the three major bones of the shoulder.

Answer: Clavicle

2. (5 Points) In the hand these bones connect the phalanges to the wrist.

Answer: Metacarpals

3. (10 Points) This is the name given to the first cervical vertebra. Its name is derived from the fact it supports the head.

Answer: Atlas

4. (10 Points) This is the name given to the second cervical vertebra. Its name is derived from the fact it contains the structure on which the first vertebra rotates.

Answer: Axis
2. Answer these related questions from philosophy for the stated number of points.

1. (10 points) They are tiny mirrors of the entire universe, and each unit has the potential to express the fullness of the universe in their relationship to each other.

Answer: monads

2. (5 points) Name the philosopher whose Monadology developed the concept of monads.

Answer: Gottfried Willhem Leibniz

3. (15 points) It is said Leibniz borrowed the term "monad" from this student of Henry More and author of The Principles of the Most Ancient and Modern Philosophy.

Answer: Anne Finch Conway
3. Identify these literary terms that involve repetition for the stated number of points.

1. (5 points) The recurrence of initial consonant sounds.

Answer: alliteration

2. (10 points) Repetition of the same word or words at the beginning of successive phrases, clauses, or sentences.

Answer: anaphora (do not accept "epistrophe" or "antistrophe", which are repetition at the end of phrases, clauses, or sentences)

3. (15 points) A rhetorical trope formed by repeating the last word of one phrase, clause, or sentence at or very near the beginning of the next.

Answer: anadiplosis
4. In 52 BC, it was a rotten time to be a Roman, as unrest gripped the republic. FTP each, answer these questions about that eventful year.

1. His death rocked the city, causing a mob to even burn down the Curia house, after receiving news of his murder on the Appian Way, near Bovillae.

Answer: Publius Clodius

2. This man was the defendant in the trial which investigated Publius Clodius' murder, and he was represnted by the greatest orator of the day, Cicero. However, that helped litle as the Clodian mob frequently disrupted the proceedings, leading to a guilty verdict.

Answer: Milo

3. While such chaos dominated the city, even the usually universally successful campaigns of Julius Caesar in Gual began to encounter trouble. This general of the Gauls proved to be a formidable opponent that year, temporarily uniting the people in revolt before falling to Caesar at the siege of Alesia.

Answer: Vercingetorix
5. FTP each, identify these people from the Old Testament.

1. Hannah and Elkanah, this man's parents, gave him to God's service as a deal for his successful birth.

Answer: Samuel

2. Even in death, Samuel's status was respected, for this king, when presented with a war with the Philistines, consulted a witch to raise the spirit of Samuel for consultation.

Answer: Saul

3. Samuel's first-born son, he shares his name, which means "Jehovah is God," with the author of the second of the books of the minor prophets.

Answer: Joel
6. Identify these geological features of Lake Huron FTP each.

1. This Canadian island is the largest island in a lake in the world.

Answer: Manitoulin Island

2. This is the name given to the channel between Manitoulin Island and the Ontario mainland.

Answer: North Channel

3. Part of this peninsula is a Canadian national park. It separates most of Georgian Bay from the rest of the lake.

Answer: Bruce Peninsula
7. Identify the following from observational astronomy, FTP each.

1. This is the distance at which an object would have the same apparent magnitude and absolute magntidue.

Answer: 10 parsecs

2. Given measurements of the apparent magnitude of the same object using different filters, this quantity is the difference between the two magnitudes. In the first Hertzsprung-Russell diagrams it was plotted against apparent magnitude.

Answer: color

3. Using the colors from several observations of an object of known type, this method may be used to give a rough estimate of the object’s redshift.

Answer: photometric redshifts

8. FTP each, identify these abstract expressionists.

1. This Dutch-born painter is best known for the 1950’s series Women.

Answer: William de Kooning

2. This Russian immigrant's paintings often consist entirely of two or three rectangles of different colors.

Answer: Mark Rothko

3. He also painted canvases featuring amorphous shapes in strong colors, such as the series Elegy for the Spanish Republic.

Answer: Robert Motherwell

9. Name these novels by E. M. Forster FTP each.

1. This novel, set in Italy, is the story of Lucy Honeychurch, the Emersons, and Cecil Vyse.

Answer: A Room With a View

2. The title house influences the lives of the Wilcoxes, the Schlegel sisters, and Leonard Best.

Answer: Howards End

3. In this novel, not published until 1971, the title character falls in love with Alec Scudder, a gamekeeper for his friend Clive.

Answer: Maurice ("morris")
10. Given a description of an ancient city identify it FTP each.

1. It is located south of Nineveh on the west bank of the Tigris River. The Iraqi village of Ash Sharqat is located there today. It is believed that this city was built by Kikia, and it was the ancient capital of Assyria.

Answer: Ashur or Assur or Ashshur

2. It was originally called Crenides. It was captured by Phillip II of Macedonia in 335 B.C.; however, it is best known for a battle fought there in 42 B.C. and for being the site of the first Christian church.

Answer: Philippi

3. It was founded in 1152 BC by Ascanius and was believed by be destroyed by the Romans in 665 BC. It was long the head of the Latin League and was located on the western shore of Lake Albano.

Answer: Alba Longa
11. Answer the following about flame tests for the stated number of points.

1. (15 points) The use of the flame test was developed by this German chemist in 1758.

Answer: Andreas Sigismund Marggraf

2. (5 points) Although he didn’t realize it, Marggraf’s experiments would show that only the presence of this type of element could be identified with a flame test.

Answer: metals

3. (5 points each) Marggraf’s original experiments showed that compounds containing sodium burned with a different color than those containing potassium. Give the colors that each of those elements produces in a flame test.

Answer: yellow and violet (accept equivalents)
12. Name this American, 30-20-10.

1. She worked with her husband on the Boston abolitionist newspaper Commonwealth, and was the first woman elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

2. She wrote Modern Society, Sex, and Education and Reminiscences, in addition to being involved in the women’s suffrage movement.

3. She is best known for one of her poems, The Battle Hymn of the Republic.

Answer: Julia Ward Howe
13. Name these Napoleonic Battles, FTP each.

1. This battle fought from October 16 to 19 in 1813, broke Napoleon's hold on central Europe and caused him to retreat to Paris.

Answer: the battle of Leipzig (accept the Battle of the Nations)

2. This battle resulted in Napoleon's defeat of the Mamalukes and taking of Egypt in 1798.

Answer: the battle of the Pyramids

3. Napoleon's success at this battle of June 14, 1807, brought Russia's Alexander I to the table and resulted in the Tready of Tilsik.

Answer: the battle of Friedland
14. Identify the economics terms from definitions FTP each.

1. The price of a good minus the value of intermediate inputs used to make it; it is targeted in Canada and most of Europe by a special tax.

Answer: value added (accept value added tax; prompt on VAT)

2. This describes a country with total economic self-sufficiency, and hence engaging in no foreign trade.

Answer: autarky

3. This refers to behavior in which firms and individuals try to alter income distribution in their favor; it does not add to national output, but uses up resources that could have done so.

Answer: rent seeking
15. Name these “golden" things FTP each.

1. This novel by William Kirby was the first Canadian novel to reach widespread popularity.

Answer: The Golden Dog

2. This compilation of the lives of the Saints by Jacobus de Voraigne was among the most popular works published by William Caxton.

Answer: The Golden Legend

3. This novel by Nelson Algren tells the story of Frankie Machine, who is driven to suicide by his heroin addiction. Frank Sinatra played Frankie in the widely acclaimed cinematic version.

Answer: The Man With The Golden Arm
16. Given the president who appointed them and the year they were appointed, name the Attorney Generals FTP each.

1. James Buchanan, 1860

Answer: Edwin M. Stanton

2. Ulysses S. Grant, 1876

Answer: Alphonso Taft

3. Calvin Coolidge, 1924

Answer: Harlan F. Stone
17. Charged with embezzling funds from a bank, he fled to Central America, but eventually returned to spend three years in a federal penitentiary. Answer some questions about this dude FTP each.

1. Who is this American author of Cabbages and Kings and The Trimmed Lamp?

Answer: O. Henry or William Sydney Porter

2. The title of this 1905 short story collection by O. Henry was selected as a response to Ward McAllister’s comment that “there are only about four hundred people in New York society.”

Answer: The Four Million

3. Contained in The Four Million is this story about the Dillingham Youngs and their Christmas presents for each other.

Answer: The Gift of the Magi
18. During his presidency, Bush decided to relieve someone who had been on "the company" payroll since the 1960's, so he sent 26,000 of his closest friends to do it for him. Answer these questions about that event for the stated number of points.

1. (5 points) Who surrendered to Bush's army on January 3, 1990?

Answer: Manuel Antonio Noriega

2. (10 points) In what U.S. city did Noriega stand trial?

Answer: Miami, Florida

3. (15 points) What man, who had actually been elected President of Panama in May 1988, succeeded Noriega?

Answer: Guillermo Endara
19. Given an organism, name its phylum, FTP each.

1. Sponges

Answer: Porifera

2. Hookworms

Answer: Nematoda

3. Planarians

Answer: Platyhelminthes
20. Identify these female psychologists who were not Anna Freud FTP each.

1. Her earlier work with educating mentally retarded children led her to postulate that a child is more responsive to certain learning experiences at particular times or "sensitive" periods.

Answer: Maria Montessori

2. She and her husband coauthored the Robbers Cave experiment, dealing with factors conducive to conflict and cooperation between groups.

Answer: Carolyn Sherif

3. She was Sybil's therapist, and her work encouraged the American Psychiatric Association to investigate multiple personality disorder, or dissociative identity disorder.

Answer: Cornelia Wilbur
Name these people associated with the EncyclopŽdie for the stated number of points.

1. (5 Points) He led the project, and also wrote books like Rameau's Nephew and Jacques the Fatalist.

Answer: Denis Diderot (dee-duh-ROW)

2. (10 Points) This co-editor of the EncyclopŽdie was otherwise primarily known as a mathematician.

Answer: Jean Le Rond d’Alembert (da-lem-BEAR)

3. (15 Points) He directed the mass production of articles by bad writers, and helped Diderot distribute the EncyclopŽdie.

Answer: Louis de Jaucourt (zhoh-COOR)
Given a country, tell me its leader in 1970 FTP each.

1. Cameroon

Answer: Ahmadou Ahidjo

2. Niger

Answer: Hamani Diori

3. Lesotho

Answer: Moshoeshoe II
I will give you a set of numbers and one or two binary operations. FTP each, say if the set and the operation(s) form a group, a ring, an integral domain, a field, or none of the above. You must be as specific as possible, as some of your options are subsets of other options, and you will not be prompted.

1. The set of integers, addition

Answer: Group

2. The set of integers modulo 7, addition and multiplication.

Answer: Field

3. The set of integers modulo 12, addition and multiplication.

Answer: Ring

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