Report Writing ~ Our Sport Day

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Report Writing ~ Our Sport Day
Happy New Year ! After a long holiday, there was a Sport Day held at the Ma On Shan Stadium. It was the sport day of Po Leung Kuk Wu Chung College. It was held on the seventh of January. That day was a sunny Monday. The stadium was chosen because it is near to our school and it is big and new.

The Sports Day started at 8:30 am. Before the races began, we had a simple Opening Ceremony. First, the Principal, Mr Chan, made a speech. Then, all the students stood up and sang the school song. At last, two students hung the school flag. Then, the M.C. said, β€˜The exciting events are going to start.’

There were about 900 students. Most of them were competitors and spectators. Some of them were the official and members of the cheering teams. There were four Houses. Red House , Yellow House, Blue House and Green House. Most of the athletes joined the popular events like High Jump, Long Jump, 200meter race and so on. They all got good results. Some of them got medals and a Form Four girl of Green House broke the Grade B high jump record!

The last event was the cheer teams ’ dance show. Blue House won this prize the loudest Cheer Team was Green House. Green House also won the Overall Champion and Grade B and C Champion.

All the schoolmates enjoyed themselves and had an unforgettable Sports Day.

By Ancella Tong (F.2R)
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