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The reflective memo asks you to reflect back on your writing and become more conscious about the decisions you are making. The more conscious you are of what you are doing and why, the better your writing will become. Consult your process log, and complete it (including how difficult each part was) before turning in the paper.
Please answer the following questions as fully as you can:

# Please describe a couple of things that you learned about your own writing process during this assignment.

# Tell me what you want to learn more about. This will help me tailor my classes to your needs and what you want to learn.

# Tell me what you like best about your paper and tell me why.

# Please describe which part of the writing was most challenging for you to do. What alternatives did you consider regarding this challenge, and what made you choose the solution you chose?

# Tell me anything else you’d like me to know as I grade your paper.

Download 5.04 Kb.

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