Reflective Essay 2

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Reflective Essay 2

Andrew Day

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I guess I have always been very fortunate to have good health and decent health insurance to ensure that I stay healthy. It is easy to take things like this for granted especially coming from a middle class family in America. However, millions of people go without healthcare in the United States every day. With the recent introduction of “the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” or ObamaCare, the idea of healthcare as a human right has been brought to the forefront of American politics and culture. Many people have many different views on this matter and both make very good arguments.

The article “Healthcare Is Not a Human Right” details the argument against healthcare as a human right. Many people agree with the argument this author presents, that is because healthcare is funded by the taxes of the citizens and therefore causes them to participate that healthcare is not a right. This differs from things such as property rights, which do not require any action on behalf of other citizens, but rather restricts them from acting against these rights. However, supporting this argument does not mean one is necessarily against federal healthcare, it simply means that they do not believe it is a human right. On the contrary many people believe that the federal government should be more involved in the healthcare system and that healthcare should be more affordable and available because it is the right thing to do and would bring about the most utility from the most citizens and not because it is a human right.

These articles and many others like it have brought to my attention the complexity and sensitivity of this issue. There is so much to consider. Is healthcare really a right of all human beings? Or is it a capability, which is indicative of a modern, advanced society but not necessarily a right? What are the shortcomings of the current system and how can they be solved to create the greatest benefit for the most people? Most of all I realize the hardships that many people face because of their lack of health insurance, and realize now that weather or not it is a right or a capability or whatever we decide to call it something needs to be done.

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