Reflection Essay for Resume Assignment

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Reflection Essay for Resume Assignment

Directions: To complete your Personal Resume you had to use many different things that you learned both about making a Resume and about using the Microsoft Word commands and functions. In this essay I am asking you to write about these things as a reflection. The essay should follow these specifications and answer these questions:

  1. Essay Specifications:

  1. You will have your name, date, and assignment name in the header.

  2. The reflection essay will be at least 500 words long.

  3. The essay can be one paragraph or more and will use double spaced line spacing with 0.5 pts of margins on the left, right, top and bottom.

  4. The paragraph spacing before and after will be 0 pts before and 0 pts after.

  5. Don’t forget to indent the first line of each paragraph.

  6. Don’t forget to spell check your essay.

  1. Questions to Answer

  1. What parts of a good resume did you use? Name the part and explain WHERE you used it and HOW you used it.

  2. What were some of the mistakes that you needed to correct?

  3. What were some of the Microsoft Word commands and functions that you used to make your resume more organized or sophisticated? Name the command and explain WHERE you used it and HOW you used it.

  4. Discuss some of the new things that you learned from making your resume.

  1. Possible Parts of a Resume to talk about. You can also talk about others.

    1. Title

    2. Career Summary

    3. Career objective

    4. Experience

    5. Education

    6. Additional Information

  1. Possible commands and functions to write about. You can also write about others.




Formatting Changes

Non-Formatting Changes



Font Size

Font Face

Copy Paste



Justify Alignment

Center Alignment


Line Spacing

Paragraph Marks

Drag and Drop

Spell Check

Left Margins

Top Margins

Bottom Margins

Right Margins


Paragraph Dialog Box

Styles Window

Other Things

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