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Dr. Sujata Mukhopadhyay( M.A, P.HD)


“Work and the Moral Woman: Transactions between Home Economics and Professionalism within the Archaeology of Power ( A Research on Women Professionals in the Service sector) to be published in BIMTECH ( 2016)

“Technology, Ideology and Content: Redefining Television News within the framework of emerging New Media: Challenges and Prospects”. Communication Today Journal. ISSN- 0975-217X (2016)

“From Patriarchal Surveillance to Postmodern Spectacle: Exploring Submission and Deviance of the Female Body from Derridian Poststructuralist View”(2016) published in book “ A Geneology of Dissent” by Power publishers

“Re-reading Gandhiji’s Ram Rajya: Media, Dichotomy in Reporting Communal Affairs” . Scotopia Journal- A Multidisciplinary, bi-annual Journal. ISSN 24555975 (2016).

“Militancy and Combat: The AFSPA and Media Coverage”. Global Media Journal – Indian Edition. Sponsored by the University of Calcutta/ ISSN 2249 – 5835. Summer& Winter Joint Issue/June- December 2015/Vol. 6/No. 1& 2. (2015).

“Political Consequences of Media Framing: Subjectivity and Epistemological Crisis in Reporting TV News” in Media Ethics: A Collection of Essays. Vishva Bharati Publishers. ISBN- 978-81-7522-602-9 (2015).
" A Peek into the dark world of Criminals: Studying Criminology and Forensic sciences". Derozio Memorial College, ISBN—978-93-81669-28-0 (2013)

“Journalistic Ethics and Social Media—Situating TV News in the Central Context of Post Global Social Order” University of Calcutta. ISBN-81-86263-004 (2012)

“ The Female Character in Indian Moving Images”. Social Change Journal. Council For Social Development. Issue March 2004: vol.34 No.1(2004)

“Suicidology and Popular Culture: Portrayal of Suicides in Modern Hindi Films (2003) CUJMC, vol.1 No.1 Fall 2003

Boiddutin Maddhyomgulir Upor Bishwayan er provab o bibhakto darshak saatya- published in Natun Chithi, 22nd June 2013

Samman Rakkhyarthe Khoon: Ekti Samajik Drishtikon, in Abhra Abir (2013).



Reality or Utopia: Social Conflicts As Represented in Television News and its Acceptability to the Public : A UGC Sponsored Research Project by Dept of Journalism (2000)

TV Viewing Habits of Kolkata Youth (18-25) years: A UGC Sponsored Research Project by Dept of Journalism (2000).

Media Representation of Suicides: A Socio- Psychological Study: A UGC Sponsored Research Project by Dept of Journalism (2004).

BBC and its Role in South-East Asia: A UGC Sponsored Research Project by Dept of Journalism (2004)

Satellite TV and the Changing Lifestyles of Urban Indian Children: A UGC Sponsored Research Project by Dept of Journalism (2002).

Higher Education and NAAC Edited Volume (2002)

The Effectiveness of Media Technology as Indicators of Cognitive Response in Educational Institutions: A UGC Sponsored Research Project by Dept of Journalism (2008).

Non Formal Education as an Empowering Process: A Development Communication Approach. A UGC Sponsored Research Project by Dept of Journalism (2005)

Mind Over Matter themes: Probing the World of Schizophrenia: A UGC Sponsored Research Project by Dept of Journalism (2006)

The Mobile Mania in India : A UGC Sponsored Research Project by Dept of Journalism (2006)



  1. Inter- State Migration and Policy Responses: A Research into the Vulnerabilities of Migrant Workers of South 24 Parganas ( with reference to the Migrant Workers Act, 1979)”. Presented at the 2nd International Conference on Contemporary Debates in Public Policy and Management, organized by IIM Calcutta, 15-17 January, 2016.

  2. Participated in the National Case Method Workshop organized by IIM Calcutta Case Research Center (IIMCCRC) on March 28-29, 2016.

  3. Participated in Seminar on International Womens Day at University of Calcutta on March 8, 2016.

  1. Participated as Delegate in National Science Meet organised by HMM College for Women, Dakshineswar in collaboration with West Bengal State University on 2,3rd March, 2016

  1. Human Rights and Political Violence” in the International Symposium on Human Rights and Political Violence organized by Dept. of Political Science, HMMC on December 10, 2015.

  2. Participated in National Seminar on “Life and Works of Ashutosh Mookerjea” organized by the Dept. of Pure Mathematics, University of Calcutta, Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, Bose Institute and Vivekananda Vigyan Mission, August 13-14, 2015.

  3. Teaching Business Ethics” workshop organized by IIM Calcutta on May 29, 2015.

  4. Participated in “India, Asia and the West: Comparing Communication Reality and Perspectives” organized by Asian Congress for Media and Communication (ACMC) India Chapter on November 23-24, 2015.

  5. National Seminar in “India’s Foreign Policy in the 21st Century” organised by West Bengal Political Science Association and HMMC on September 11, 2015.

  6. Presented paper on “Alternative Journalism and Social Change: The Role of Micro Movements in the Global Discourse of Democracy” in All India Media Educators Conference, Center for Mass Communication, Jaipur on April 2-4, 2015.

  7. Presented paper on “Education for Sustainable Development: Empowering Anganwadi children by Facilitator participatory Approach- A Field Study of Aila hit Villages in South 24 Pgs” organized by Dept. of Social Work Vishwa Bharati and Charles Sturt University, Australia and International Consortium for Social Development on January 16-18, 2015.

  8. Presented paper on “Political Consequences of Media Framing: Subjectivity and Epistemological Crisis in Reporting TV News” in UGC sponsored National Seminar on Media Ethics: Reality or Myth organized by CJMC, Vishwa Bharati on March 15-16, 2013.

  9. Presented paper in International Seminar on “ Re- reading Gandhiji’s Ram Rajya: A look into Current Politics and Peace keeping role of Media” organized by Dept. of Mass Communication and Center for Bangladesh Studies, University of Assam, Silchar on Janary 30-31, 2015.

  10. Presented paper on “Journalistic Ethics and Social Media: Situating TV News in the Context of Post Global World Order” in International Seminar organized by University of Calcutta on January 9-11, 2012.

  11. Participated in National seminar on “Indian Society and Liberatory Education: The Importance of Freire and Tagore, held on 18th -19th Sept,2010 organized by Dept.Of Sociology HMMC for Women, Dakshineswar.

  12. Presented paper on “Involvement of Youth in Political Decision Making” organized by University of Calcutta Dept. of Journalism and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung on September 26-27, 2005.



Invited as a Resource Person in 3 days In-Service Training Programme on Social Defence Issues by State Police Academy, Barrackpore, Govt. of West Bengal from February 22-24, 2016.

Invited as Resource Person in a Seminar organized by Mrinalini Devi Mahavidyapeeth ( Birati College)and spoke on “ the Untold story of a SlumWoman: Colleting Visual Evidences For a Documentary in 2016.

Invited as a Resource person and spoke on “ Newspapers and Social Change: Recent Trends in Print Journalism” organized by THK Jain College on Feb 18, 2015.

Invitation to be Judge in the Presentation on Advertising Campaigns by students of M.A in Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Calcutta on October 6, 2015.

Invited as Resource Person in the Media Workshop organized by India Journal at Birendra Mancha on February 22, 2014.

Invited as Judge in Advertising Campaign Workshop organized by Department of Journalism and Mass Communication on April 23, 2013.

Invited as Adjudicator in a debate competition organized by the Dept. of Journalism, East Calcutta Girls College on September 28, 2012.

Invited as External Examiner for MSCMCAJ Course ( Practical Examination) by NSHM under WBUT on August 25, 2011.

Invited as a Resource Person to conduct a Workshop on Print Specialization for BMS by NSHM on May 8, 2012.



Member, Editorial Board and Peer Review Committee Member, Scholars Impact Journal, A Multidisciplinary International Online Research Journal,

Editor, online News Portal, Cartoonsamachar,

Joint Convenor, Journal Committee, HMM College for Woemn, Dakshineswar.

Member, Board of Studies, West Bengal State University, Barasat.

Convenor, Social Outreach Cll, HMM College for women,

  1. The Living Relics of the Stone Age: Customs, Rituals and Habits of the Andamanese Tribals

  2. A Day in My Life with the Anganwadi Children of Kolkata: The Sunshine Kids.

  3. How the Entire World failed Aylan Kurdi: A little Dream Lost in Violence and war.

  4. From Block Buster to Flop Master: Modi Modified.

  5. The Rise of the Brand State: Image of Politics and Politics of Image.

  6. Fractured Identities: Patriarchy Politics, and the Dalit Woman.

  7. Digi-talli-sed India.

  8. Gandhiji’s Ram Rajya: Then and Now.

  9. Hardik Chunauti to the 56 inches Chest!

  10. The Mobile Mania in India: to be or not to be.

  11. Mission Modi: Money, Mosque and the Middle East.

  12. Muslim Population Rise over Hindus: How Census plays the Religion Card in the Mango Republic of India.

  13. Television Violence And Its Influences on Children: A Case Study of ‘Shaktimaan’.

  14. Netaji Mystery Intensifies: No Declassification of Files citing SecurityReasons.

  15. Where is Journalism Heading Today?.

  16. Parliament Logjam: Modi government hounded by the curse of Suspending MPs.

  17. Radhe Shyam Saraf: A slap on the face of our Society.

  18. The Great Indian Voyeur and the Sheena Bora Murder Case: Asking A Question or Two.

  19. To meat or not to meat: That is the Question.

  20. The Politics of Execution: Media Jingoism and the Hanging of Yakub Memon.



2 days workshop on “ Using Digital tools to improve Public Interest Journalism in Eastern India” by ICFJ, funded by the US Department of State in collaboration with NSHM NIMD on June 24-25, 2016.

1 Day Workshop on Radio Talks and Format and the role of Akashvaani with me as Convenor. ( 2016)

7 Day Workshop on Media Writing organized by Central University of Jharkhand, Brambe, Ranchi from November 17-23, 2014.

1 Day State Level Workshop on Journalism organized by Khas Khobor on December 13, 2015.

5 Day Regional Workshop on Science Broadcasting organized by Vigyan Prasar, and SEVAKS, New Delhi.(2012)

5 day Workshop on “Women Empowerment: Media Issues” from February5-9, 2002 organized by IIMC, New Delhi and CU


UGC Sponsored Orientation Course from June 25- July 23, 2013 with an ‘A’ Grade.

UGC Sponsored Refresher Course in Journalism And Mass Communication from ASC, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur from June 16-July 5, 2014 with an ‘A’ Grade.


Appointed as Guest Faculty, M.A in Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Calcutta from 2011-12,

Appointed as Guest Faculty, M.A in Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Calcutta from 2012-13,

Appointed as Guest Faculty, M.A in Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Calcutta from 2013-14,

Appointed as Guest Faculty, M.A in Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Calcutta from 2014-15,

Appointed as Guest Faculty, M.A in Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Calcutta from 2015-16,

Appointed as Guest Faculty, M.A in Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Calcutta from 2016-17.

Appointed as Guest Faculty, PGDMC, University of Calcutta from 2011-12

Appointed as Guest Faculty, PGDMC, University of Calcutta from 2012-13

Appointed as Guest Faculty, PGDMC, University of Calcutta from 2013-14

Appointed as Guest Faculty, PG Diploma in Media Studies: Film and Television, University of Calcutta from 2015-16.


The Social Outreach Cell gives students an opportunity to get involved in the betterment of society by conducting various programmes and events or the community in which they live. The Social Outreach Cell of the college encourages its students to take part in various community welfare activities. They try to give different types of services for the lesser privileged people on a regular basis, with different projects coming up from time to time. Initially, it was mostly an individual work with the convenor spearheading most of the activities in her own capacity, but in due course with a lot of enthusiasm developing among the students, a Social Outreach Cell was created.

The Convenor is the project facilitator with student volunteers, trying to spread goodwill to the community and also gaining a chance to promote the benefits to others. This also gives a sense of belonging to the College within the students. They learn the value of giving time and resources to benefit a community in order to improve their quality of life, thereby identifying the specific need of the community and provide services to the people who need it.

5th December 2015

Arranged a seminar cum workshop for minority students including SC,ST, OBC and others as Convenor, Social Outreach Cell for sensitising the students of their basic individual rights.

1st December 2015

Arranged a lecture by Prof.Ramanuj Ganguly, honourable Registrar,WBSU on.Social Exclusion and AIDS on World AIDS day, followed by the promotional event of the Film GHURI, directed by Riingo Banerjee, a film dealing with a sensitive topic like terrorism.

19th November 2015

We have started a Montessori Teaching Methods course in our college as part of Community Development Programme

26th October 2015

Went to Jagaddal Jute Mills, 24 parganas (N) to collect data and conduct a sample survey among jute Mill Workers regarding INTERSTATE MIGRANT WORKERS ACT 1979.

12th October 2015

On the auspicious day of Mahalaya, we went to Sarva Dharma Trust to distribute clothes and other necessities to street children who attend a Corporation school. We were lucky to be associated with children...who are extremely talented and intelligent.

10th October 2015

I have long been associated with Goonj Foundation for children. This puja we have decided to give new clothes and study materials to the children.

19th September 2015

In the heart of North Kolkata, Dum Dum Subedaar barracks, on the edge of the railroad tracks, is a sprawling slum. 16th September 2015

15th September 2015

Planting a sapling at our college premises.

26th August, 2015

Presentation on Sadbhavna Divas as Convenor, Social Outreach Cell.



19th October 2013 in “ Ekdin” titled ‘ Bratya kunrider jonnyo darbaar shikkhikaar’

5th March 2016 in “Ekdin” titled ‘Kol petechen Ananth er asroye’ in Aajker Chitrangada.

Awarded by GTI (under Ministry of HRD) by Honorabl Minister Dr. Shashi Panja for outstanding achievement in children and Slum Development in 2016.

22nd July, 2016 covered by news channel 24 Ghanta for working in slums distributing ORS to children.

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