PubMed/Mesh medical Subject Headings (module 3)

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PubMed/MeSH - Medical Subject Headings (module 4.3)

MODULE 4.3 PubMed/MeSH (Medical Subject Headings)

  • Instructions - This part of the:
  • course is a PowerPoint demonstration intended to introduce you to PubMed/MeSH.
  • module is off-line and is intended as an information resource for reference use.

Table of Contents

    • Using MeSH in PubMed
    • The MeSH database
        • Major Topic Headings and Explode
        • Using MeSH terms
        • Geographic regions
  • Before logging into the Partner Publisher services websites, we will Login to the HINARI site using the URL
  • You need to enter your HINARI User Name and Password in the appropriate boxes, then click on the Login button. To have access to the full text articles, you must properly sign in.
  • If you do not use the Internet Explorer Web browser, this slide will not appear (as of 01 April 2014). If you use Internet Explorer, you will continue to have a two-step login process.
  • Repeat the Login process on this 2nd page and you will be redirected to the HINARI Contents page.
  • Remember - If you fail to use the Login page, you will have a second option on the Content sub-page.
  • Once you are logged in to the HINARI Content page, access PubMed by clicking on Search inside HINARI full-text using PubMed.
  • Welcome to the PubMed Homepage. Part 3 will look at MeSH or Medical Subject Headings.
  • To access the MeSH Database, click on the link from the right column of the PubMed home page. A second way to access MeSH is to open the Databases drop down menu and then to click on MeSH.

MeSH database

  • MeSH is the controlled vocabulary for indexing articles for MEDLINE. MeSH Terms are assigned as Keywords to each record that is “Indexed for MEDLINE”.
  • In MeSH, we will complete a search for the term Malaria.
  • From these results we note that the MeSH has listed 9 terms for Malaria.
  • We have checked the box for the first for Malaria result from the MeSH search.
  • The record for a MeSH term (Malaria) contains the definition, associated subheadings, a list of entry terms, and the tree view of MeSH.
  • Highlighted is the definition provided for Malaria. Note the subheadings listed on this page.
  • For each MeSH term, Entry Terms also are listed along with See Also references.
  • To complete a PubMed search with the Malaria MeSH term, we first will click on Add to search builder and then click on Search PubMed.
  • Note how “Malaria[Mesh] is displayed in the PubMed search builder box.
  • We have displayed PubMed search results for the Malaria[Mesh] term. Note that there are 12532 Free Full Text articles and 16620 HINARI ones.
  • We will complete a search for the Dengue MeSH term. Note that other dengue related terms are listed in the drop down menu.
  • There are 18 MeSH terms containing the term Dengue. We will click on the box for this (broadest) term.
  • After clicking on Dengue, we will open the Display Settings drop down menu, click on the Full Format button and Apply.
  • Here is the main Dengue MeSH record and associated subheadings.
  • We will search for the MeSH term Dengue with the subheadings of epidemiology, prevention and control and transmission. We have checked the boxes for these terms and clicked on Add to Search Builder and Search PubMed. Note the search terms in the PubMed search builder box.
  • In PubMed, the search has resulted in 3608 citations.
  • From the PubMed display setting drop down menu, we have clicked on the Abstract option. Note that the links to the full-text articles for the Free Full Text and HINARI citations is at the bottom of the abstract.
  • If you click on the Abstract display/MeSH Terms (at the bottom of the abstract), you can view all the MeSH terms assigned to this article.
  • Below the subheadings are two check boxes – to restrict the search to Major Topic Headings or to not Explode a term.
  • When we restrict the search to Major Topic Headings only, we are selecting articles where the primary subject matter is Dengue. We will click the box for this option, click on Add to search builder and then Search PubMed.
  • We have restricted this PubMed search to Dengue [Majr] and have 5248 citations.
  • If you click on the Abstract display/MeSH Terms, you can view all the terms including Dengue/prevention & control and dengue/epidemiology.
  • In the Abstract display format, Major MeSH terms (MAJR) are identified using an *.
  • From the PubMed search screen, we have displayed the Advanced Search option and highlighted the History section. Note all the Dengue searches you have completed.
  • We now will complete a MeSH search for the geographic location Asia. After entering the term in the search box, we will open the Display Settings drop down menu and click on the Full Format button and Apply.
  • We now will have displayed the MeSH results for Asia. Note the country list for Asia Southeastern. We will click on Vietnam.
  • We will check the box for Vietnam and click on Add to Search Builder and Search PubMed.
  • We have completed the PubMed search for Vietnam [Mesh] and have 7692 citations with 1279 Free Full Text and 2560 HINARI articles.
  • We now will complete a final MeSH search for the Developing Countries.
  • Displayed is the MeSH results for Developing Countries. Note all the Entry Terms. We will click on Add to search builder and Search Pubmed.
  • We have completed this PubMed search for Developing Countries [Mesh] and have 58467 citations.
  • We have opened the PubMed Advanced Search option to view the History section. By clicking on ADD for History Search # 22 and #14, we have added them to the Search Builder. This combines the MeSH terms Developing Countries AND Dengue. We will click on Search.
  • The results of the Developing Countries[Mesh] AND Dengue[Mesh] search is 96 articles and also demonstrates one of PubMed’s Advanced Search options.
  • This is the end of Module 4 Part 3.
  • There is a workbook to accompany this part of the module. The workbook will take you through a live session covering the topics included in this demonstration with working examples.
  • Updated 2014 01

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