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Publications for Paul Giles

Publications for Paul Giles


Giles, P. (2016). Antipodean America: Australasia and the Constitution of U. S. Literature [paperback]. New York: Oxford University Press.

Giles, P. (2016). Antipodean Modernism: The Retrodynamic Arts of Time Management. In Peter Morgan (Eds.), Text, Translation, Transnationalism: World Literature in 21st Century Australia, (pp. 115-136). Melbourne: Australian Scholarly Publishing.

Giles, P. (2016). Bernard Smith in Space and Time: 'The Antipodean Manifesto' Fifty Years Later. In Jaynie Anderson, Christopher R. Marshall and Andrew Yip (Eds.), The Legacies of Bernard Smith: Essays on Australian Art, History and Cultural Politics, (pp. 153-164). Sydney: Power Publications.

Giles, P. (2016). Compressions of Scale: World Literature in Miniature. American Literary History, 28(3), 654-661. [More Information]

Giles, P. (2016). Introduction: The New Atlantic Literary Studies. In Leslie Eckel, Clare Elliott (Eds.), The Edinburgh Companion to Atlantic Literary Studies, (pp. 1-14). Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.

Giles, P. (2016). Obama, Tarantino, and Transnational Trauma. In Alfred Hornung (Eds.), Obama and Transnational American Studies, (pp. 245-262). Heidelberg: Universitatsverlag Winter Heidelberg.

Giles, P. (2016). Transnational Thoreau: Time, Space, and Relativity. In Kristen Case and K. P. Van Anglen (Eds.), Thoreau at 200: Essays and Reassessments, (pp. 138-153). New York: Cambridge University Press.

Giles, P. (2016). U.S. Slave Revolutions in Atlantic World Literature. In Ezra Tawil (Eds.), The Cambridge Companion to Slavery in American Literature, (pp. 186-203). New York: Cambridge University Press. [More Information]

Giles, P. (2016). Ulysses: Burlesque Modernism and Antipodean Parallax. Affirmations: Of the Modern, 4(1), 15-39.


Giles, P. (2015). American Literature and Classical Consciousness. In Norman Vance, Jennifer Wallace (Eds.), The Oxford History of Classical Reception in English Literature, Volume 4 (1790-1880), (pp. 159-183). Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Giles, P. (2015). Antipodean Transnationalism: The Empire Lies Athwart. In Yuan Shu, Donald E. Pease (Eds.), American Studies as Transnational Practice: Turning toward the Transpacific, (pp. 237-258). Hanover: Dartmouth College Press.

Giles, P. (2015). Kennedy and the Catholic Church. In Andrew Hoberek (Eds.), The Cambridge Companion to John F. Kennedy, (pp. 31-44). New York: Cambridge University Press. [More Information]

Giles, P. (2015). Transnationalism and National Literatures: The Case of Australia. JASAL - Journal of the Association for the Study of Australian Literature, 15(3), 1-7. [More Information]

Giles, P. (2015). Transposing Pedagogic Boundaries: Global America in an Australian Context. New Global Studies, 9(3), 331-350. [More Information]

Giles, P. (2015). Writing for the Planet: Contemporary Australian Fiction. In Amy J. Elias, Christian Moraru (Eds.), The Planetary Turn: Relationality and Geoaesthetics in the Twenty-First Century, (pp. 143-159). Evanston, IL: Northwestern University Press.


Giles, P. (2014). Romanticism's Antipodean Spectres: 'Don Juan' and the Transgression of Space and Time. European Romantic Review, 25(3), 365-383. [More Information]

Giles, P. (2014). Transatlantic Currents and Postcolonial Anxieties. In J. Gerald Kennedy, Leland S. Person (Eds.), The Oxford History of the Novel in English, Volume Five: The American Novel to 1870, (pp. 385-401). New York: Oxford University Press.


Giles, P. (2013). Aesthetic Matters: Literature and the Politics of Disorientation. Sub-Stance, 42 Number 2(131), 99-113. [More Information]

Giles, P. (2013). Antipodean America: Australasia and the Constitution of U.S. Literature. New York: Oxford University Press.

Giles, P. (2013). English Studies in Australia: Repositioning the Subject. Australian Literary Studies, 28(1-2), 26-39.

Giles, P. (2013). Transatlanticism, Past, Present and Future: A Brief Overview. In Daniel Maudlin and Robin Peel (Eds.), The Materials of Exchange between Britain and North East America, 1750-1900, (pp. 15-16). Farnham, Surrey: Ashgate.

Giles, P. (2013). Turning American Literature Inside Out: Transatlantic Seascapes and the Global Imaginary. In Katsunori Takeuchi, Tsutomu Takahashi (Eds.), Transatlantic Imagination, (pp. 15-46). Tokyo: Sairyusha.


Giles, P. (2012). "To gird this watery globe": Freneau, Barlow and American neoclassical poetry. In Susan Manning and Eve T. Bannet (Eds.), Transatlantic Literary Studies, 1660 - 1830, (pp. 139-153). Cambridge, United Kingdon: Cambridge University Press.

Giles, P. (2012). All Swallowed Up: David Foster Wallace and American Literature. In Samuel Cohen and Lee Konstantinou (Eds.), The Legacy of David Foster Wallace, (pp. 3-22). Iowa City: University of Iowa Press.

Giles, P. (2012). America and Britain during the Civil War. In Shirley Samuels (Eds.), The Cambridge Companion to Abraham Lincoln, (pp. 141-154). Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press.

Giles, P. (2012). Antipodean American Geography: Washington Irving's 'Globular' Narratives. In Russ Castronovo (Eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Ninteenth-Century American Literature, (pp. 11-26). United Kingdon: Oxford University Press.

Blum, H., Silva Guesz, K., Rohrbach, A., Santamarina, X., Giles, P. (2012). Review of Paul Giles 'The Global Remapping of American Literature'. Journal of American Studies, 46(3), 747-762.


Giles, P. (2011). "The Earth reversed her Hemispheres": Dickinson's Global Antipodality. The Emily Dickinson Journal, XX(1), 1-21. [More Information]

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Giles, P. (2011). The Global Remapping of American Literature. Princeton: Princeton University Press.

Giles, P. (2011). The Postcolonial Mainstream. American Literary History, 23(1), 205-216. [More Information]

Giles, P. (2011). Transatlantic Currents and the Invention of the American Novel. In Leonard Cassuto, Clare Virginia Eby and Benjamin Reiss (Eds.), The Cambridge History of the American Novel, (pp. 22-36). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.


Giles, P. (2010). Afterword: The Limits of Appropriation. American Literary History, 22(4), 951-960. [More Information]

Giles, P. (2010). Antipodean America: Charles Brockden Brown, New Holland, and the Constitution of US Literature. In Robert Dixon and Nicholas Birns (Eds.), Reading Across the Pacific: Australia-United States Intellectual Histories, (pp. 23-37). Sydney: Sydney University Press.

Giles, P. (2010). Convergences: IASA in 2007, President's report, Lisbon, 21 September. In Araujo, Susana; Ferreira Duarte, Joao; Pacheco Pinto; Marta (Eds.), Trans/American, Trans/Oceanic, Trans/Lation, (pp. 15-25). Newcastle upon Tyne, UK: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Giles, P. (2010). English Literature and the Antipodean Imaginary. Arts: the Proceedings of the Sydney University Arts Association, 32, 89-108.

Giles, P. (2010). F.O. Matthiessen: comparative criticism and the rhetoric of violence. In Paul Giles (Eds.), Transnationalism in Practice: Essays on American Studies, Literature and Religion, (pp. 141-151). Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.

Giles, P. (2010). The abjection of American literature: Jamaica Kincaid and the ghosts of postcolonialism. In Paul Giles (Eds.), Transnationalism in Practice: Essays on American Studies, Literature and Religion, (pp. 202-232). Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.

Giles, P. (2010). The Springsteen Affect: religion in American Studies. In Paul Giles (Eds.), Transnationalism in Practice: Essays on American Studies, Literature and Religion, (pp. 285-306). Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.

Giles, P. (2010). Transnationalism in Practice: Essays on American Studies, Literature and Religion. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.


Giles, P. (2009). Atlantic Republic: The American Tradition in English Literature - Paperback. United Kingdom: Oxford University Press.

Giles, P. (2009). Douglass's Black Atlantic: Britain, Europe, Egypt. In Maurice S Lee (Eds.), The Cambridge Companion to Frederick Douglass, (pp. 132-145). United Kingdom: Cambridge University Press.


Giles, P. (2008). Alan Trachtenberg, in Conversation with Paul Giles. Comparative American Studies, 6(1), 5-11. [More Information]

Giles, P. (2008). Antipodean American Literature: Franklin, Twain, and the Sphere of Subalternity. American Literary History, 20(1), 22-50. [More Information]

Giles, P. (2008). Augustan American Literature: An Aesthetics of Extravagance. In Marianne Thormahlen (Eds.), English Now: Selected Papers from the 20th IAUPE Conference in Lund 2007, (pp. 59-71). LUnd, Sweden: Lund University Press.

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Giles, P. (2008). Narratives of Traversal: Jamaica Kincaid and the Erasure of the Postcolonial Subject. In Annalisa Oboe, Anna Scacchi (Eds.), Recharting the Black Atlantic: Modern Cultures, Local Communities, Global Connections, (pp. 365-377). New York: Routledge.

Giles, P., Ellis, R. (2008). Transnational American Studies - For What? A partial stocktaking. Comparative American Studies, 6(1), 3-4. [More Information]


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Giles, P. (2007). Hemispheric Parallax: Zora Neale Hurston and the Triangulation of Race. In Richard Gray, Waldemar Zacharasiewicz (Eds.), Transatlantic Exchanges: The American South in Europe – Europe in the American South, (pp. 137-148). Austria: Austrian Academy of Sciences-British Academy.

Giles, P. (2007). Historicizing the Transnational: Robert Coover, Kathy Acker and the Rewriting of British Cultural

History, 1970–1997. Journal of American Studies, 41(1), 3-30. [More Information]

Giles, P. (2007). La deterritorializzazione della letteratura e cultura degli Stati Uniti. Ancoma: Rivista Internazionale di Studi Nord-Americani, 34, 83-95.

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Giles, P. (2006). Atlantic Republic: The American Tradition in English Literature. United Kingdom: Oxford University Press.

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Giles, P. (2004). Response to the Presidential Address to the American Studies Association, Hartford, Connecticut, October 17, 2003. American Quarterly, 56(1), 19-24. [More Information]

Giles, P. (2004). The Parallel Worlds of Jose Marti. Radical History Review, 89(Spring), 185-190.


Giles, P. (2003). Cyberpastoral: Transnational Projections of American Nature. In Hans Bak, Walter W Hoelbling (Eds.), "Nature's Nation" Revisited: American Concepts of Nature from Wonder to Ecological Crisis, (pp. 437-459). Amsterdam, Netherlands: VU University Press (VU Uitgeverij).

Giles, P. (2003). Deterritorialization in The Sacred Fount. The Henry James Review, 24(3), 225-232. [More Information]

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Giles, P. (1992). American Catholic Arts and Fictions: Culture, Ideology, Aesthetics. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.


Giles, P. (1986). Hart Crane: The Contexts of The Bridge. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

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