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“Get Lost In the World of The Lost Hero

The Lost Hero, by Rick Riordan, shows readers what it is like to be a child of a Greek god. Readers will become Greek mythology geniuses after reading the book. In the story, characters have interesting problems; readers will want to learn the answers to these problems. Also, some of the settings in the book are amazing. The Lost Hero is the book the class should definitely read.
From reading The Lost Hero, readers will learn Greek mythology and become geniuses in social studies. On several occasions the book shows the Greek gods in action. For example, The Lost Hero states important mythology facts about the goddess Hera and her son. A demigod says, “Hera can be vengeful. She threw her son off of Mount Olympus just because he was ugly” (129). This is very important to mythology because it is crucial to know about the gods’ relationships with each other. In mythology, many times parents are betrayed by their kids. In The Lost Hero, readers will learn about Ouranos, the sky, and his son, Kronos. According to Greek mythology, when this happened, it marked a new era for the world. The goddess Aphrodite says, “Their son the Titan Kronos killed Ouranos by chopping him to pieces with a scythe” (433). This is significant because it brings Greek mythology to contemporary life because family members are fighting each other, which all readers can relate to. Clearly, The Lost Hero will teach readers an expansive amount of knowledge in Greek mythology.

Secondly, the problems that the characters face in The Lost Hero are thrilling, and readers will want to see how they are resolved. One character with one of the story’s main problems is Jason. He has lost his memory. At the beginning of the book, just after Jason has been brainwashed, he wakes up having no idea who he is. The narrator says, “He woke up in the back seat of a school bus, not sure where he was, holding hands with a girl he didn’t know” (1). Readers read this, and are immediately sucked in to finding out what happens to Jason’s memory. Piper, another character, must make a very important choice. In a dream, Piper is talking to an evil giant, who has kidnapped her father. The giant is trying to persuade Piper to bring her friends to be traded, in exchange for her dad. Piper says, “I’ll find a way to defeat you . . . I’ll save my father and my friends” (236). Readers cannot wait to see if Piper will lead her friends into the trap and save her father, or leave her father to die. The problems presented in The Lost Hero are interesting, and readers will want to find out how they are resolved.

In The Lost Hero, some of the places through which the readers travel are brilliant! One particular place is King Minos’ mansion. When Jason, Piper, and Leo are lost and walk up to the king’s doorstep, they encounter a few problems. As Jason reports, “First it was the motion activated trapdoor on the sidewalk, then the lasers on the steps, then the nerve gas dispenser on the porch railing, the pressure sensitive poison spikes in the welcome mat, and of course the exploding doorbell” (340). The amazing technology described leaves readers with a crystal clear description in their heads. Another incredible setting visited is Aelous’s fortress. When the gang comes here seeking advice, they get a wonderful view too. Leo says, “The central section of Aelous’s fortress was as big as a cathedral, with a soaring domed roof covered in silver” (410). Amazing settings throughout the book will make the readers long to go places like this. Again, there are plenty of amazing settings throughout the book that the readers must see.

In conclusion, from The Lost Hero, students will learn Greek mythology, enjoy reading and finding out the results of the characters’ problems, and read about some of the fascinating places through which the characters travel. From The Lost Hero, readers learn how important good friendships are, and how strong they can become.

Download 8.47 Kb.

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