Prompt: Write an explanatory essay to inform fellow citizens about the advantages of limiting car usage. Your essay must be based on ideas and information that can be found in the passage set

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Prompt: Write an explanatory essay to inform fellow citizens about the advantages of limiting car usage. Your essay must be based on ideas and information that can be found in the passage set.

The advantages that come along with reducing car usage are endless. America and the whole world actually, have depended on the car for so long that its hard to imagine a world more dependent on bikes and public transit than our own personal vehicles; that time has come. Along with the limiting of car usage come the benefits of happier, less tense individuals, smog and greenhouse gas reduction, and the possibility to get around in an easier fashion without all the havoc of traffic jams.

For starters, cars tend to create a tenser and uneasier society. In the article “In German Suburb,Life Goes On Withoutr Cars” by Elisabeth Rosentha, media trainer Heidrun Walter, shared her personal experience from living without a car and expressed how she is happier living that way because before she was always tense. Additionally, in Andrew Selky’s artcle regarding the car-free day in Bogota, Carlos Arturo Plaza commented how the day was a “good oppurtunity to take away stress.” Both these accounts from two different people on two different parts of the world support the fact that the reduction of car usage has aided them to lower stress as will decreasing the use of cars all together. Stress is a huge facor in today’s age and I for one believe that the world would be better off without it; which is why lowerig the amount of cars used would be the optimal choice.

Another significant reason as to why car usage should be lowered is the fact that it decreases the amount of smog and greenhouse gases in the air. Referring back to Rosenthal’s article, she included how experts have said that the overuse of automobiles in Chicago and Shanghai has been a great setback to the current efforts being used toward reducing greenhouse gasses, which are emmited from the tailpipe. Accordingly, in Paris there was a partial driving ban to clean the air after days of almost record pollution, wrote Robert Duffer in his article. In additon, in Rosenthal’s other article “The End of Car Culture,” she wrote how Obama’s plan to reduce the United States’ greenhouse gas output has been helped by the decrease in Americans that are driving less each year. All in all, the reduction in car usage will result to a decrease in greenhouse gases that will better our enviroment and benefit the world entirely.

Included in all the multitude of reasons why car limiting is advantageous, is the guarantee of less crowded streets allowing easier management of public transportation and bicycle use which ultimately assist society in becoming more active. In Rosenthal’s article “The End of Car Culture” she wrote about how Bill Ford stated that he wanted to construct amazing cities where “pedestrian, bicycle, private cars, commerical and public transportaion traffic are woven into a connected network to save time, conserve resources, lower emissions and improve safety.” This here shows a vast amount of benefits which are the results of less cars around the world shaping a better place. Additonally, in Selksy’s article he stated how the car-free day left the city devoided of traffic jams which lets admit, we all find horrible and would be better off without them. Selky’s also included in his artcicle how “rush-hour restrictions have dramatically cut traffic;” adding to the fantastic advantagous of lowering car usage; they help in letting us enjoy our time elsewhere having a joyous than in the middle of a busy and and nerve-wrecking rush hour.

To finish off, along with limiting car usage come a plethora of magnificent rewards. This includes the drop in numbers of tense and not content individuals, a fleeting decrease in the amount of greenhouse gases and smog in the atmosphere, and the ease of avoiding those pesky traffic jams and annoying time delays. To conclude, I’m sure we can all agree that the pros of removing the amount of cars used are seemingly limitless.

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