Profile a chartered Health Psychologist and Health Service Researcher with over nine years experience conducting qualitative and quantitative research in health services delivery, specializing in patient engagement

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Marie-Anne Durand BSc, MSc, MPhil, PhD, CPsychol

Assistant Professor of Health Policy and Clinical Practice,

The Dartmouth Institute of Health Policy and Clinical Practice, Dartmouth College.

Phone: (603) 646-1290


A chartered Health Psychologist and Health Service Researcher with over nine years experience conducting qualitative and quantitative research in health services delivery, specializing in patient engagement, and successfully leading multi-disciplinary teams in implementing quality improvement projects in the public sector.
Research Interests

  • Patient engagement;

  • Communication/risk communication in healthcare and health service delivery;

  • Development and evaluation of complex healthcare interventions (decision support, behavior change and self-management interventions);

  • Theoretical underpinnings of complex healthcare interventions;

  • Health disparities.


PhD in Medicine & Health Psychology 2006-2009

Cardiff University, School of Medicine

The amniocentesis dilemma: needs assessment, development and field-testing of a theory-based

decision support intervention (awarded in November 2009).
MPhil in Clinical Psychology (1st class) 2005-2006

University Pierre Mendes France, Grenoble, France

MSc in Clinical Psychology (1st class) 2004-2005

University Pierre Mendes France, Grenoble, France

BSc in Psychology (1st class) 2001-2004

University Pierre Mendes France, Grenoble, France


Assistant Professor 2014-present

The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy & Clinical Practice, Dartmouth College
Senior Lecturer/Senior Research Fellow 2012-2014

School of Life & Medical Sciences, University of Hertfordshire, UK

  • Undergraduate and postgraduate teaching in Health Psychology & Research Methods;

  • Module Leader and Seminar Tutor (BSc Psychology Yr1, Yr2, MSc Research);

  • Undergraduate and postgraduate supervisor (PhD, MSc, BSc);

  • Essay and exam marker;

  • Line manager of two junior researchers;

  • Seconded to the Renal Registry (Research Lead, 2 days a week), measuring chronic kidney disease patients’ involvement in treatment decision making across 19 renal units in England;

  • Prepared successful grant funding applications;

  • Published in peer-reviewed journals;

  • Led and managed research projects within grant timescales.

Freelance Researcher and Writer (Option Grid Coordinator) 2012-present

The Dartmouth Center for Healthcare Delivery Science

  • Manage and coordinate the development, publication and coordination of Option Grids;

  • Line-manage Web-Support Officer.

Freelance Research and Training Consultant 2011-present

Prepare to Share -
National Programme Manager – Shared Decision Making 2010-2012

NHS East of England/NHS Direct
Research Fellow 2009-2010

Centre for Behavioural Medicine, School of Pharmacy, University College London
Teaching Assistant in Experimental Psychology 2005-2006

University Pierre Mendes France, Grenoble, France

Trainee Psychologist 2004-2005

Michallon University Hospital/Belledone Clinic, Grenoble, France
Competence & Skills

Research &Teaching

  • Solid teaching and supervision experience at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in schools of Medicine, Pharmacy and Psychology;

  • Qualitative data collection and analysis: expertise in using thematic analysis, discourse analysis, grounded theory and interpretative phenomenological analysis;

  • Quantitative data collection and analysis;

  • Multi-center study coordination;

  • Expertise in undertaking scoping, structured and systematic reviews;

  • Track record of publication in high impact peer-reviewed journals;

  • Invited lectures & workshops at international conferences;

  • Knowledge transfer to scientific & lay audiences;

  • Proven track record of leading multi-disciplinary teams in designing innovative research projects and implementing complex interventions in the Public Sector;

  • Sound understanding of policy development and legislative frameworks in healthcare in the UK.


  • Senior Programme Manager in the NHS;

  • Expertise in using and adapting PRINCE 2 methodology;

  • Completed the PricewaterhouseCoopers Leadership Development Programme;

  • Proven track-record of managing large scale projects (over £3 million budget) on time and within budget;

  • Proven track-record of developing complex strategies and plans in clinical and policy settings;

  • Good knowledge of quality improvement and change management methodology in the Public Sector.

Communication & Team

  • Excellent communication and presentation skills;

  • Ability to influence senior stakeholders and deliver complex messages to a variety of audiences;

  • Solid experience of working effectively in multi-disciplinary research and medical teams, and of managing national projects in various clinical contexts (Oncology, Maternity, Chronic Kidney Care).


Future Research Star’ nominee 2012

Vice-Chancellor Awards, University of Hertfordshire, UK
Fellowship 2011

Summer Institute for Informed Patient Choice, Hanover, USA

Awards of ‘Best of Show’ and ‘Gold Award’ for the amnioDex website 2009

HeSCA Media Festival, St Louis, USA

Sion Rhodri Eynon Evans Prize for Excellence in Doctoral Research 2008

Fellowship, Summer Institute for Informed Patient Choice, Hanover, USA 2007
Research for Patient Benefit – NIHR (£204,999)

Co-Applicant. Title: A randomized controlled feasibility trial of the Books Beyond Words 2013 intervention to improve the management of epilepsy in people with learning disabilities.

British Society of Audiology (£4,485) 2013

Co-Applicant. Title: Development of a patient decision aid for shared decision making

in adult audiology services.
NHS Institute (£9,987) 2012

Principal Investigator. Title: Measuring shared decision making in renal care.

East and North Hertfordshire Trust (£4,884) 2012

Principal Investigator. Title: Can shared decision making reduce health inequalities?

A systematic review.
Shared Decision making Programme - Department of Health - Quality 2011

Innovation Productivity and Prevention Workstream (£1,029,270). Co-Applicant.
PhD studentship, Sir Halley Stewart Trust (£47,632) 2006

Co-Principal Investigator. Title: The amniocentesis dilemma: needs assessment,

development and field-testing of a theory-based decision support intervention.
Other Activities
Reviewer for Patient Education and Counseling, JAMA, Health Expectations, Chronic Illness, Health & Social Care in the Community and BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making.
Chartered Psychologist, British Psychological Association 2012-Present

Honorary Research Fellow, Cardiff University 2011-Present

Invited lectures and workshops 2010-Present

References available on request


Peer-reviewed publications

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Book chapters
1. Durand, M.A., Elwyn, G. (2010). Decision Making in the Context of Health and Illness. SAGE

Encyclopedia of Family Health. SAGE publications.

2. Durand, M.A., Elwyn, G. (April 2009). Examining the theoretical foundation of decision support technologies. Chapter 29 appearing in “Shared decision making in health care: achieving evidence based patient choice, 2e”. Oxford University Press.
Manuscripts under review
Durand, M.A, Cockle, L., Mann, M., Moulton, B., Elwyn, G. Can Shared Decision Making prevent medical malpractice litigations: A systematic review. BMC Health Services Research (under review).

Durand, M.A, Witt, J., Joseph-Williams N., Newcombe R., Politi, M., Sivell, S., Elwyn, G. Minimum standards for the certification of patient decision support interventions: their application and feasibility. Patient Education and Counseling (under review).

Durand, M.A., Tomson, C., Cullen, R et al. Measuring shared decision making in chronic kidney care in England: pilot evaluation across 19 renal centres. Patient Education and Counseling (under review).

Vaja, M., Mengoni, S., Durand, M.A. A qualitative exploration of the experiences and emotional outcomes of Samaritans listening volunteers supporting callers in distress. Crisis (under review).

Oostendorp, L., Durand M.A., Lloyd, A., Elwyn, G. Measuring organisational readiness for patient engagement (MORE): an international online Delphi consensus study. BMC Health Services Research (under review).

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