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Private Scholarships

LOCAL…..may have to cut and paste some sites into your browser.

*Robins Officer’s Spouses Club (ROSC) @March 1st Dependent child of military member or DoD Civilian, Top 10% or 3.0 or higher, also leadership, essay of 500 words

*George Grier Eagle Scout Scholarship @March 31st

*Georgia Mining Foundation late Jan/early Feb

*RA Bowen June 1st

Preference to residents of Bibb Co/Central GA

Scholastic ability (test scores/grades) and financial need
*Jaques Foundation May 1st

Preference to Bibb Co/Surrounding areas

Demonstrate need, well-rounded individuals, must have a 2.0

Contact Jaques Foundation c/o Bank of America (744-6455)

Call for application or go to
*Macon State…Barbara J. Stickel Scholarship July 15th

Freshmen interested in Nursing…try Evelyn Salter at 471-2732

1200 min SAT/3.5
*Clifton Trust (Edward S. Whitehead, Jr. Scholarship Program) May 31st

Preference to Bibb Co.

Scholastic ability (grades/test scores), financial need, and character
*Exchange Club Youth of the Month/Year…Announced earlier in year @ 1st of Oct.

Starts in the FALL. See Coach Thompson for details. Heavy on Grades,

Activities, and Community Service. Compete against students in Bibb. Co.
*Exchange Club Speech Contest…See Coach Thompson or Mrs. Roberts Feb/March
*Peyton Anderson @April 1st

Middle GA resident who will attend GCSU, FVSU, Central GA Tech, GA Tech, UGA,

Macon State, Mercer, Middle GA Tech, Wesleyan, or Georgia State

Financial Need Based
*Coliseum Northside Hospital Volunteers March 14th

Interest in medical field, academics, community service, citizenship, essay involved

Contact Judy Judah

Generally announced in February and due late March/April
*American Society of Military Comptrollers…Mid. GA Chapter @March 1st

HS Seniors pursuing degrees in financial management

Scholastic, leadership, extracurricular, career goals and financial need

Generally announced in Feb and due late Feb/March…Celeste Rogers or 478-201-1287
*Vine-Ingle…George Jones Scholarship May 1st

HS Senior who played baseball at Vine-Ingle as a 12 year old

Academics, extracurricular, community service and essay

Generally announced in March and due first of
*Kiwanis-Hamilton Holt Mid April-May

Bibb Co. Resident

Community Service, financial need, references, scholarship and interview

Generally announced in March and due early April

Contact David Richardson
*Rotary Education Foundation of Macon June 1st

Bibb Co. residents/Middle GA residents

Grades, scores, character and need based….See Coach Thompson
*Rotary Speech Contest March

Will be distributed to the schools…listen for announcements
*City of Macon June 25th

City Scholarships

Applications at
*Exchange Club Speech March 5th

American Citizenship Speech Competition

Only 1 per school….see Coach T. if interested
*Robins Federal Credit Union Mid-March

Must have account there …Most Excellent Team Member

*Jimmy Rane Foundation Feb. 17th in past

Academic, community, and financial need
*Georgia Press Education Foundation (GPEF) Feb. 1st

HS Seniors who desire a major/career in Journalism including Advertising,

Marketing, Circulation, Photography, Graphic Design, and Writing

GA residents attending GA Colleges and Universities
*Atlanta Braves late March

Community Service and Essay
*MidSouth Federal Credit Union late April

Children of MidSouth Employees and Members

Academic, leadership, citizenship, recommendation, and some need
*Community Foundation of Greater Atlanta Check Site

Check site…many scholarships are county/region specific
*Georgia Engineering Foundation Scholarship Check Site

Preparing for a career in engineering or engineering technology

Announced April 1st
*Georgia State Firefighters Association April 15th

Children of firefighters
*Julian and Jan Hester Memorial Scholarship Fund Around April

Entering a GA university, college, or technical institute
*PEO Sisterhood Jan 15th

GA State Chapter…for girls…see Coach Thompson
*PEO Star Scholarship…announced earlier in year Nov. 15th

Leadership, Extracurricular, Community and Academic, min 3.0

Limited # per school….see Coach T. if interested
*Daughters of American Revolution (DAR)…check site Most Feb. 15th

Numerous to look at
*Southern Rivers Energy Feb. 4th

Walter Harrison Scholarship Program

GPA, SAT, Academic Standing, Scholastic Honors, Financial Need and click on Walter Harrison Sch.
*Federal Managers Association…See Coach T. last year mid April

Leadership, Scholastic, Financial Need

*Image Builders Foundation last year March 10

Joseph P. Crawford Memorial Scholarship

3.5, top 10%, financial need and click on scholarships
*Georgia Power Scholarships @Jan. 31st

*Max Preps Mid-March

Student Athletes… Begins Oct. 15
*Best Buy Scholarship Program Feb.1st/15th

Solid grades, volunteer or work experience

Starts late Dec. and ends mid February
*GE Reagan Foundation Scholarship Program Mid-March
*Coca Cola Oct. 31st
*Prudential…Spirit of Community Awards…announced earlier Early Nov.

Community service related\awardsandrecognition/studentawards.aspx
*American Legion Check site
* Burger King Scholars Program Jan 10th
*Gates Millennium Scholarship Program Mid-Jan

Reserved for minorities
*Kentucky Fried Chicken Early Feb.

Attend instate public college or university

Entrepreneurial drive, strong perseverance, and financial need

Generally opens in Dec. and ends early/mid Feb.

*Toyota Check Site

*Kohl’s…Kids Who Care March 15th

Announced in Jan/Feb
*Walmart Check Site
*Wendy’s Heisman… Oct. 1st

Athletes, academic, and community service
*Sammy…Scholar Athlete Milk Mustache of the Year March 4th

Academic, sports, community service
*Horatio Alger Association October 30th

Financial Need
*Will to Win Scholarship Program Check Site

For HS Seniors with asthma

Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Community Service, Athletics, and Science
*Anne Ford others for Learning Disabilities Check Site

Identifiable learning disability

High merit, 3.0 or higher, financial need strongly considered
*AXA Achievement Scholarship Feb. 15th

Ambition, self-drive, outstanding achievement in an activity at school,

the community or the workplace
*American Cancer Society Check Site

Pediatric Cancer Survivors

***There are other scholarships for cancer survivors (either the student or the parents)

I would search by google.
*Education is Freedom National Scholarship Program Check Site

Financial Need, Activities—leadership, Work History
*FEEA Check Site

Civilian Federal Employees and Dependent Family Members
*SMART Scholarship

Science, Math, and Research for Transformation see

The world of private scholarships is constantly changing. Please make sure you check all deadlines carefully. Always check and see if there are scholarships at your parent’s work!!!! Check with the colleges also!!!! Also, use

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