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APA Citation Guide
Bibliography: An APA style bibliography is entitled References (whereas an MLA style bibliography is entitled Works Cited) and occurs on its own page at the end of the paper.
Author, A. A. (year).
Title of book. Location: Publisher.
J. A. (2014). Desalination: Water from Water. Beverly, MA:

A. A. (year). Title of book. Retrieved
from URL

Morgan, S. (2006). Waste, Recycling and Reuse. Retrieved from
A. (year). Chapter title. In author, Book Title (pp.xx‐xx). Location: Publisher.
Voutchkov, N. (2014).
Reverse Osmosis Fundamentals. In Voutchkov, Desalination
Engineering: Operation and Maintenance (pp. 1-15). New York, NY:
Article from a Database:
Author, A. A. (publication date). Title of article. Title of Journal, Encyclopedia, Periodical,
etc. Retrieved from URL.
Recycling. (2015). In Encyclopædia Britannica. Retrieved from
*If no author is stated, skip it and start the entry with the article title.
Web Document:
Author, A.
(date of last update). Site
title. Retrieved
Perlman, H. (2015, August 7). Water Questions and Answers. Retrieved from
In-text Parenthetical Citation:
Direct Quotations: When citing a source word-for-word, use quotation marks, and include author, year, and page/paragraph number in the parenthesis.
Example: (Jones & Smith,
2015, p.
297) Example: (Garcia,
2012, ¶5)
Indirect Quotations: When paraphrasing a source, include author and year in parenthesis:
...end of your sentence (author, publication year).
When you mention the author’s name in the sentence itself, only include the year in parenthesis and place the parenthesis immediately after the author’s or authors’ name(s): of author(s) (year) rest of sentence.
Multiple authors--For works that have:

  • 2 authors, include the names of both authors

  • 3, 4, or 5 authors, include all names in the 1st in-text citation but only the 1st, followed by et al. in subsequent in-text citations of that same source

  • 6 or more authors, include only the 1st author, followed by et al.

Citation Tools:
MS Word

  1. Create a Word document for writing your paper.

  2. Each time you cite a source,

    1. go to the References tab

    2. make sure APA is chosen as citation style

    3. click “Insert Citation,”

    4. click “Add New Source,”

    5. choose the type of source you’re citing and fill in all the fields you can and click OK.

  3. To see the bibliography that MS Word is building, click “Bibliography,” then “References.”

  4. Proofread the bibliography and in-text citations as needed.

Free Online APA Citation Machines

  • Citation Machine:

  • Bib Me:

  • Citefast:

* Make sure you designate the correct type of source before filling in the fields.

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