Preservation Kentucky Mission

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Preservation Kentucky Mission

  • Preservation Kentucky is dedicated to preserving Kentucky's historic and prehistoric places through education and advocacy.
  • Preservation Kentucky is the state partner of the National Trust for Historic Preservation and local nonprofit preservation organizations. We are also the nonprofit partner for the Kentucky Heritage Council/The State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO).

Preservation Education & Advocacy

Preservation Kentucky History

  • Preservation Kentucky was formed in 1998 by the board of Commonwealth Preservation Advocates (CPA). As CPA was a lobbying group, it became clear that education and advocacy were not being adequately addressed. Preservation Kentucky was created to serve as the nonprofit voice for historic preservation with education and advocacy as the primary mission.
  • Preservation Kentucky is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization that relies on
  • membership revenue, grants, and other donations for operating funds. Members include individuals, businesses, community organizations, and government agencies.

Preservation Kentucky Programs & Outreach

  • -Newsletter: April, August, and December
  • -Events: Annual Meeting, Membership Meetings, State Historic Preservation Conference, Legislative Summit, Bike Tours, Stephen Powell Raffle, Advisory Committee, and …
  • -Programs: Historic Preservation Awards, Kentucky’s Most Endangered List, Photo-Essay Competition, Rural Heritage, Preservation 101

Preservation Kentucky Advocacy

  • Our advocacy partners on the federal level include Preservation Action and the National Trust for Historic Preservation.
  • Preservation Kentucky informs members of important preservation-related legislation both nationally, statewide, and locally. During General Assembly Sessions, Preservation Kentucky monitors legislation and provides an action plan to constituents wishing to support preservation friendly legislation.

Federal Lobbying Day Preservation Action

Economics of Historic Preservation

Historic Preservation Legislative Summit

Legislative Summit Participants


  • Learn to advocate for preservation
  • Good Historic Preservation Policy =
  • Economic Development—heritage tourism, skilled jobs created, and buildings saved!
  • Small amount of seed $$ from federal & state government typically leveraged 3-4x by private investment!

Endangered Historic Pres Funding August 2011

Two Major Requests

  • Lift the $5 million cap off the Kentucky Historic Preservation Tax Credit
  • Obtain additional funding for the State Historic Preservation Office/KY Heritage Council

SHPO/KY Main St Request

  • Support the Tourism, Arts & Heritage Cabinet recommendation for the KHC/SHPO to adequately perform historic preservation work---
    • 2013-$1.296 million
    • 2014-$1.396 million
  • From a peak of $977,600 in general funds in 2002, the state now contributes approximately $768,000 in general funds to the KHC budget---a 21% decrease. At the same time, the annual rate of average inflation has increased by 2.3 percent.
  • KY Main Street budget cuts severe-- $230,400 in 2002 to
  • $71,300 in 2011

Governor’s Budget 2013-14

KHC/SHPO Budget 2002-2011

Governor’s Budget Request

  • General Funds to KHC:
  • 2013-$717,300
  • 2014-$729,200
  • 2009-$908,100
  • 2010-792,700
  • 2011-768,900
  • 2012-$769,800


  • Job Creation & Economic Development created by preservation slows down!
  • Less on-site training and technical expertise to local governments and nonprofits
  • Main Street communities will not receive the assistance they need to thrive in this uncertain climate.
  • More endangered buildings, structures, Main Streets, and historic and prehistoric places
  • Endangering the KHC’s recognition as among the best SHPOs and Main Street programs in the country.

State Historic Preservation Tax Credit

  • The credit is an income tax incentive intended to assist Kentuckians with performing historic preservation work
  • 30 percent tax credit on certified rehabilitation work on owner-occupied historic properties
  • All other projects, such as income producing projects and/or local governments-owned properties can get up to 20 percent credit
  • A proven economic development engine that has created jobs and spurred private investment in the Commonwealth--$16.71 in private funds for every public dollar spent

State Tax Credit Projects by Congressional District

KY State Tax Credit Impact


  • When the amount of tax credits requested from across KY exceeds the $5 million cap—as it has every year—the credit is proportioned among applicants
  • Applicants cannot know the amount of their credit until after they have applied, giving the state credit limited utility in preservation project planning.
  • Without the cap, tax credit users can be certain of what amount of credit they will receive: either 20 or 30 percent

Impact for Historic Preservation?

  • The tax credit is the sole state financial incentive for private owners and local governments to preserve their historic properties. Limiting its utility limits the viability of preservation projects
  • A more understandable credit will translate into development of higher-paying skilled jobs—craft persons and professionals
  • With more surety, new jobs will be created in addition to the nearly 3,500 jobs—directly created
  • A better credit = more buildings will be preserved, which will increase tax revenues for local and state governments

Support Historic Preservation Buy a Preserve Our Heritage Plate

Preservation Kentucky Members

  • Member partners are an important part of our organization. With our mission on the state level, local partners are our eyes and ears.
  • -Affiliate Members-$50: Main Streets, local govts, nonprofits, local historical societies, conservation organizations, etc.
  • -Corporate Members: Brown-Forman, Ray Black & Sons, Wilbur Smith & Associates, etc.
  • -Leadership Circle: Commitment of $100 or more for four years
  • -Individual Membership: $35.00

Become a Member!

  • -Become a Member of PK and join us as we move historic preservation forward in KY!
  • -You can now join on our website!
  • -

Preservation Kentucky Contact Info

  • -Rachel Kennedy,
  • -Amy Potts,
  • -Eric Whisman
  • 502.871.4570

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