Pathway to c1 Reading and Writing skills

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PATHWAY TO C1 Reading and Writing skills

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  • News Report
  • Homework checking
  • Reading skills
  • Writing skills
  • Mini test
  • LESSON 4


  • Scanning
  • Scanning: move your eyes very quickly across the text without reading every word, stopping only to ‘pick up’ the information you are looking for
  • Use “scanning” skill when you need to find specific information in a text


  • 2. Using headings
  • Heading: a small group of words that serves as a title for a paragraph or several paragraph
  • When a reading is long or complicated, authors use headings to help guide the reader.
  • Headings divide the reading into smaller parts and help the reader find specific information quickly

WRITING SKILLS Writing an Essay: Part 3

  • What are body paragraphs?
  • Body paragraphs in an essay are like the supporting sentences in a paragraph

WRITING SKILLS Writing an Essay: Part 1

  • What are body paragraphs?
  • Thesis statement
  • A. Support 1
  • A. Body Paragraph 1
  • B. Support 2
  • B. Body Paragraph 2
  • C. Support 3
  • C. Body Paragraph 3
  • Concluding sentence
  • Conclusion

WRITING SKILLS Writing an Essay: Part 1

  • II. Relation between body paragraphs and introduction
  • Introduction
  • In a world of increasing environmental awareness, improved public transport represents the way of the future. Although people do enjoy the convenience and privacy of traveling in their own private vehicles, in my opinion they may choose public transport if it fulfills certain conditions. These conditions fall into three broad categories: attitudinal, financial and logistical.


  • Body Paragraph 1
  • From an attitudinal perspective, people must first be convinced of the benefits of public transportation. An educational or public relations campaign must be launched to sensitize those who might have disregarded this possibility before. People should be familiarized with the environmental, social and personal benefits for present and future generations. This is one step.
  • Body Paragraph 2
  • Moreover, from a financial perspective, public transportation must be a clear and viable benefit to consumers. In other words, it must be more affordable than driving to work every day. For example, if people know that by using bus and subway, they can save enough money to take a free holiday each year; many more individuals would be persuaded to travel in this way. This is another critical step.


  • Body Paragraph 3
  • Last but not least, logistically, public transportation should be convenient for commuters. City planners and transport officials must ensure that frequent and reliable public transportation is available for each citizen. For people to make the habit of traveling by bus or subway, they must know that they will be able to get to various places on time. Transport vehicles must be well maintained, subway and bus drivers should be customer-oriented and service must be punctual and efficient. This is an additional important step.

WRITING SKILLS Writing an Essay: Part 1

  • III. Structure of a body paragraph
  • Body paragraph
  • Topic sentence
  • A. Support
  • B. Support
  • C. Support
  • Concluding sentence

WRITING SKILLS Writing an Essay: Part 1

  • IV. Some suggestions on developing body paragraphs
  • How to write topic sentence
  • How to write concluding sentences
  • How to write supporting sentences:
        • Provide details and explanation
        • Give vivid examples
        • Cite statistics where appropriate
        • Include research as necessary
        • Be descriptive

Body paragraph sample

  • First of all, it is important that students already have sufficient knowledge in grammar and vocabulary. During the course, they should increase their vocabulary and improve their grammar skills even more. The more vocabulary students know, the better and easier the writing will be. Furthermore, it is also an advantage when grammar skills are at a level that enables students to avoid comma splices, the wrong verb tenses or forms, lack of punctuation as well as lack of transition words. This helps to earn a better final grade, as all those mistakes would decrease it. One additional way to avoid mistakes is to follow the teacher's instructions - especially when doing the homework. There may not be enough time in class to go into all the details and to practice all the topics sufficiently. Without practice and revision of the topics taught in class, there will probably be less improvement of vocabulary and grammar skills.


  • News report
  • Reread all the reading materials and check up new words
  • Write an essay outline about the Role of Women

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