Outline format I. Thesis Statement II. Topic Sentence (1st body) cd with citation III. Topic Sentence (2nd body) cd with citation IV. Ideas for your conclusion ou will be writing a 4-paragraph

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English 10CP 2013

Unit 1 Essay


Outline format

I. Thesis Statement

II. Topic Sentence (1st body)

  1. CD with citation

  2. CD with citation

III. Topic Sentence (2nd body)

  1. CD with citation

  2. CD with citation

IV. Ideas for your conclusion

ou will be writing a 4-paragraph, Schaffer format essay. It will be graded on a scale of 1-6 according to the rubric on the other side of this handout. Your thesis statement should be the last sentence of your introductory paragraph.

Remember the important things:

  • Write in third person only

  • NO YOU

  • Support thesis statement thoroughly

  • At least 8 sentences per body para

  • Be sure to write to the prompt

  • Staple this handout to the back of your essay.

  • Write in present tense

Choose ONE of the following prompts:

1. Use events in “Two Friends” and “Damon and Pythias” to write a literary analysis essay on friendship. This will be similar to an extended definition of “friendship,” but this essay will illustrate your ideas with concrete examples of friends and their behavior from Unit 1.

Essay Prompt: According to the authors of “Two Friends” and “Damon and Pythias,” what are the two most important aspects of friendship? Use examples from “Two Friends,” and “Damon and Pythias,” to “prove” your ideas. (Your definition of friendship needs to have two characteristics and be supported by those stories.)

2. Several stories in this unit contain elements of suspense to make the stories more interesting. Decide which story did the best job keeping the reader interested because of the use of suspense.

Essay Prompt: Which story from Unit 1 is the best, due to the inclusion of suspense? (You need two techniques that the author uses to create suspense as the reasons for why it is the most suspenseful story.)

3. Some have said that “People get what they deserve.” Do you agree with this statement? Choose two stories from the unit that help “prove” your opinion.

Essay Prompt: Write an analytical essay that answers the question, Do people get what they deserve? You need to use two stories from Unit 1 to support your opinion. (You will decide on two reasons why this is or is not true and use the stories to support those reasons.)

Body paragraph format:

Topic sentence







Closing Sentence

Essay Prep Sheet 10 points ____________

Outline 10 points ____________

Rough Draft 10 points ____________

Typed Final Draft 60 points ____________

Rubric is included 5 points ____________

Total possible: 95 points ____________

California State Standards: Writing 1.1, 1.2, 1.9 Writing Applications 2.4

ESLRs: WHS students will be…**Inspired Learners**Effective Communicators**Contributing Members of the Global Community

Directory: Portals
Portals -> Place Essay Winner Juanita Lopez (City) My Car Accident
Portals -> Aapi online: History, Development, and Demonstration Agenda for Presentation aapi online: History, Development, and Demonstration
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Portals -> Community Unity Alliance
Portals -> Accuplacer Writing Test Essay Sentence Skills Accuplacer Essay
Portals -> Welcome to the Accuplacer Workshop
Portals -> Esol writing Sample
Portals -> An application for admission must be submitted to Clayton State before your appeal can be considered. All correspondence regarding your appeal will be sent to the address indicated below. Consult Chapter Two of the csu academic Catalog
Portals -> Gned 100-03 Adult Academic Success Seminar Instructor
Portals -> Tutoring and Learning Center (tlc) Library 300/747-5366

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