Osprey Journey Interactive Osprey Photo Essay Slideshow

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  • Osprey Journey
  • Interactive Osprey Photo Essay Slideshow
  • What do you see in this picture? Look closely!
  • Did you find the bird in the branches?
  • And his nest?
  • This amazing bird is called an Osprey. Let’s learn some more!
  • As this bird is doing, osprey love to look out at the water because…
  • They love to go fishing!!
  • With its incredible eyes, this osprey was watching for fish swimming near the surface of the water. Then . . . splash!
  • Get that fish!
  • Osprey are also known for their great migrations. These young birds will soon learn to migrate thousands of miles from the northern part of the United States to Mexico and South America!
  • Some Osprey begin their journey near the Great Lakes…
  • And fly through Mexico and beyond!
  • Later in the year, they fly back home again!
  • One reason osprey migrate is so that they can find good and places to lay their eggs…
  • And raise their chicks!
  • An osprey egg… about the size of a small potato!
  • Credits
  • Forestry Commission of Great Britain
  • USGS
  • National park service
  • NOAA
  • USFW
  • Hampshire Ornithological Society

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