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Required Sections


I. Executive Summary

  • One to two paragraphs in length

  • On cover page of the report

  • Briefly identify the major problems facing the manager/key person

  • Summarize the recommended plan of action and include a brief justification of the recommended plan

II. Statement of the Problem

  • State the problems facing the manager/key person

  • Identify and link the symptoms and root causes of the problems

  • Differentiate short term from long term problems

  • Conclude with the decision facing the manager/key person

III. Causes of the Problem

  • Provide a detailed analysis of the problems identified in the Statement of the Problem

  • In the analysis, apply theories and models from the text and/or readings

  • Support conclusions and /or assumptions with specific references to the case and/or the readings

IV. Decision Criteria and Alternative Solutions

  • Identify criteria against which you evaluate alternative solutions (i.e. time for implementation, tangible costs, acceptability to management)

  • Include two or three possible alternative solutions

  • Evaluate the pros and cons of each alternative against the criteria listed

  • Suggest additional pros/cons if appropriate

V. Recommended Solution, Implementation and Justification

  • Identify who, what, when, and how in your recommended plan of action

  • Solution and implementation should address the problems and causes identified in the previous section

  • The recommended plan should include a contingency plan(s) to back up the ‘ideal’ course of action

  • Using models and theories, identify why you chose the recommended plan of action – why it’s the best and why it would work

VI. External Sourcing

  • 5 external sources (in addition to your textbook) should be referenced to back up your recommendations or to identify issues. This information would be ideally sourced in current journals, magazines and newspapers and should reflect current management thought or practice with respect to the issues identified.

VII. Spelling Grammar and Presentation

  • Your case analysis should :

  • Include the 5 sections listed in the outline

  • Be double spaced and the pages should be numbered

  • Have 1inch margins – top bottom left and right

  • Use 12 point font size

  • Be free of spelling errors

  • Use an established referencing system

  • Present the executive summary on the first page of the assignment along with your name (s), student number(s), course section and due date

Download 31.5 Kb.

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