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Declaration by the Head of the Institution

I certify that that the data included in this Re Accreditation Report (RAR) are true to the best of my knowledge. This RAR is prepared by the institution after internal discussions, and no part thereof has been outsourced.

I am aware that the Peer team will validate the information provided in this RAR during the peer team visit.

Signature of the Head of the institution

with seal:




From To

The Principal The Director

MVS Govt, Arts and Science College National Assessment and

Mahaboob Nagar and Accreditation Council



Sub: Submission of Re Accreditation Report. Reg,

Ref: track Id 15306.
MVS Govt, Arts and Science College, Mahaboob Nagar has been rendering services to poor students, ever since its inception in the year 1965 and enfolds peerless records to its credit. It is the earnest endeavour of staff and students to re consolidate the existing systems and to enhance the reputation of the college.

In this pursuit, we would like to volunteer the reassessment and re accreditation of our standards by NAAC, the ultimate custodian of educational excellence.

I herewith submit five copies of Re Accreditation Report along with a soft copy of the same for your kind consideration and cordially invite you to our college.
Thanking you sir, yours sincerely

Dr. G. Yadagiri




Forward note on Post accreditation activities




Opening vignette of MVS Govt, Arts and Science College



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Evaluation report of departments


Forward Note on the Post Accreditation Activities of the College

We take extreme pride communicating that the peer team of NAAC has visited our college in the month of November 2005 and accredited it with B++ . during the visit, the honorable team members have appreciated our efforts towards the quality education and made few valuable recommendations to further strengthen the curricular and co curricular initiatives of the college. Most of such recommendations are duly implemented and felt the magnanimity of their advocacy. The following are few such measures fostered by us in the post accreditation scenario.

  • The peer team has advised us to utilize the library funds at optimum level, especially to acquire more books for the use of SC & ST students. Accordingly the college has enhanced library funding and to procure additional volumes.

  • The peer team was also kind enough to enlighten us on the UGC funding pattern of infrastructural facilities and also advised us to make use of UGC funds to construct hostel building. Accordingly, the college has been succeeded in pooling the funds to construct a hostel building for the girl students. The construction process of building is almost completed.

  • An another magnificent advise endorsed by the peer team was to strengthen industry linkages, in this pursuit, the college has signed MOUs with local bodies, government agencies and departments, research institutes like RARC and other educational institutions.

  • It was also advised to improve the facilities in the departments of Botany and Zoology to harness the practical exposure of the students. This recommendation has been brought to fruition by establishing the Zoology museum and a Botanical garden within the campus.

  • Post graduation courses in Commerce, Economics and Organic Chemistry were started by the college only after considering the recommendations of the peer team of NAAC. Today, these PG programmes are being run with full capacity of students.

  • The peer team has also motivated us to provide additional facilities like bank and post office within the college. In this regard, the college has negotiated with Andhra Pradesh Gramin Bank to extend its services to students during the admissions.

The post accreditation activities have yielded good dividends to students and staff and encouraged the college to volunteer the re- accreditation process to once again re conglomerate its strengths and to address its weakness.

An opening vignette of MVS Government Arts & Science College


MVS Government Arts & Science College, a sterling landmark of higher education in the district of Mahaboobnagar is established in the year 1965 by the peerless efforts of Sri Pallerla Hanumantha Rao and other elite of the Mahaboobnagar town with the prime motive of ensuring quality education within the reach of poor and down trodden rural students hailing from all the corners of the district.

The college has been inculcating the most pragmatic and idealistic education to more than three thousand five hundred students In the wide spectrum of Science, Arts and Commerce, taught in English, Telugu and Urdu media. The college grew by leaps and bounds in the initial stage and successfully completed the journey of forty seven years with eighteen under graduate, three post graduate and three certificate programmes. The collective vigor of these programmes has been reckoned with the accreditation of B++ status by the NAAC, the custodian of institutional quality assurance formed by the Government of India. This accreditation has given a major fillip to staff and students for further culminating educational excellence in the due course of time.

The Historic backdrop of the College

An eminent freedom fighter, Sri Pallerla Hanumantha Rao and other philanthropists of Mahaboobnagar have conceived the idea of incarnating Mahaboobnagar Vidhya Samithi which led to the formation of MVS Arts & Science College in the year 1965. Initially, it commenced operations as a private college which has acquired 2(f) status on 01 July 1965 and 12 ( b ) status on 17 June 1972. The seamless public interest and local participation mooted the state government of Andhra Pradesh to take over the ownership of the college on 19 October 1979 and declared it as the Government Degree College. It was affiliated to Osmania University, Hyderabad for quit long time and ultimately decided by the government of Andhra Pradesh to shift the affiliation to Palamuru University with effect from June 2012.

Facilities at the College

The college offers wide array of facilities and student support services ranging from, labs to research facilities, grounds to gymnasium, class rooms to knowledge centre and the like. The following information endeavours to put forth a brief summary of such facilities.


The college covers the campus area of 37.9 Hectares situated on the main road of Christian Palli village which is in the commutable vicinity of the district head quarters of Mahaboobnagar and well connected with public transport system.


The Government of Andhra Pradesh has sanctioned seventy eight teaching and fifty seven non teaching posts to the college. Faculty members of this college duly met the qualification norms of the University Grants Commission and have been playing a pivotal role in keeping the academic ambiance intact. The staff represents a sheer reservoir of Doctorates, NET holders and research fellows in divergent areas.

Class rooms and lab facilities

The college is built up with forty class rooms apart from other tangible infrastructure, which are very spacious and paves the way for good cross ventilation. All the departments are bestowed with the most sophisticated lab facility to meet the demands of students at UG and PG levels.

Games and Sports

The college has left lion share of the campus area for maintaining a ground for outdoor games like Cricket, Basket ball and Hokey. Entire gamut of equipment needed to conduct indoor games is also made available to the students, so that, they can join and play any game of their choice. Our students took part various state and national level sports events and also won prizes.

The library

The library occupies two thousand square feet of the carpet area and is equipped with more than thirty six thousand books. The library is being maintained by a qualified librarian who takes the responsibility of subscribing to journals and other publications at the behest of the staff members. The college has also constituted a library advisory committee to make the reading atmosphere more conducive.

UGC Resource Network Centre

The UGC Resource Network centre functions parallel to the library, which has subscribed to INFLIBNET and registered with the N list programme to make the E journals available to the staff and students. It has got internet connectivity with a retrogrph and printing facility. It also allows the users to access various search engines and open journals in the pursuit of academic and research activities.

Jawahar Knowledge Centre (JKC)

Jawahar knowledge centre, the brain child of Government of Andhra Pradesh established to impart soft skills and to optimize the employability levels of students stood to be a flagship programme at our college. Ever since, the establishments of JKC, 725 students were trained out whom, 263 students got placed in various companies. The JKC has got a separate lab which is equipped with thirty eight computers, internet and other training tools.

The District Resource Centre (DRC)

The college takes pride discharging the duties of district nodal institution in the sphere of higher education. Government of Andhra Pradesh has formally recognized our college as the district resource centre through which all the resources pertaining to academic activities within the district of Mahaboobnagar have got nexus with this college. The DRC not only cements the gap between the government and the degree colleges but also tenders the extension services like deploying the staff to deficient colleges.

District Collegiate Education Development and Review Committee (DCEDRC)

The DCEDRC, constituted under the chairmanship of the district collector envelops all the departmental heads of government and aided colleges of the district, the coordinators of JKC, UGC and NAAC. The principal of the district nodal college acts as the convener and the academic coordinator of the same nodal college serve in the capacity of member secretary to DCEDRC. It under takes the responsibility of reviewing the process of implementing the academic plans and also monitors the area like placements and co curricular activities.

E Learning Resources and MANA TV

The concept of instituting electronic learning resources is under the process, as part of which, the college has distributed laptops and LCD projectors to the departments for the exclusive use in class rooms. Apart from this, the college has installed MANA TV facility at the campus, which is a dedicated TV channel working under the hegemony of the Commissionerate of Collegiate Education (CCE), Hyderabad to telecast live lesions to students which are taught by faculty members from different corners of the state.

Internal Quality Assurance Committee (IQAC)

Internal quality assurance committee has been set up in the year 2006 to ensure the post accreditation quality of the college intact and to initiate further steps towards the improvement of internal quality. This committee accommodates the principal, senior faculty members, alumni and students to strike the fine balance between the plans of the college and the practical issues encountered by various stakeholders. The committee has been submitting the IQAC report to NAAC every year within the format sought from time to time.

Alumni of the College

The college has got recognized alumni to maintain the symbiosis of old students with the academic and other activities. The association represents very successful entrepreneurs, public servants, political figures and independent consultants who are very generous and playing an active role in the development of the college.

College Planning and Development Council (CPDC)

The college has constituted a special Council for the planning and development activities under the chairmanship of the principal and coined it as the College Planning and Development Council ( CPDC) which consists of Philanthropists, industrialists, alumni, parents and the faculty members. It conducts periodical meetings not only to review the developmental activities of the college but also endeavour to pool the resources to execute the planned activities of the institution.

National Cadet Corps (NCC)

The National Cadet Corps, the largest youth conglomerate in the world has been functioning in the college under the command of S D 39 Company. 180 students of our college have joined NCC to evince their national chauvinism and to contribute their own service to the society. NCC is known for carving the youngsters into fencing strength of nation. Our cadets not only participate in the republic day parade at the state and national level, but also volunteers rescue operations during the catastrophes and such other contingencies. Cadets holding B and C certificates of NCC also deserves reservations in government employment schemes.

National Service Scheme (NSS)

The National Service Scheme (NSS) is another important platform of the college available for the students to optimize the socio- academic synergies. 500 students of our college have been enrolled themselves into NSS and ramified into five units, of which, one unit exclusively accommodates girl students. The NSS functions at the helm of motivational force of community development. It has also adopted a village which is secluded from the common amenities of the main steam and undertook many developmental programmes, for which, the best commendation award is also received from the district collector. NSS has been seamlessly endeavoring to enhance the community and local participation in the college activities and thereby to increase the width and length of college stakeholders.

The Youth Red Cross and Red Ribbon Club

The Red Ribbon Club, an important youth wing of Indian Red Cross Society is also invited to get operationalised in the college to promote student participation in social and medical awareness programmes. The college takes pride revealing that, majority of the Red Ribbon Club members of Mahaboobnagar District are represented by none other than our students. The members have volunteered blood donation camps in the college and motivated hundreds of students to donate blood in need. The club also conducts frequent medical camps within the primary health centre of the college to create awareness and prevent the seasonal diseases. Our students participating in the Red Ribbon Club religiously campaign against the spread of HIV and AIDS through special programmes.

Women Empowerment Cell

The women empowerment cell constituted under the guidance of a senior female faculty member of the college has been initiating all the measures required to insulate girl students from harassments and other mischievous practices. The Cell organizes training programmes in the frequent time spans to improve the entrepreneurial qualities of girl students and also to create awareness on the statutory protection available for girls in every scenario.

Eco Club

The Eco club of the college is very meticulous in planning, protecting and improving the green belt of the college. The club has sown seeds in all the nooks of the campus, which grew into gigantic trees and made our college an eco friendly arcade. The Eco club also conducts events like earth day celebrations and Vana Mithra competitions to encourage the active participation of the students in environmental protection. The club also mooted solid and E waste management system within the college, which is of course, gradually crossing the rudimentary stage.

Consumer Club

The department of Commerce has formed a consumer club to educate all the students of the college on consumer rights and religiously working to spread consumerism in the rural areas by celebrating the consumer’s day in the villages of Mahaboobnagar distinct. .

The Botanical Garden

The department of Botany took the obligation of nursing a botanical garden in a spacious area of the campus, where thousands of varieties of plants are made available for students and outsiders to visit and mitigate their inquisitive hungers of learning the tenets of plants and seeds.

Other facilities

Our students are also bestowed with other facilities like canteen where subsidized food is available, a primary health centre and a gymnasium to refresh and rejoin class room milieu.

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Institutional Data

Profile of the Affiliated /Constituent College

  1. Name and address of the college:


Address: Christian Palli, Boothpoor Road

City: Mahaboob Nagar Pin: 509002 State: Andhra Pradesh


For Communication






Mail id


Dr. G Yadagiri

O: 08542275077



Vice principal

Steering committee co ordinator

N Suresh

O: 08542275077

R: 04020085190


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    Affiliated College


    Constituent College

    Any other (specify)

  2. Type of Institution:

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