National Alliance for Scholastic Achievement

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National Alliance for Scholastic Achievement

Deadline- 3/4/06

Requirements: senior in high school, be accepted or anticipate being accepted to an accredited 4-year college/university, permanent U.S. resident, GPA of 2.75 or higher, complete the SAT or ACT, essay

RMHC National Scholarship Program

Deadline- 1/17/06

Requirements: senior in high school, eligible to attend a 4-year college/university, live in the boundaries of an RMHC Chapter, essay

2006 Brick Award

Deadline- 11/1/05

Requirements- essay

2006 Engineering Scholarship

Deadline- 12/1/05

Requirements: going to a specific university listed on the application to major in engineering or a major affiliated with engineering, U.S. citizen, senior in high school, essay

Target All Around Scholarship

Deadline- 11/01/05

Requirements: senior in high school, enroll at an accredited 2 or 4-year college/university or technical school, essay
The 2006 Prudential Spirit of Community Awards

Deadline- 10/31/05

Requirements: student in grades 5-12, essay

Columbus State University Servant Leadership Program

Deadline- 1/27/06

Requirements- essay

Trustee Scholarship Essay

Deadline- 12/1/05

Requirements- essay

Coca-Cola Scholars

Deadline- 10/31/05

Requirements- high school senior, U.S. citizen, planning to pursue a degree in a U.S. accredited post secondary institution, have a minimum GPA of 3.00 at the end of junior year, essay

National Co-op Scholarship Program

Deadline- 2/15/06

Requirements- essay

Hispanic Scholarship Fund

Deadline- 2/15/06

Requirements- of Hispanic decent, minimum GPA of 3.00, apply for financial aid with FAFSA, essay

Ron Brown Scholar Program

Deadline- 11/15/05 (to have information sent to other scholarship providers)

FINAL Deadline- 1/9/06

Requirements- black or African-American, high school senior, essay

Boston University Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship Competition

Deadline- 12/1/05

Requirements- minimum GPA of 3.5 (with AP and Honors course-load), top 10% of class, minimum SAT score of 1250 (math and critical reading), 600 on writing portion, Minimum ACT score of 28, record of distinctive leadership and service with in the students school or community, appreciation of different cultures and strong commitment to social justice, essay
Daughters of the American Revolution

Deadline- 11/14/05

Requirements- 9th – 12th grade, essay
Georgia State University Freshman Scholarship

Deadline- 12/15/05

Requirements- high school senior, must complete GSU application for admission, essay
BBB 2006 Student of Integrity Awards Scholarships

Deadline- 2/28/06

Requirements- high school senior, essay

Legacy Ford Scholarship

Deadline- 11/28/05

Requirements: minority, exhibit a definite need (preferably from a single family home), 2.5 GPA, accepted or making an application into college/university, essay

DAR Scholarships (multiple scholarships with different names to meet different needs)

Deadline- (vary) Earliest is 02/01/06

Requirements- essay, and other things needed listed at the bottom of the application
University of Michigan: The Geisinger Scholarship Program

Deadline- 12/15/05

Requirements: enroll at the UM and pursue a degree in engineering, 3.0 GPA

Georgia Mining Association

Deadline- 02/28/06

Requirements: been accepted and plan to attend an accredited college in the state of Georgia, minimum of 900 on the SAT, 85% average or higher, 4 years English, 3 years of history/social sciences, 5 courses of math/science (Algebra I, II, Geometry, Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry), teacher recommendation, essay, transcript, evidence of financial need

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