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Narrative Essay

Your Life Depends on Your Drive

Mohammed AlMosharef


Your Life Depends on Your Drive

Everyone in life had this moment to be asked by his father the same exact question, what do you want to be when you grow up? The most replied answer would be “I want to be the president”. While you grow up you always over think and change your own decision for either to be this or that, so let’s take a view about a dear persons experience about these moments in his life and how it begins a new start from an end.

he wanted to be a lot of things when he grows up, such as a business man, a celebrity and more like an endless list of these kind of options. But he realized something that if he’s bad at something he shouldn’t neglect it, and one more thing is you got to love what you do to do what you love. so he found this thing that in between of both, he chose his weakness point to improve it and a thing he does best as an example math is was weakness point and physics is what he does best. After he felt curious to look for something that gathers both of these two things he took his uncle as an inspiration and how he’s successful in mechanical engineering and it’s the best decision he ever made.

He have always loved physics because he found it entertaining and useful too, but it’s not always easy come and easy go for everything, if you don’t work hard to achieve your own dream, you can’t say “it’s meant to be” because how much effort you give ends up with a result. You can make anything of your life it just depends on your drive, it’s your life you run it then walk it.

his biggest regret is one thing he wish he could’ve changed, He admit he was careless about his studying at school, he had his own fun and friends in front while he didn’t realize studying was a priority he should’ve gave all his attention for and manage his time for the rest of the stuff like his social life and his fun stuff. Because now he realized his future moves better according to his level of studying. Yes right he got into college and he is really comfortable in it and for the first time in his life he is starting to love studying counting on himself, but still he could’ve had it all, he could’ve done better and he knows that, but he was lost between fun and lust and everyone knows these tastes of life attract humans to be careless about what’s important.

In the end, he is very thankful for what god have written for him to be studying for that one thing he dreamt for since long enough, it’s the new start begins after an ending knowing that nothing comes easy and he said once “I wish that grades can smoke weed so I could get them high”. To be successful move fast and work hard, give that effort that will show the real definition of the sweat of exhausting yourself and win all the goods in life. So yes he is a core student in mechanical engineering that will work hard to prove himself and move up on that ladder to be the voice of human silence someday knowing that nothing is impossible even the word says itself Im-possible, just follow you dream and be careful for the steps you take would be in the right path.

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