Name of Agency: Western Cape Rehabilitation Centre Date

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practice diary

Name of Agency: Western Cape Rehabilitation Centre





Arrived at placement

Felt good about being on time


Spoke to supervisor about clients and booked clients for the day

Felt even better as my day was planned out better and I felt at ease and getting more into the swing of things


Waited on supervisor as she was in a meeting and finished notes so that agency supervisor could have record of it

Was a good learning experience as I could see how qualified social worker also need to do report writing and the way in which they do it

9h00- 11h00

Helped supervisor with some filing as well as needing to step out as they needed to clean the office as the receptionist has a family member who tested positive and she was in the office the Friday before

Was a bit stressed about the receptionist being in contave with family member who was positive and the fact that she was in the office however I know I did not make contact with her and my supervisor and I kept our distance and followed protocol and also supervisor spoke a bit to put my mind at ease


Went and prepared room for my first client and had first session

Felt good about first session it went well



Could clear my mind and prepare for meeting clients


Saw client 2

Was a bit thrown off guard by progress made by client and also a question he asked me but ither than that went well


Saw client number 3

Went well besides client being very concerned about being alone as another of his ward friends were being discharged and did not really feel like speaking


Did some more filing and notes before the end of the day

Felt good that I left knowing my notes for the patients files were done and the day was very productive


Checked in with supervisor and planned for the following week

Check in allowed me to reflect on the interviews


Departed from placement

Self -reflection time and gathered thoughts about the day

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