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Monroe College asks Jumpstart students to write an essay as part of the Admissions process.  This essay gives us the chance to see how you express yourself in writing, and it gives you a chance to choose exactly what you want the college to know.  What are your goals, your dreams, and your plans for the future?
In order to gather your thoughts, we have prepared some questions that may assist you with your writing.  You may use them as part of your essay or you may just need them to get started.  It is difficult to write about yourself.  But it is not difficult to write about what motivates and excites you.  So please, tell us about yourself.

  • What kind of student are you in high school?  Why? Describe your experiences.

  • Who had the most positive influence on you in school?  What did they do to inspire you?

  • Why are you applying to the Monroe College Jumpstart Program?  What goals have you set for yourself?  How do you hope to achieve them?

  • Have you had any kind of job or done volunteer work in the community?  What have you learned from that experience?

*Essays must be TYPED and AT LEAST 350 words with your Name and Date at the top.

Download 4.8 Kb.

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