Man's greatest fear is to be forgotten; to leave a legacy is to say, ‘Don't forget me.’

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Hr 7

Leaving a Legacy

Man's greatest fear is to be forgotten; to leave a legacy is to say, ‘Don't forget me.’”

-Author Dellah Campbell

How true this is; everybody wants to be remembered for the good deeds they performed, the lives they changed, and the quality of life they lived. Before my life ends, I want to ensure that I am remembered as a hardworking woman who accepted nothing but excellence. I also want to be looked back upon as a woman who was successful in keeping her priorities of God, family, and work in order. However, what I desire most is for people to recall my strong faith in God. I want to be remembered as a woman whose faith could move mountains and break chains. If I'm going to leave a legacy, I'm determined to make it powerful.

I am called to a higher level of excellence than this culture has come to expect. I look around and realize that this generation has become lazy and impolite; everyone is always looking for an easy way to accomplish tasks that naturally require work. I want to rise above and beyond this attitude and live my life with such a strong air of excellence that it cannot be ignored. I have dedicated myself to hard work and quality values, so I will be remembered as a woman worthy of respect. God placed me on this earth to do the best that I can with what I have, and I will not hesitate to take advantage of anything I have been given. I want to live my life as an example to others, so they will remember me even after I'm gone. I believe working hard to excel at everything I commit myself to will make a lasting impression on those around me.

I also desire to be remembered as an expert at maintaining my priorities. I believe that God is first, family is second, and work is third, but they are each vitally important. I choose how to spend my time, and I don't want to be looked back upon as a person who invested her time in the couch and television. I will choose to invest my time, a precious gift I can never get back, achieving goals that will not be completed in vain. If I ignore a job that needs finishing due to laziness, it could affect not only me, but also the ones around me. Because of the importance of every action I perform, I will strive to keep my priorities in order, so I can be remembered as a woman who knew how to handle life's situations. I do not know every specific task I will accomplish in my life, but I will commit myself to my priorities to ensure that everything I perform has a positive effect.

Faith is one of the strongest forces in the universe. If one has faith, anything can be lost, found, built, or destroyed. It all depends on who that faith is placed in-- God or Satan. A man can have absolutely no confidence, and he can think he will fail; this is the attitude of a man who has put his faith in the devil, creating fear. A man can also comfortably believe that every work of his hands shall prosper; this is the outlook of someone who has put their faith in God. I have made the decision to believe in God and receive the confidence of knowing that He will provide. As my life goes on, I am determined to strengthen my faith to the point in which God will work through me to move mountains and break chains. My faith should be so noticeable that people will immediately know the God I serve and the power that He holds. My desire is to be remembered as a strong woman of God.

No person wants to fade away and be forgotten after death. I don't either; I will leave a legacy. I'm not asking to be famous around the world. I just want to pave a path worthy of being followed by the generation after me. Excellence, priorities, and faith are all essential for living a successful life, and I will commit myself to maintaining these personal standards. I am the only one who can determine the legacy I leave, and I plan on making it remarkable.

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