Loft Poetry Contest Proposal

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Loft Poetry Contest Proposal

To celebrate National Poetry Month in April, the Loft Writing Center Plus would like to coordinate a campus wide poetry contest much like the essay writing contest we coordinated earlier this year.

The contest will help the Loft to:

  • Recognize student writers on campus

  • Participate in the Humanities Department’s initiative to celebrate National Poetry Month

  • Enhance the Loft’s visibility on campus as a writing center that can help writers of all levels including creative writers

We will announce the contest at the beginning of March to give students enough time to start thinking and writing, especially since the spring quarter does not start until April 6th. We are still working on dreaming up a theme or “angle” for the contest that either ties into some value North Seattle Community College wants to promote or addresses some idea we would like students to explore through poetry.

In tandem with this, we will also invite students to come up to the Loft to work on their poetry with our writing tutors. We will try and have several creative exercises and games available to help our poets find their muse and develop their craft.

We will make the deadline Friday, April 17, which will give a panel of judges a week to choose the top three winners by Monday, April 27. On Friday May 1st, we will hand out awards and share poetry by the contest winners and several Loft tutors.

Proposed awards:

First Place: $75

Second Place: $50

Third: $25

I will also check with Tracy Heinlein about the winners being published in an upcoming edition of the Licton Springs Review.

The Loft can handle the marketing, so we just need funding from student leadership to cover the awards.
Download 7.63 Kb.

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