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KAT Newsletter May 9th, 2006
The new calendars for May and June are out. Make sure to pick one up and put it in a conspicuous place in your house so you don’t forget the many special events coming up soon.
Balance Boba- New Management, New Menu
Many of you have noticed that Ruayada Gutierrez has taken over the management of Balance Boba. Now we are able to have a more expanded menu as well as better customer service. All payments for food and drinks should be handled by her (not Master Bill or Paola).
This Saturday, May 13th, we’ll be training outside down on capitol hill to promote the downtown YMCA TKD Program. Interested students should meet at the dojang at noon, or meet downtown at 1 pm. Bring your sparring gear to the dojang, where Master Bill will select some students to bring it downtown.
AAU Regional Championship- May 20th

On Saturday, May 20th we will be competing at the AAU Region 10 Championship in Loveland. This tournament will have competitors from four states, and the winners will be qualified to compete in the AAU national championships.

Entry forms can be downloaded at www.tkdcolorado.com Please note, that all coaches must be certified by the AAU (Master Bill, Master Emelio, Vincent, and Ron Roe are already certified) and all competitors must be AAU members.
ProphecyQuest Release Party- May 26th
Master Bill has just come out with his second fantasy novel, ProphecyQuest. We will be having a release party on Friday, May 26th, from 7:00-9:00 PM. Come and get your copy and have Master Bill autograph it. The party will be held at Balance Boba.
102nd Promotion Test
The 102nd KAT promotion test will be held on Saturday, June 3rd. Our annual summer test will be held in the park west of the school. This means that for this test only, students will take a grappling pre-test in the school, so that the uniforms are not soiled from grappling in the park. Students must submit a test application, promotion fee, report card (1st-12th grade), and essay (1st-12th grade). The essay this time will be on respect and how it relates to parents and instructors.
As a reminder, students must show discipline appropriate to their belt level in order to be allowed to take the test.
3rd Paddleball Tournament
On Friday, June 9th, we will be hosting the third paddleball tournament at KAT. Students should make teams of 4 people (adults) or 5 people (Children.) We will invite students from Metro and CU Boulder to make their own teams.
Poomse Standardization Seminar
On Friday, June 16th KAT will host a forms standardization seminar for the Colorado TKD Community with the new Dartfish DVDs from the WTF. Everyone should plan to attend to polish up your forms.
PS2 Tournament
On Friday, June 23rd, we will have our PS2 Tournament. We have FIFA Soccer games (just in time for the World Cup) fighting games with grappling and submissions, etc. Bring your non-TKD friends!
Get ready for KAT summer day camp, Aug 7th-11th. The came is 5 days long and we will focus on one tenant of TKD each day. We will learn Korean, train, go to the park, watch movies, train, eat, do activities, and train some more! This will be a great opportunity to polish up your technique and have fun with your TKD friends. Look for more information in the near future.
Las Vegas Open
KAT will be traveling to Las Vegas on Aug 4-6, 2006 to compete in the Las Vegas Open. Interested students should speak with Master Bill for details.
Pepsi Sponsorship
We are still actively working on the Pepsi sponsorship. Black belts should speak with Master Bill to give him the necessary information.

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