Junior Activities Patch Program

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Junior Activities Patch Program

American Legion Auxiliary Junior members can be active participants of the organization with the Patch Program. Regardless of where one lives, and whether she belongs to an active Junior group, Junior Auxiliary members can serve their communities, veterans and learn about patriotism, health, fitness and leadership through this program.
Each sheet explains the criteria and what a Junior member must accomplish in order to earn a specific patch. When the activities are completed, an adult or Senior member must sign the form to verify that the Junior has met the patch criteria.
There are three levels of patch criteria:

  • Red-Level 1: Kindergarten through 3r d grade

  • Gold-Level 2: 4th grade through 8th grade

  • Blue-Level 3: 9th grade through 1ih grade (or 18 years old)

Please send completed forms to your Department Junior Activities Chairman.

Additional Patch Sheets are available at: www.ALAforVeterans .org
For questions and comments, please contact the National Junior Activities Committee at junioractivities@ALAforVeterans.org or 317-569-4500

The National Presidents' Scholarship provides scholarships to deserving children of our nation's veterans and servicemembers who have sacrificed greatly due to their parents' dedication to defending America and our values.
A special Junior patch has been created for our Junior members to be involved in raising money for the National Presidents' Scholarship Fund. Help get the word out to all our Junior members! We hope every Junior will be involved in some activity to raise money for scholarships, which are funded by the Educating Children of Warriors Fund. Most Juniors will become eligible for this scholarship, so they may be personally impacted by their fundraising efforts.
Any Junior can earn this patch if she raises at least $5 for each year she is old. For example, a 17-year-old would raise a minimum of 17 x $5 = $85.
Donations can be raised a variety of ways. Juniors can solicit donations from family, friends, Legion Family members or contribute themselves. Fundraising activities can be coordinated, such as bake sales or other sales, etc. Funds can be raised individually or as a group, but each Junior receiving this patch needs to have raised the required minimum funds for their age. The goal is for the youth of our organization to be involved and aware of the scholarship project. Checks should be made out to National Treasurer, American Legion Auxiliary with National Presidents' Scholarship in the memo line.

Get involved today!

To receive the patch, complete the following and send it with the donation to:

American Legion Auxiliary National Headquarters Attn: Development

8945 N. Meridian St. Indianapolis, IN 46204

Name of Junior: _ Age:

_ Unit: _

Address: _
City: State: --- ZIP:----Phone: -------

Amount raised: $ ($5/year of age) Department of: _
Optional: Tell us about how you raised the money (You may use the back of the page if needed):


(Grade 9t h -12t h )

Educate yourself about the rights and responsibilities of an American citizen

Level 3: Twelve (12) possibilities; Three* (3) activities are required; Six (6) are your choice. A total of Nine (9) must be completed from the Twelve (12) choices.




Adult Signature:


Learn how to properly fold the American flag.


Volunteer to work on a political campaign in your community, county or state.


Learn about the Veterans History Project. Interview at least two veterans and preserve their stories. Send your project to the Library of Congress.


Create a plan to participate in the Pocket Flag program and include friends, family and other service groups.


Participate in The American Legion National High School Oratorical Program.


With a senior advisor, present a Blue Star Banner to 3 or more families who have a family member serving in the military and thank them for their sacrifice.


Learn a flag ceremony and perform the ceremony at school, a unit meeting or in your community and explain the meaning.


Learn the three legislative branches of government and the function of each. Share the information with an adult.


Interview a new citizen of the United States and ask what freedom means to them.


Write your state legislators a letter regarding veterans or the American Flag amendment.


Select three past Presidents of the United States. Research and write a paragraph about their contributions to America. Attach your answer to this form.


Participate in a citizenship and naturalization ceremony and hand out American flags, or write a short paper on the steps to becoming an American citizen. Attach to this form.

Name of Junior Member:

Grade: Unit#


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