Introduction to linguistic

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module 3 LIT 1 - Copy

ENG 1/11
Instructor: Ms. Ma. Dhonna E. Salazar
Facebook Account: Mdhonna Slzaar
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The American Regime and the Japanese Period

At the end of the course, the learners are to (A) Respond to strategies that develop critical and creative thinking, and/or other higher-order thinking skills.; Internalize an understanding of the range of verbal and non-verbal classroom communication strategies that support learner understanding, participation, engagement and achievement.;Value understanding of learning environments that promote fairness, respect and care to encourage learning.; (S) Embody teaching strategies that are responsive to learner’s linguistic, cultural, socio-economic and religious backgrounds.; Perfect knowledge of providing timely, accurate and constructive feedback to improve learner performance.; Articulate the relationship of language, literature, culture, and society in the teaching-learning process.; (K) Apply an understanding of supportive learning environments that nurture and inspire learner participation.; Evaluate knowledge and understanding of differentiated teaching to suit the learner’s gender, needs, strengths, interests and experiences.; Synthesize original compositions in expository and creative writing.

All these are achieved through delivering excellent instruction, relevant and responsive research and extension services, and quality assured product through competent and highly motivated human capital; perfecting the core values of SAPPHIRE (Spirituality, Accountability, Professionalism, Patriotism, Harmony, Integrity, Respect, Excellence) as an embodiment of a true NOrSUnian.; and become a dynamic, competitive and globally responsive

Download 176.34 Kb.

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