Institute of Health Management and Health Economics

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Institute of Health Management and Health Economics

University of Oslo

Exam, May 30, 2013, 0900-1300

HMM4202 Structure, organization and financing of health care systems

Permitted auxiliary material: Dictionary
Grades will be based on a term paper (30%) and a final exam (70%).
Results will be made available June 20, 2013, see the board at the Department of Health Management and Health Economics, Forskningsveien 3A. The results will also be posted on Studentweb.
The receiving day of the results is the day the results are posted on the board at the Department. Appeals must be submitted within three weeks of this date.
The Written Exam consists of 2 pages including this one.
Remember to write down your candidate number so this is easily accessible as the results become available.
Both parts shall be answered. Part A will count 40% and part B will count 60% as the grade for the exam is calculated. In Part A Short answers you should answer five out of the six questions.

Part A Short answers

Define the following concepts. Illustrate each definition with an example.

  1. Asymmetric information

  2. Moral hazard

  3. Screening

  4. Signaling

  5. Capitation

  6. Risk adjustment

Part B Essay

Describe the main elements of the DRG-system and discuss potential problems related to use of the system as a method for reimbursing hospitals.

Download 9.56 Kb.

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