In this essay I’m going to talk about two stories. The stories are

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Thaddeus Brooks

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Mr. Harold

Comparison essay

In this essay I’m going to talk about two stories. The stories are Two brothers and Raymond’s run. I will compare these two stories.

Two brothers start out in a smell kingdom owned by a king. The king had two boys. Ninniaw and Pebbiaw The brothers had to split the kingdom evenly. Instead of they build two separate kingdoms and tore the old kingdom down. In the story the brothers were trying to be better than each other and it caused a war between the two brothers. The war tore down their kingdoms and they were left with respect.

In Raymond’s Run, the setting took place in Ney York city. A girl named Squeaky, loved to run and I mean LOVE. She also had to watch her big brother because he was a little special. She hated watching her brother. The story was about Squeaky competing in a race with a girl named Gretchen. To Squeaky, she was a threat so she had to practice.

Both stories have one thing in common, that blood is thicker than water. That’s the universal thyme of these stories. It means that your family is more important than anything else that’s as silly as being better than one another. Being there for your brothers or sisters is important because they might need you to help them get through a tough time or just need your support.

In conclusion, both stories have something silly in them. Like wanting to be better then each other or hating to take care or your special big brother.

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