In the field below, please state your reasons for wishing to pursue the combined md/PhD degree

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   In the field below, please state your reasons for wishing to pursue the combined MD/PhD degree. The available space is 3,000 characters.

When I started college as a pre-med student, I had no concept of what academic research was. I decided to give research a try as a freshman is the singular of freshmen and quickly became not the right word. Interested in it? Enjoyed it? Grew attached to it? with it. Finding a question that no one knows the answer to, proposing different theories, and then performing experiments in order to answer that same question fulfilled my desire to understand what??? You can’t understand how everything in the world works. Even as a lofty goal, this doesn’t make sense. Maybe “how many things in the world work”, but even that is too general. Use examples of biochemistry, biological systems, the medical implications of inter-science disciplines, etc. to clarify your intent. This is too colloquial to be an effective part of your essay. You can get your point across in other ways: for example, relate an anecdote about how you were better able to learn a topic by independent research rather than by being taught about it in a class, or give an example of something you learned through research that was particularly fascinating. At the very least, reword this sentence to directly state your preference of research over classroom learning rather than alluding to it indirectly.

    Although researchers study a wide variety of subjects, they are all asked the same off-putting are they necessarily off-putting? Also, off-putting is an awkward adjective to use here. Maybe “difficult” or some synonym questions about why their research is important and how it will directly benefit humanity. These are honest questions and every researcher should be able to justify their research, but many aren't able to clearly explain its importance to the public. I believe that this is because many researchers become so to be frank this just seems like a load of crap. That’s the ideal situation, but this is real life. It’s more likely that they lose their perspective because of greed, fame, or a lack of focus or motivation, but just call me a cynicthat they often lose the scope of what they’re doing and its importance to society. Why is this in red font? Are you emphasizing your thesis? Don’t do that. I would never argue that someone’s research is trivial and pointless in its undertaking, but I think it is important for researchers to understand the context of their research and how it will lead to a greater understanding of the world around us this is a run-on sentence, you need to separate your clauses. and how this understanding could lead to new medical treatments, new technology or the general fulfillment of humanities curiosity. I don’t really know what the prompt is, so I can only hope that this answers the question posed by it. Its context and placement in the essay (as well as the conspicuous red font) leads me to believe it’s your main idea.

Since my academic career has focused on the field of biology, particularly on genetics and the disorders that originate from genetic problems, I it’s not natural; it’s derived from your (learned) interest in biology. Instead, say “subsequently” have an interest in the well-being of people. If I were to pursue don’t belittle the accomplishment in this way – this implies that you don’t take it seriouslya Ph.D., I would you can’t say this for certain; don’t make claims on false authority. be able to perform important research concerning the understanding of human genetic disorders in a lab. However, I’m certain (here you can say certain because it’s a personal achievement rather than a qualitatively tangible one) that the impact of working with patients in a hospital will change the scope you can’t do anything “in” a scope. In fact, you should rewrite this sentence to avoid awkward syntax. I research providing me with a much more real-world is not an adjective. Instead, “realistic” perspective careful not to overuse “perspective” about how important what I’m doing is and how I can significantly improve the lives of those afflicted by disease. Not only will this you lost me. What is the “this” you’re talking about here? Working in a hospital? Getting a Ph.D.? Doing research? Clarify. turn me into a more wholesome what is a wholesome scientist?? I know what a wholesome breakfast is, but this makes little sense to me scientist, but it will reflect the work I do by unlocking my whole don’t use “whole” twice in this sentence anyway potential, making me a better too vague. Use a different adjective scientist that can contribute much more to the understanding of peoples’ ailments. Why is this word in red??

The training for a combined MD/Ph.D. degree encompasses the most important aspects of both patient oriented medical training and scientific thought in order to answer the most difficult questions They know this already, it’s superfluous information unless you relate it to your argument. Instead, you forget about the “difficult questions” and begin talking about your own capability to contribute to the medical/scientific community. If I were to pursue either degree individually, I would still be able to substantially contribute to the medical/scientific community. However, the experiences I will gain from training for each degree will complement each other in a manner essential to my development as a physician and scientist with an interest in research that will directly benefit the patients that I work with. This sentence has to much going on in it – first, you gain experiences. Then, you develop as a physician and scientist. Then, you have an interest in research? The last clause does not belong and should either be its own sentence or removed altogether.


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