Ict that has changed our lives

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ICT that has changed our lives

  • Portable computing
  • The Internet
  • Digital music
  • Video
  • Online shopping
  • Communication systems (mobile phones, email, chat rooms, etc.)
  • Huge databases
  • Cyber crime (crime using ICT)
  • VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) offering cheap phone calls
  • ICT devices helping the disabled become more independent

Environmental issues

  • Postive
    • Online shopping and banking reducing journeys to shops and banks, cutting polution
    • Use of GPS prevents wasted fuel
    • Video conferencing reduces travel
    • Digital music means less packaging
    • Digital media reduces paper based mediums
    • Traffic management systems reduce pollution and traffic jams.

Environmental issues

  • Negative
    • Replace technology quickly which is wasteful
    • Huge amounts of fuel and raw materials are used in manufacture of digital devices
    • Computers use larges amounts of electricity.
    • Printouts waste huge quantities of paper.
  • Recycling & Disposal
    • Hardware
    • Paper recycling
    • Switch of computer equipment
    • Teleworking from home
    • Recycle printer cartridges
    • Computer hardware separated form general rubbish

National Databases

  • Purpose
    • National DNA database
    • The Police Nation Computer
    • The Passport agency
    • The NHS National database
    • DVLA
    • National Insurance DB
  • Costs
    • Very expensive to set up and maintain.
    • Redundant data that needs to be deleted.

Social issues due to ICT

  • Lack of privacy
  • Addictions to social networking sites, chat rooms, etc.
  • Addictions to games, gambling, etc.
  • Addiction to pornography

More social issues due to ICT

  • Deserted shopping centres
  • Health problems
  • Paedophiles looking for their next victim
  • Identity theft
  • False rumours
  • Misinformation

ICT changing the way we shop

  • Jobs transferred abroad
  • High street shops not being able to compete with Internet stores
  • Globalization

Ethical issues due to ICT

  • Employers looking at job applicants’ social networking profiles
  • Employers monitoring employees’ emails, websites visited, etc.
  • Invasion of privacy by social networking sites
  • Use of cookies to record websites visited without you knowing

More ethical issues

  • National identity cards
  • NHS database
  • CCTV being used with face recognition and automatic number plate recognition
  • Links between public and private databases (e.g., DVLA and car insurance companies)
  • Internet service providers monitoring your emails and web browsing

Moral issues due to ICT

  • Copying of copyrighted material
  • Widening of gap between rich and poor countries
  • Widening gap between rich and poor people
  • Use of essay banks

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