I want to be a medical assistant because

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Submitted to

The AAMA Awards Committee

American Association of Medical Assistants

Prepared by

Rebecca Fitts

Medical Assistant Student

West Georgia Technical College
June 30, 2013

I want to be a medical assistant because…

I want to be a medical assistant because I love helping people and I want to make a difference. I hope my smile will be contagious and actually help someone through their day. There is so much hurt and pain in the world and too many people turning their backs on each other. A little kindness, happiness, and love can go a long way. I may only be me, but I refuse to give up and sometimes it only takes one to make a difference. I will strive to be the best and expect more. Patients need more than a treatment plan because they also need to be surrounded by hope, confidence, and respect. I want others to not be afraid to lead by example and prove that being a CMA (AAMA) is the greatest medical profession one can be. Becoming a Certified Medical Assistant (AAMA) is my career choice and a goal I will achieve with much pride and honor! Medical Assistants are trained in such a broad spectrum that our profession is envied by others and sought out more than any other assisting career in the nursing field. I love informing family, friends, strangers, and/or patients, that, “Yes!” I will be a Certified Medical Assistant by the AAMA. It is a respectable career with the rewards of helping someone who needs you.

As a medical assistant you have the privilege to assist and maintain the balance and routine of the everyday operations in a medical office. You are needed in providing a positive and healing atmosphere, not only for patients, but for your colleagues as well. As medical assistants we can perform routine tasks and procedures such as obtaining vital signs, administering medications and injections, collecting specimens for lab testing, and recording medical information. Not only is a medical assistant certified in tasks and procedures, but we are trained and certified in the administrative and clinical field as well. If you work well with others, love the office setting, and can multitask, then medical assisting is the profession for you. It can be a lifelong commitment or a door to further your career. Whichever reason you choose medical assisting, you will not be disappointed because this is the best choice for you. You will have many choices for obtaining your education and certification, but I recommend only the best. This would be attending a medical assisting program accredited by the CAAHEP and obtaining your credentials with the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA). The AAMA is the top dog and the best of the best, so don’t settle for second best…Go for the Gold! Reward yourself and become a CMA (AAMA) because the rewards and benefits will outweigh all the obstacles you encountered to get there.

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