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HSC English First Second Paper : Questions


First Paper

1. Mymensingh Girls’ Cadet College, Mymensingh 2

2. Rajshahi Cadet College, Rajshahi 4

3. Pabna Cadet College, Pabna 6

4. Joypurhat Girls' Cadet College, Joypurhat 8

5. Rangpur Cadet College, Rangpur 10

6. Comilla Cadet College, Comilla 12

7. Sylhet Cadet College, Sylhet 14

8. Muminunnisa Govt. Women's College, Mymensingh 16

9. Dr. Abdur Razzak Municipal College, Jessore 18

10. Chittagong Engineering University School & College, Chittagong 21

11. Chittagong Biggan College, Chittagong 23

12. Bakalia Shahid N.M.M.J College, Chittagong 25

13. Sreemangal Govt. College, Moulvibaza 27

14. Hajigonj Model College, Hajigonj 30

Board Questions First Paper

15. Dhaka Board — 2003 32

16. Dhaka Board — 2004 34

17. Dhaka Board — 2005 36

18. Rajshahi Board — 2003 38

19. Rajshahi Board — 2004 40

20. Rajshahi Board — 2005 42

21. Jessore Board — 2003 44

22. Jessore Board — 2004 47

23. Jessore Board — 2005 49

24. Comilla Board — 2003 51

25. Comilla Board — 2004 53

26. Comilla Board — 2005 55

27. Chittagong Board — 2003 57

28. Chittagong Board —2004 59

29. Chittagong Board — 2005 61

30. Sylhet Board — 2003 64

31. Sylhet Board — 2004 66

32. Sylhet Board — 2005 68

33. Barisal Board — 2003 70

34. Barisal Board — 2004 72

35. Barisal Board — 2005 74

Second Paper

36. Mirzapur Cadet College‚ Tangail 76

37. Mymensingh Girls’ Cadet College‚ Mymensingh 77

38. Rajshahi Cadet College, Rajshahi 79

39. Pabna Cadet College‚ Pabna 81

40. Joypurhat Girls’ Cadet College, Joypurhat 83

41. Rangpur Cadet College, Rangpur 85

42. Comilla Cadet College, Comilla 87

43. Feni Girls’ Cadet College, Feni 89

44. Sylhet Cadet College, Sylhet 91

45. Muminunnisa Govt. Women's College, Mymensingh 92

46. Narsingdi Model College, Narsingdi 94

47. Pabna Govt. Women's College, Pabna 96

48. Al-Hera Academy School & College, Pabna 98

49. N.S. Govt. College, Natore 100

50. Mahtab Uddin Degree College, Kaligonj, Jhenidah 102

51. Lakshmipur Govt. College, Lakshmipur......... 104

52. Hajigonj Model College, Chandpur 106

53. Govt. Zia Mohila College, Feni 108

54. Bakalia Shahid N.M.M.J. Degree College, Chittagong 110

55. Hajera Taju Degree College, Chittagong 112

56. Chattagram Biggan College, Chittagong 114

57. Chittagong Engineering University School & College, Chittagong 116

58. Narishiksha Academy Degree College, Barlekha, Moulvibazar 118

59. Sreemangal Govt. College, Moulvibazar 120

60. Govt. Gournadi College, Gournadi, Barisal 122

Mymensingh Girls’ Cadet College, Mymensingh

Pre-test Examination—2015; English : Paper I

Part-A : Seen Comprehension (40 Marks)

Read the passage below and answer the questions 14. Unite-15; Lesson – 6(B)

UNICEF stood originally for the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund. But now it is the United Nations Children's Fund which gives long-term help to children of developing nations. It runs several welfare projects in Bangladesh. It has established numerous maternity and baby care centres around the country to ensure the health of babies and child-bearing mothers. It has helped Bangladesh to get rid of contagious childhood diseases. It has organised training programmes to create rural health workers. Through awareness-raising activities about health and nutrition, this organisation has been able to reduce infant mortality rates in Bangladesh. Besides, in times of disasters like cyclones, flood and famine, it undertakes humanitarian work to help the affected people. To facilitate education, UNICEF distributes reading and writing materials among students, trains teachers and promotes primary education particularly among girls. It also assists a variety of rehabilitation programmes in Bangladesh.

1. Choose the right word to complete each of the sentences. 15=5

(a) Unicef makes our women educated/conscious/familiar of health and nutrition.

(b) With the help of UNICEF we have been able to enhance/save/prevent contagious childhood diseases.

(c) UNICEF extends its helpful/helping/active hand to the disaster affected people.

(d) Maternity and baby care centers help a child-bearing woman to avoid the worry/risk/tension of death or losing her child.

(e) UNICEF has contributed to raising/lowering/stopping infant mortality rates in Bangladesh.

2. True/False. If false, give the correct information. 15=5

(a) The activities of UNICEF in Bangladesh play a negative role in social development.

(b) UNICEF initially stood different from what is now.

(c) The maternity and baby-care centers have failed to ensure the health of babies and a child-bearing mother.

(d) Raising awareness about health and nutrition has minimized infant mortality rates.

(e) It distributes reading and writing material to remove poverty.

3. Fill in the gaps with the correct form of words given in brackets. Add any prepositions if necessary. 15=5

(a) UNICEF is an international organization that (work) ——development in Bangladesh.

(b) The (run) ——welfare projects is its another activity in Bangladesh.

(c) To promote education, it provides (train) ——teachers.

(d) The students of developing countries (benefit) ——UNICEF.

(e) It has organized training programmes with a view to (create)——rural health workers.

4. Make a list of five UNICEF activities in Bangladesh. 15=5

Read the passage below and answer the questions 58. Unite-22; Lesson – 4(B)

Scientists have been experimenting with the idea of living in space for a long time. But it is not easy to live in space. There is no gravity and the body needs a lot of adjusting to do. One of the scientists reported that his heartbeat had become slower and bones and muscles had felt weaker as calcium had been decreasing from them. His head had felt heavy as there was no gravity to keep blood down in the legs and there was also a feeling of space sickness which is like travel sickness. Doing everyday jobs also becomes difficult. Water cannot be poured because it stays in one place like a big ball. If you want a drink, you must do it with straw from a closed container. If you sprinkle salt it spreads all around you and heavy objects can be moved with one finger as they have no weight. Astronauts therefore need months of training to be able to adjust to conditions in space.

5. Write short answers to the following questions. 15=5

(a) What makes the scientists experiment with the space?

(b) What is the report about space gravity?

(c) Point out the main effect of the space gravity?

(d) Why can't a person easily drink in space?

(e) What does space adjustment require?

6. Fill in the gaps with suitable words: 15=5

Salts (a) ——in space will just spread all around you. Because of no (b) ——in space, our heartbeats start (c) ——.We cannot even drink water (d) ——in one place. Hence, space is still a great (e) ——to the scientists.

7. Summarize the main points of the passage in five short sentences. 15=5

8. Based on your reading of the passage, make short notes in each of the boxes in the flow chart showing the problems of being in space. (No. 1 is done for you. 5

1. No gravity in space






Part B: Vocabulary Test (Marks - 20)

9. Fill in the gaps with suitable words from the box. (Make any grammatical changes, if necessary) There are more words in the box than you need: 110=10
















Corruption has been the burning question in the world. Bangladesh is (a) ——one of the most (b) ——countries by World Bank. Whatever it is, it is really a matter of sorrow. Our bureaucrats, high officials, business magnets all are (c) ——in corruption. We do not know (d) ——to escape this curse. Our poverty cannot be (e) ——if we do not (f) ——ourselves, we will not be able to (g) ——anything good for our next generation. Only (h) —— zeal can inspire our society to (i) ——this meanness. We are (j) ——that our country will really turn into Golden Bengal if we remain honest.

10. Fill in the blanks with an appropriate word in each gap. 110=10

People who are sincere in their works are (a) ——for making anything success. The great men are also sincere because they (b) ——that sincerity is the (c) ——to success. Those who are (d) ——can never (e) ——a long way in the world. The poor people are not always sincere, because they do not know the (f) ——of sincerity. If they knew it, they would (g) ——a good use of it. Sincerity (h) ——not only to do work properly, but also with dutifulness, honesty, modesty and good behaviour. The people of our country are still (i) ——of the (j) ——of the (j) ——of sincerity.

Part C: Guided writing (40 marks)

11. Match the phrases in the following substitution table to make sensible sentences. Write the sentences in full. 26=12





(i) Elderly population

take more care

because of

much importance

(ii) The traditional society of Bangladesh

remain powerless to stop it

any commendable role

are emotionally abused

(iii) Their long experiences of life

has been growing

for care

than the west

(iv) Oriental societies

who depend on their families

are not given

all over the world

(v) Many older people

does not offer

for centuries

their physical and financial inability

(vi) But they

their wealth of knowledge

of their senior citizens

to the old aged people

12. The sentences in the following text are jumbled. Re-write the sentences in the proper order and in a continuous paragraph to make a story. 114=14

(a) The master was very annoyed at the stubbornness of the cook and threatened to fire him

from his job.

(b) When his master sat down to eat, he quickly noticed the missing leg and asked what had

happened to the other leg.

(c) He drew the attention of his master and showed him that some ducks did indeed one leg.

(d) The cook replied quietly that his master was right after all.

(e) It put down its other leg as well and ran off.

(f) The roast looked so delicious that the cook couldn't resist the temptation and ate up one of

the drumsticks.

(g) The master looked at the cook.

(h) A cook once roasted a duck for his master.

(i) The cook told him that the duck had one leg only.

(j) The master said that there was no such thing as a one legged duck.

(k) If he had known this trick, he would have clapped his hands too before cooking to bring out

the other leg.

(l) The master clapped his hands loudly which startled the duck.

(m) Right at that moment the cook looked out of the window and saw some ducks one of which

was standing on one leg and had the other leg folded inside.

(n) The cook insisted that this duck had only one leg.

13. Write a story of about 150 words based on the following questions. Your answers to the questions should give as much detail as possible. You must give a title to your paragraph. 14

(a) What is unfair means in the exam? (b) What are the main reasons for adopting unfair means in the exam? (c) Why don't our students want to study seriously before the exam and why do students want to depend on other students in the exam? (d) How does unfair means affect the whole nation? (e) What is reaction to this social vice in the society? (f) How can this vice be eliminated from educational institution? (g) What role can the teachers play to rid the students of this vice?


Rajshahi Cadet College, Rajshahi

Pre-test Examination—2015; English : Paper I

Part-A : Seen Comprehension (40 Marks)

Read the passage below and answer the questions 14. Unite-6; Lesson – 3(B)

In recent years, there have been many alarming reports that the world's climate is undergoing a significant change. All these reports provide strong evidence that world temperatures are increasing day by day. This increase in global warming is caused by increased amounts of carbon dioxide around the earth. Most climatologists believe that the greenhouse effect is the likely cause of this global warming.

What is the greenhouse effect? It is the gradual warming of the air surrounding the earth as a result of heat being trapped by environmental pollution. This is exemplified by the destruction and burning down of tropical rain forests, by traffic that clogs up city streets, by the rapid growth of industry, the use of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) in packaging and manufacturing commercial products, the use of detergents such as washing powder and washing-up liquid and so on. The oceans are also said to be affected both because of human waste and because of pollution caused by industrial waste products, oil seeping from damaged supertankers and from other maritime disasters. However, the main culprits for global warming are carbon dioxide gas, produced by the burning of fossil fuels and forests, and pollutants such as methane and chlorofluorocarbons. Climatologists predict that midway through the next century, temperatures may have risen by as much as 4C. This could catastrophically reduce mankind's ability to grow food, destroy or severely damage wildlife and wilderness, raise sea levels and thereby flood coastal areas and farmland. The alarming news about Bangladesh is that as a result of the rise of the sea level, the lower southern part of the country may one day go under water.

1. Choose the right word/phrase to complete each sentence. 15=5

(a) According to majority of the climatologists, the greenhouse effect is the

plausible/probable/prime cause of the global warming.

(b) The global warming may have a disastrous/magnificent/heinous effect on life on earth.

(c) The burning of fossil fuels, forest and various pollutants is the effect/root/source of carbon

dioxide gas.

(d) The dumping of industrial wastes and waste-products into the ocean

affects/causes/diminishes environment pollution.

(e) The rise of temperature may one day damages/swallows/submerges the lower southern

part of Bangladesh.

2. True/false? If false, give the correct information. 15=5

(a) Carbon dioxide gas is the only culprit for global warming.

(b) The greenhouse effect is a global phenomenon.

(c) Fossil fuels and forests are some of the main culprits for global warming.

(d) The greenhouse effect can be diminished if we can reduce the environmental pollution.

(e) Global warming is good for the cold countries of the world.

3. Fill in the gaps with the correct form of words given in brackets. Add any prepositions if necessary. 15=5

(a) The greenhouse effects may be the cause of (destruct) ——wildlife and wilderness.

(b) According to the (believe) ——the climatologists, the greenhouse effect is the most likely cause of the global warming.

(c) If the sea level rises abnormally, we have reason to be (worry).

(d) Carbon dioxide is (produce) ——the burning of fossil fuels and forests.

(e) Even the oceans are getting (pollution) ——.

4. Make a list of five effects of global warming. 15=5

Read the passage below and answer the questions 58. Unite-21; Lesson – 4(B)

Sports are a popular form of entertainment. Many international sporting events are organised from time to time. Most of these events are sponsored by multinational manufacturing companies and business firms. They pay for the sports events in exchange for the right to advertise their products during those events. These events are telecast worldwide by satellite and people all over the world watch them live. As a result, the sponsors' products receive maximum media coverage thus giving companies international recognition. This is only the commercial aspect of international sport but there are other aspects too. The sports venue becomes a meeting place of people from different countries. When people of different nations get together on the occasion of an international sporting event, they come closer to each other, sharing views, opinions and friendship. This opportunity creates a sense of brotherhood and a spirit of mutual co-operation among them. Moreover, getting acquainted with different cultures helps to break down prejudice and broaden outlook. If globalisation has anything to do with the development of international relationship, then sports can certainly contribute in a big way to this.

5. Write short answers to the following questions. 15=5

(a) Who help organize the international sporting events?

(b) Why do companies and business firms sponsor international sporting events?

(c) How are the events telecast?

(d) How do the people of different nations come close to each other?

(e) Do sports play any role for international relationship?

6. Fill in the gaps with suitable words: 15=5

The World Cup Cricket '99 was arranged in England. This event was sponsored by (a) ——and (b) ——. England became a meeting place of (c) ——from different countries. About twelve (d) ——participated at this event. This event is (e) ——important in growing international relationship.

7. Summarise five important points of the above passage. 15=5

8. Make short notes in each of the boxes in the flow chart showing the positive effects of sports. (No. I has been done for you). 5

1. A meeting place for different countries






Part B: Vocabulary (20 Marks)

9. Fill in the gaps with suitable words from the box. (Make any grammatical changes, if necessary) There are more words in the box than you need: 110=10















Once upon a time, there was a king who was very fond of (a) ——his future from the astrologers. A famous astrologer (b) ——to stop at his capital on his way to Benaras. The king called on him to know about his future and the astrologer told him something (c) ——. At this the king got (d) ——and condemned him to (e) ——saying, 'Men like you should not live to (f) ——the peace of the world.' But another thought had crossed his mind before the astrologer was removed for (g) ——. 'How long will you live?' asked the king. With ready (h) ——the astrologer said, 'The stars (i) ——that I shall die only a week before your majesty. So, good bye.' Hearing this, the King turned pale like a dead man and shouted, "Drive this (j) ——away, let him not come here again.'

10. Fill in the blanks with an appropriate word in each gap. 110=10

Many events of (a) ——importance took place during the last century. Significant advances were made in the (b) ——of science and technology. Many European colonies (c) ——independence. The movement for democracy become (d) ——in many parts of the world. Two world wars (e) ——out in this century. It also witnessed the misuse of atomic energy. Two cities of Japan were completely (f) ——as a result of the dropping of atom bombs. The Vietnam war and the Gulf war killed (g) ——of innocent people. However, the emergence of Bangladesh as an (h) ——nation was a momentous event. After a bloody (i) ——of nine months, Bangladesh was born. Now we hold our heads (j) ——in the community of nations.

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