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HPAC Application Instructions
To obtain a committee interview and letter, you must submit all materials to Interfolio by midnight on Friday, February 28, 2014. Please see the Interfolio Instructions document on the Health Professions website for detailed instructions.
Application Components

  1. Written Materials

The following should be uploaded to Interfolio as a single Word document:

  1. Applicant Data Form and Signature Page

You must include an AMCAS, AADSAS, AACOMAS, or TMDSAS ID on the data form. These IDs are assigned to you when you open an account with the appropriate medical or dental school association. The ID you receive is the same one you will use when creating your online application through their centralized application system. You can learn more here.
  1. Personal Statement (5300 characters, including spaces)

  2. Supplemental Information

  1. Transcript(s)

After the fall 2012 grades have posted, obtain an unofficial copy of your transcript from the Registrar and submit it to Interfolio. We will not accept transcripts printed from GWeb. Also obtain copies of unofficial transcripts from other schools where you have taken courses and have these transcripts submitted to Interfolio. Transcripts from study abroad are not necessary.

  1. Letters of Recommendation (LOR)

You need at least three letters of recommendation, including one from a member of the science faculty at GWU and one from a member of the faculty in your major at GW. The total number of recommendations should not exceed five. You should waive your rights of access to all of your letters of recommendation. A confidential letter is taken more seriously and given more credence by its reader.

  • Instructions for your letter writers are available here.

Interview Process

You will be notified via email in early March whether or not your application has been accepted. If accepted, you will also receive instructions on how to schedule your HPAC interview. Interviews take place between March and June. Each interview will be 15-20 minutes in duration. You will need to provide 4 copies of your current resume at the time of your interview.

Committee Letter Packet

The committee letter of evaluation will be written by early July for all interviewed students. Once the letter is completed and released, it will be maintained in your Interfolio account. The committee evaluation packet will consist of a cover letter describing the GW HPAC process, an individual evaluation letter written by the committee, and your letters of reference submitted as a part of this application.

HPAC Application
LAST NAME:       FIRST NAME:       M.I.:  
State of Legal Residence:    Social Security Number:      
Email Address:       GWID:      
Phones: Campus       AMCAS, TMDSAS, AACOMAS, or AADSAS ID:      
I will be applying to (check all that apply):
MD only program (Allopathic medical school) Dental school

MD/PhD program Veterinary medical school

DO program (Osteopathic medical school) Post-baccalaureate program
Have you ever been evaluated by the GW Health Professions Advisory Committee in the past? If yes, what year?
Yes Year:      No
Have you applied to professional school in the past (excluding the GW Early Selection Program)? If yes, what year?

Yes Year:      No
I will be providing letters of reference from the following individuals:
I hereby certify that I have personally completed the components of the HPAC application and that the information provided is complete and accurate. I understand that the submission of incomplete or inaccurate information or documents or the use of false or misleading language is not acceptable and if suspected will be shared in the letter of evaluation. I also understand that all documents submitted in support of this application become the property of the University and will not be returned.

Signature (or just type your name):       Date (mm/dd/yy):      

Personal Statement

Your essay should be no more than 5300 characters (including spaces, 10pt font) and should address the following questions:

  • Why have you selected the field of medicine?

  • What motivates you to learn more about medicine?

  • What do you want medical schools to know about you that hasn't been disclosed in other sections of the application?

  • Special hardships, challenges, or obstacles that may have influenced your educational pursuits.

  • Commentary on significant fluctuations in your academic record that are not explained elsewhere.


Please take your time when completing this information as it may be used in part to construct the committee letter. You may choose to answer these questions on a separate page, but please use 10pt font and DO NOT go beyond the allotted space.

  1. What is the greatest strength and weakness of your medical school application?

  1. As a physician or dentist, you will work as part of a healthcare team. What experience has prepared you for this?

  1. Do you have a unique hobby? How has it contributed to your development?

  1. What book are you reading right now? Why did you choose it?

  1. How have you spent your summers since entering college? How do these experiences make you a better applicant?

  1. If you couldn’t become a doctor, what would you do instead? Why?

  1. Were you ever the recipient of any action by any college, university, or professional school for unacceptable academic performance (e.g. dismissal, disqualification, suspension, etc.) or conduct violation(s)? If yes, please explain the circumstances and consequences.

  1. Please list any activities or jobs you have pursued since entering college that have contributed to your preparation for medical school. You may only list ten activities, so please select the experiences that were most valuable to you. Please list chronologically with your most recent experience first.

Dates (From-To)

Title & Location

Description of Responsibilities


  1. Pick the two most meaningful activities from the lists above and explain how they have contributed to your personal growth and development and/or how they make you a stronger medical school applicant. Please use 10pt font. Do not go beyond the allotted space.

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