Have you ever wanted to be a Musician? Well I have but I don’t want to play any ordinary instrument. I want to play the S. S which stands for Stringed Star

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Music Essay

Have you ever wanted to be a Musician? Well I have but I don’t want to play any ordinary instrument. I want to play the S.S which stands for Stringed Star. I got the idea of making this when I was I playing my guitar and saw that there were six strings. Then I went down stairs and saw the star on top of my Christmas tree. My instrument is a blue wooden inspired by an acoustic guitar. This is why there is a hole in the middle to add resonance. In addition there are six strings that come out of the hole and to each point on the star. I play this in my band 3JC we’re named this because there are three people whose name start with a J and one that start with C. I remember our first gig at Jorge’s Rock Center.

I bet your wondering what I used to make the S.S. Well I really I didn’t use that many things. What I used were some blanks of wood that I used for the side and some really flat wood for the top and the bottom. Also, this piece of wood that is usually found on rails or fences to hold the strings made by fishing line and weed waker line. I got the lines from my friend Stephen who goes fishing a lot and from my dad’s weed waker. In addition I got the wood from my dad’s friend Reymond who had some to spare after making a shed in his back yard.

Once I got the material I started making the S.S. My dad cut the wood with his power saw. Then I used the liquid nails to glue the wood, but before that I painted the wood blue with my sister. After that my dad cut the hole in the middle and I put the square wood in it. Then I spray painted the entire inside black. Next I put the screws in the wooden square and at the points of the star, but there was a small problem because the screws at the points were wobbly. So, I had to remove the top and put the pieces of wood that my dad cut off, under the holes and put the screw through them too, following up with that I re-sprayed the entire inside of the S.S.

The way to play this instrument isn’t that hard, just pluck or strum the strings. In addition sometimes it gets out of tune, so to tune it turn the screws on the point right or left depending on if it’s sharp or flat. Also the sound comes because the vibrating strings vibrate the wood which increases the volume, and the hole adds resonance which makes the sound clearer

At first when I heard that we had to make an instrument I was freaking out. Then I thought this would be an awesome project. I loved how it turned out and I wouldn’t change a thing about the S.S.

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