Grade students and their families and friends are invited!!!

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Class of 2011

8th- & 12th-grade students

and their families and friends are invited!!!
10th Annual

Baccalaureate Mass &

Commencement Exercises
Date: to be announced
Location: to be announced
Homilist: To be announced
12:30 pm Practice for 8th & 12th graders

2 pm Baccalaureate Mass in the Church

3 pm Commencement Exercises in Murray Hall

Luncheon reception following

Friends and relatives of graduates are welcome to attend!!
Sponsored by the Catholics Homeschoolers of Pennsylvania

For more information contact Larry & Ellen Kramer at

101 South College Street, Myerstown, PA 17067

or at 717-866-5425 or


and guests by May 20, 2011

What others have said...
“With deep appreciation, my family and I want to thank you for the lovely graduation program you provided. It was just PERFECT. You made our daughter’s graduation so very special and filled with love, joy and memories that will last her and us all our life. You filled this day with great love and we cannot thank you enough.” A family
“I really didn’t want to do the graduation, but my mom really wanted me to. After it was over, I’m really glad I did it. It was really, really neat and I will never forget it.” A student
“After all these years of homeschooling, I wanted some way to bring closure to the process. This was such a great way of doing it. You did a great job...especially with the special surprises. Shhhh! We will be back again.” A parent
“I loved the ceremony, and especially the Baccalaureate Mass. The priest who celebrated Mass was awesome, and I will never forget the things he was saying to us graduates in his homily. It was all beautiful. A graduation ceremony was something I really wanted, after graduating highschool. It's a visible way of showing all the accomplishments and work done over twelve long years. And I really enjoyed myself in Harrisburg- thank you for making this possible for homeschooled students. I think that Graduations are very important for high schoolers, and particularly homeschoolers. Not only for the graduate's personal reasons, but for the outside world to see pictures of homeschoolers graduating just like kids who go to school. Somehow it draws respect and curiosity for homeschooling, as I am sure you know. It's a recognition of these accomplishments for the student and the parents. But standing up on that stage in my cap and gown meant more to me that I can say. (I still have my cap and gown, hanging where I can see them in my closet. I don't intend to ever throw them away.)” A student
“Our children get their shyness from me. I was so glad that public speaking wasn’t required of the students or the parents. I surely would not have gotten through the process if we had. I also loved the way that you made every member of family feel special, especially since we didn’t know anyone else when we arrived. Thank you for providing the tissues too. That was so nice of you.” A parent
“It was so wonderful to have the parents give out the diplomas. That meant so much to us. Having our entire family and the grandparents here was so special. Thank you.” A parent
“I didn’t want to do the graduation because my older siblings didn’t have the opportunity, but I’m really glad I did it. They are happy for me too and they wish they would have done it when they graduated.” A student
“We will be back again...and again. Thank you for all that you’ve done and continue to do for all of us. You are a blessing!” A parent
“Everything was just perfect. I wouldn’t change a thing.” A family
Will your graduate be there this year? We hope to see you in at graduation! For a copy of the registration form, see or call (717) 866-5425.
We encourage you to attend the Catholic Homeschool Conference & Curriculum Fair at Holy Name of Jesus Parish on Route 22 in Harrisburg on April 2, 2011. Proceeds benefit scholarships for the senior graduates.
Which students may participate

Any student completing grade 8 or 12 during this school year may attend. Students receiving diplomas from correspondence schools, diploma programs, parent-issued diplomas or any other diploma option may participate. Certificates and folders are available for purchase for families who wish to issue a diploma to their graduates for both 8th and 12th grades.

Graduation attire

8th graders dress in Sunday attire and white graduation cap with blue tassel.

12th graders dress in blue cap and gown with gold tassel over Sunday attire.

The facility is air conditioned so all graduates are expected to wear appropriate Sunday attire.

  • Prices for diploma folders or certificates, if not already arranged by parents or diploma granting source, are indicated on the form enclosed.

  • Caps, gowns, and tassels can be ordered through the attached form. We will need the height and approximate weight for the gowns of 12th grade graduates.

  • Tickets for attendance will be $5 per person or not more than $40 per family (including parents, children, and graduate). The cost is $5/additional guest (friends and relatives). The maximum number of attendees per family is 20 people, regardless of the number of graduates per family.

Volunteers needed

Would you be able to help with any aspect of the graduation-- Playing the organ? Altar servers? Coordinate the luncheon? Locating businesses or others who would be willing to grant scholarships to the graduates, etc. In order to help, volunteers can be from any part of the state and do not need to have a graduate this year, just a heart for making this day special.

Scholarships wanted

To make this day extra-special and to reward these students for their many years of hard work, we are accepting donations from businesses and philanthropic individuals who would be able to donate scholarship funds or products to the graduates, especially the seniors. Anyone wishing to set up a scholarship, should contact Ellen Kramer at the address, phone or email below. Graduates must participate in this ceremony to receive the scholarships.

Baccalaureate Mass--This Mass will fulfill the Sunday obligation.

FROM ROUTE 81 AND POINTS NORTH—Take I-83 South to the Derry Street Exit (exit 47). At the end of the ramp you will see the parish to your immediate right. Turn right onto Derry Street. There are parking lots in and behind the parish complex.

FROM ROUTE 322, THE HARRISBURG AIRPORT AND POINTS SOUTH—Take I-83 North to the Union Deposit Road Exit (exit 48). There is no exit in this direction to get to Derry Street. Turn left at the end of the ramp. Then make another left to get right back on Route 83 South. Then follow the directions above.
To participate:

If you have a student who would like to participate, registrations (one form per graduate) must be RECEIVED no later than May 1, 2011 at:

Catholic Homeschoolers of Pennsylvania

101 South College Street

Myerstown, PA 17067

Or at 717-866-5425;

Registration Form for

Baccalaureate Mass & Commencement Exercises

for 8th- & 12th-Grade Students
*First, middle and last name of student___________________________________

*Parents’ Names _______________________________________________

Address (include state and zip code)_____________________________________

*County_____________________ *Diocese___________________________

Phone number_____________________________(in case we need to contact you)

Email address_____________________________

*# of years home educated_____________*total number of children in family___

*Curriculum used: ___full-service curriculum provider (please list below)


___ parent-organized curriculum

*Brief description of student’s achievements, honors, activities, interests
*FOR SENIORS ONLY--Brief description of future plans

12th graders only--Would you be interested in:

making a speech ____ yes ______no

performing a talent ____ yes ______no


8th & 12th grade students:

Please send 2-4 pictures (candid or posed at any age, originals or electronic format only) with student and one or both of his/her parents. Photocopied photos cannot be used. Other pictures may be lovely, but this is a time to focus on photos with parent-child/family content. These pictures will be returned at the graduation or may be sent by email to If sending photos by email, please note student’s name in the subject line of the email.


Patron or congratulatory message(s) for your graduate – 10 cents per word – please include below or on back of this form. Messages limited to 3-4 sentences each.
*Please complete these sections as you would like them to appear in the graduation program. (continued on reverse)
Registration Form


The appropriate number of name tags will be available at the door under your student’s name.

Graduate(s) and immediate family

$5/person or a maximum of $40/family

# of people in immediate family_______


Your friends and extended family

# of additional guests ____ x $5/person


PLEASE NOTE: This form may be copied for use by friends and family if they would like to register on their own. However, the maximum number of attendees, including the graduate(s) and his/her family, is 20 people. This is regardless of the number of graduates per family. We apologize that there can be no exceptions to this limitation.


8th grade graduates only -- $5 per student


***12th grade graduates only -- $27 per student


Graduation attire

8th graders only—White cap, blue tassel $15 per student


12th grade graduates only

Blue cap and gown, gold tassel $30 per student


** Above diplomas to be signed by parents if you do not have one from another source.

***SENIOR DIPLOMAS: These diplomas are available for seniors whose parents are issuing the diploma to their own students who have fulfilled the graduation requirements of the Home Education Law. Diploma folders for seniors are very nice traditional vinyl folders. Diplomas from other sources may also be used. For any questions regarding the diplomas, please call Ellen at 717-866-5425.

Please check type of senior diploma desired: ____with space for notarization

____without space for notarization
Patron messages for Commencement program: 10 cents per word $________

(please attach text of message)

Please make check payable to “Catholic Homeschoolers of PA”


8th graders, please note your height (with the shoes you will wear to graduation)_______so we can pre-arrange the line up.
12th graders, please note your height ______so we can pre-arrange the line up,

and your weight________for the gown (we won’t tell, promise!)

Registrations must be RECEIVED no later than May 1, 2011. Please mail to: Catholic Homeschoolers of Pennsylvania, 101 South College Street, Myerstown, PA 17067, or at 717-866-5425;
Please attach any patron messages for the program. This may include the names of the patrons or up to a three-sentence message for the graduate and your signature (name).
Did you remember to include your 4 favorite photos (at any age) of your graduates? It is preferred that either or both parents be in the pictures, but these should be the most touchy photos that you have of the graduate. All photos will be returned unmarked and undamaged on Graduation Day. Photos may also be sent my email if they are good quality. Photocopies of pictures cannot be used.
Scholarship Form for

2010 Graduation Day

for 12th-Grade Students
For any scholarships we can arrange, graduating seniors (not 8th graders) will be given preferential consideration. To qualify for scholarships, the graduate must participate in the 2011 Commencement Exercises and this form must be postmarked no later than May 1, 2011. A typed essay of 100-300 words on the topic of “How Home Education Has Prepared Me to Live and/or Love My Catholic Faith” is strongly preferred, but not required, to be attached to this form. (Hey! You can do it!) For 8th graders, questions below refer to grades 7 and 8. For 12th graders, questions below refer to grades 9-12. Submission of this form is not a guarantee to receive a scholarship.
Graduate’s Name_______________________________________________________________________

Complete address______________________________________________________________________

Phone number________________________________________________________________________
List all organizations in which the graduate is involved. Please indicate any type of volunteer work or
positions held in each.__________________________________________________________________
List all honors or awards (scouting, community, parish, and other) that the graduate has received listing why you received that honor or award
Where have you been employed and what was your position___________________________________
College (if any) to attend after graduation (if any)____________________________________________
Career choice of the graduate____________________________________________________________
Will the graduate be ____entering the workforce right away ____entering the military

____entering the seminary ____entering a religious order

____entering college
Name any religious orders or the diocese for future priesthood or religious.
We really hope you will write something for the essay! Please mail this form and essay to Catholic Homeschoolers of PA, 101 South College Street, Myerstown PA 17067. For questions, call Ellen Kramer at (717) 866-5425.
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