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The research committee keeps a strong vigil upon the research activities of the college.

Faculty members are encouraged to take up major/minor projects. Some of the faculties are co-research guides e.g. Dr. R.k. kourav, Department of zoology, Dr. M.K. Sahu Department of mathematics. Dr.R.B.singh Head, Department of Economics has completed a minor research project sponsored by U.G.C.entitled –“construction of composite index of development of villages of Narsinghpur Block.

3.1.3 What are the measures taken by the institution to facilitate smooth progress and implementation of research schemes/ projects?

The institution encourages faculty members to apply for minor Research projects. Every department has departmental library having reference books of theire subjects. Researchers have access to these books with regard to their research topics.
3.1.4 What are the efforts made by the institution in developing scientific temper and research culture and aptitude among students?

As part of the second year syllabus, government has introduced a text dealing with English Language and Scientific temper as part of the foundation course to introduce the students to this aspect of life. With the use of innovative techniques students are encouraged to develop an analytical mind, to probe and question and argue over current issues. In order to further develop their skills, quiz, group discussions, debates, brain-storming sessions are organized by various departments. Students are motivated towards research. Facilities like library, internet are at their disposal. Expert guidance by teachers, invited lectures by eminent scholars is arranged by the concerned departments. The final year students in UG and PG have to submit project reports on different subjects. They are motivated to collect data, sieve it with the help of their respective professors, analyze it and prepare a report. This entire exercise helps them to develop a questioning mind and instills the spirit of scientific temper in them.

3.1. 5 Give details of the faculty involvement in active research (Guiding student research, leading Research Projects, engaged in individual/collaborative research activity, etc.
The faculty members actively attend conferences, publish research papers and submit minor research projects to U.G.C.
3.1.6 Give details of workshops/ training programmes/ sensitization programmes conducted/organized by the institution with focus on capacity building in terms of research and imbibing research culture among the staff and students.
2013-14 A sociological study of drug addiction among the students

2014-15 Work shop on challenges before higher education in India

2015-16 Work shop on vocational training to the students
3.1.7 Provide details of prioritized research areas and the expertise available with the institution.
Since the college is a government college, it has not prioritized any research area as it does not have the autonomy to prioritize research fields. The Professors of the college who have been sanctioned Minor Research Projects by the U.G.C. are working on different specialized areas.
3.1.8 Enumerate the efforts of the institution in attracting researchers of eminence to visit the campus and interact with teachers and students?

The Departments of the college take special pains to invite eminent scholars for lectures in their specialized field of activity. The students are motivated to have interactive sessions with the subject experts and clear their doubts and satisfy their curiosity in different subjects.

      1. What percentage of the faculty has utilized Sabbatical Leave for research activities? How has the provision contributed to improve the quality of research and imbibe research culture on the campus?

Although, Higher Education has made provision for Sabbatical Leave for research activities, none of the faculty members have availed this leave in recent times, as 95% of our faculty members have Ph.D. degrees to their credit.

      1. Provide details of the initiatives taken up by the institution in creating awareness/advocating/transfer of relative findings of research of the institution and elsewhere to students and community (lab to land)

Professors are encouraged to pursue research, guide research scholars and work on MRPs and to publish research findings in different reputed journals to make the papers available to students and community.

3.2 Resource Mobilization for Research

3.2.1 What percentage of the total budget is earmarked for research?

Give details of major heads of expenditure, financial allocation and actual utilization.
However, there is no provision for mobilization of funds for any type of research by the college, professors are encouraged to take advantage of U.G.C. Funding for minor and major research projects.
3.2.2 Is there a provision in the institution to provide seed money to the faculty for research? If so, specify the amount disbursed and the percentage of the faculty that has availed the facility in the last four years?
The institution does not have provision for seed money.
3.2.3 What are the financial provisions made available to support student research projects by students?
There are no financial provisions as research.
3.2.4 How does the various departments/units/staff of the institute interact in undertaking inter-disciplinary research? Cite examples of successful endeavors and challenges faced in organizing interdisciplinary research.

Extension lectures on different contemporary issues and problems and topics of relevant fields of studies in different subjects are organized for nurturing inter-disciplinary research among students and Professors.

3.2.5 How does the institution ensure optimal use of various equipment and research facilities of the institution by its staff and students?

In departments of science/home science equipments are put to optimal use during practical and project work. Students are encouraged to present their CCE papers through power point presentation in post graduate classes. There is incessant pressure upon the students to browse the internet to collect study material. Professors make use of

LCD projectors to make their lectures meaningful.
3.2.6 Has the institution received any special grants or finances from the industry or other beneficiary agency for developing research facility? If ‘yes’ give details.
----------- No ----------
3.2.7 Enumerate the support provided to the faculty in securing research funds from various funding agencies, industry and other organizations. Provide details of ongoing and completed projects and grants received during the last four years.
------- Nil ------

3.3 Research Facilities

3.3.1 What are the research facilities available to the students and research scholars within the campus?

  • A rich library having 35837 books/ journals/ encyclopedias.

  • A reading room with magazines and newspapers.

  • 20 Computers with internet facility.

  • All the Postgraduate departments are equipped with computers, printers and internet connectivity.

  • Well equipped Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, and Computer labs.

3.3.2 What are the institutional strategies for planning, upgrading and creating infrastructural facilities to meet the needs of researchers especially in the new and emerging areas of research?

Institutional strategies for planning, upgrading and creating infrastructure facilities to meet the needs of the research are:

  • Proposal for a new Library building has been sanctioned.

  • To further enrich the library by purchasing books, and journals on the emerging trends in research.

  • Upgrading the laboratories by procuring latest equipments.

  • To encourage faculty members to apply for minor research projects.

  • To encourage all the Professors and Head of the Departments to become research supervisors.

3.3.3 Has the institution received any special grants or finances from the industry or other beneficiary agency for developing research facilities?? If ‘yes’, what are the instruments / facilities created during the last four years.

Under the XIth Plan, for General Development Grant, funds have been received from the U.G.C. for books/journals (Rs.5 Lakhs), equipments (Rs.4,50,000 Lakhs).
3.3.4 What are the research facilities made available to the students and research scholars outside the campus / other research laboratories?
Being a government college under governance of Madhya Pradesh Higher Education it does not have any collaboration with any research centre outside. However, on the basis of mutual understanding research scholars may be given permission by other universities with the help of permission letter from the Principal of the institution.

3.3.5 Provide details on the library/ information resource center or any other facilities available specifically for the researchers?

Our college has a rich library with 35837books/ journals/ encyclopedias. Magazines and newspapers are also subscribed. The research scholars can use the reading room from 10:30 A.M. – 5:30 P.M. They can consult books, surf the internet and get print out and photocopy of study material. The Science researchers have the privilege of using the laboratories. Besides, the Professors are always prepared to help the research scholars in every possible way.
3.3.6 What are the collaborative research facilities developed/ created by the research institutes in the college. For ex. Laboratories, library, instruments, computers, new technology etc.

The library, the Postgraduate departments and the labs have facilities which can be utilized for research by the Professors, students and the research scholars.

  • Library with rich collection of books, journals, ICT facilities, xerox and printing facilities, an E-resource center equipped with 20 computers and internet connectivity.

  • Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology and Computer Labs have modern equipments, computers and internet access.

  • The postgraduate departments mainly of science, home-science, commerce have

  • postgraduate libraries and are equipped with computer, printer and internet


3.4 Research Publications and Awards

3.4.1 Highlight the major research achievements of the staff and students in terms of

  • Patents obtained and filed (process and product)

  • Original research contributing to product improvement

  • Research studies or surveys benefiting the community or improving the services

  • Research inputs contributing to new initiatives and social development

The college has plans to publish a research journal, ‘Vibrant’. The first issue is being reviewed and will very soon be in the press. The ISSN number has been acquired. Senior faculty members of the college are in the editorial board.
3.4.2 Does the Institute publish or partner in publication of research journal(s)? If ‘yes’, indicate the composition of the editorial board, publication policies and whether such publication is listed in any international database?
--------- Nil ------------
3.4.3 Give details of publications by the faculty and students:

  • Publication per faculty

  • Number of papers published by faculty and students in peer reviewed journals (national / international)

  • Number of publications listed in International Database (for Eg: Web of Science, Scopus, Humanities International Complete, Dare Database - International Social Sciences Directory, EBSCO host, etc.)

  • Monographs

  • Chapter in Books

  • Books Edited

  • Books with ISBN/ISSN numbers with details of publishers

  • Citation Index

  • SNIP

  • SJR

  • Impact factor

  • h-index




Name of Prof.






Listed in International database


In Books













3.4.4 Provide details (if any) of

  • research awards received by the faculty

  • recognition received by the faculty from reputed professional bodies and agencies, nationally and internationally

  • incentives given to faculty for receiving state, national and international recognitions for research contributions.

--------- Nil ------------

3.5 Consultancy

3.5.1 Give details of the systems and strategies for establishing institute-industry interface?

The Career Guidance Cell of the college organized job fairs in which reputed

companies were invited to select students for interview and jobs. However, due to the traditional values of the community, students though selected, were not allowed by their families to join their jobs.
3.5.2 What is the stated policy of the institution to promote consultancy? How is the available expertise advocated and publicized?

Ours is a government college and there is no stated policy of the government in its colleges to promote consultancy. Whatever consultancy is extended by the Professors is given at the personal level without gaining any income from it. Some of the Professors of the college are working in some committees of the university, they are also members of the editorial board of M.P. Granth Academy and some have an active role in curriculum designing.A few professors are inducted into the district administration during elections and have a vital role to play.

The N.S.S., and Youth Red Cross units extend consultancy services through their camps, regular activities and awareness campaigns about AIDS, Women Empowerment, Hygiene and Cleanliness, Literacy, Voter’s Awareness in the villages
3.5.3 How does the institution encourage the staff to utilize their expertise and available facilities for consultancy services?
Those Professors, who are actively involved in curriculum designing and work as members of Board of studies use their position to work the situation to the advantage of students. Those involved in Election activities get plenty of exposure in their respective spheres and their experience can be turned to the advantage of students. The teachers are willing and eager to share their experience with the staff and students. Workshops at the college level are organized and through power point presentations each experience is shared with the staff and students thus bringing awareness.

The college motivates the staff to utilize their expertise for consultancy services by networking with institutions, organizations and other agencies.

3.5.4 List the broad areas and major consultancy services provided by the institution and the revenue generated during the last

four years.
The consultancy services are voluntary. There is no revenue generation. Some of faculty members are actively involved in elections as master trainers and fulfill their responsibilities to the best of their ability.

3.5.5 What is the policy of the institution in sharing the income generated through consultancy (staff involved: Institution) and its use for institutional development?

The consultancy services are voluntary. There is no revenue generation. Some of faculty members are actively involved in elections as master trainers and fulfill their responsibilities to the best of their ability.

3.6 Extension Activities and Institutional Social Responsibility

3.6.1 How does the institution promote institution-neighbourhood- community network and student engagement, contributing to good citizenship, service orientation and holistic development of students?

The college is a government college catering to the needs of the students of Gadarwara town and the adjacent villages. All the sections of the society are benefitted from the college. The backward, marginal sections are given priority in admission as the college follows the reservation policy of the government. Students of the backward castes and the poor are provided scholarships by the Government to enable them to continue their studies.

  • The college by providing education in different streams like Arts, Commerce and Science, Home-Science is creating professionally competent human resource to work for the national progress and to face the global challenges.

  • The Youth Red Cross unit of the college regularly organizes health camps in which

  • Professors and students are benefitted.

  • AIDS awareness campaign was also organized by N.S.S.

  • Through extension activity programmes, lectures are organized on various subjects related to gender awareness, rights of women in society, health and hygiene, to create awareness among students and spread the message to society in a big way by taking help from the media.

3.6.2 What is the Institutional mechanism to track students’ involvement in various social movements / activities which promote citizenship roles?

Role of students in various social movements/activities to promote citizenship is ensured by their participation in, N.S.S. and Youth Red Cross/Red Ribbon activities organized round the year.

  • unit ensures participation of the cadets in regular parades, Annual camp, Basic Leadership Camp, Advance Leadership Camp etc. to promote citizenship roles and responsibilities in them.

  • Volunteers of the N.S.S. are encouraged to participate in AIDS Awareness Campaign through the Red Ribbon Club, Voter’s Awareness Campaign, Environmental Awareness, Save the Girl Child campaigns. These activities promote citizenship roles and responsibility in the students.

  • Days of national importance and anniversaries of the Great personalities are organized to acquaint the students about the teachings and contributions to the society.

  • Personality Development Cell organizes lectures on various themes which groom the attitude of the students towards self upliftment and motivate them to work for the betterment of society.

3.6.3 How does the institution solicit stakeholder perception on the overall performance and quality of the institution?

Under the XIth Plan, for General Development Grant, funds have been received from the U.G.C. for books/journals (Rs.5 Lakhs), equipments (Rs.4,50,000 Lakhs).
3.6.4 How does the institution plan and organize its extension and outreach programmes? Providing the budgetary details for last four years, list the major extension and outreach programmes and their impact on the overall development of students.
Being a government college under governance of Madhya Pradesh Higher Education it does not have any collaboration with any research centre outside. However, on the basis of mutual understanding research scholars may be given permission by other universities with the help of permission letter from the Principal of the institution.
3.6.5 How does the institution promote the participation of students and faculty in extension activities including participation in NSS, NCC, YRC and other National/ International agencies?
Our college has a rich library with 35837 books/ journals/ encyclopedias. Magazines and newspapers are also subscribed. There are 20 computers with internet facility for browsing and data collection. The research scholars can use the reading room from 10:30 A.M. – 5:30 P.M. They can consult books, surf the internet and get print out and photocopy of study material. The Science researchers have the privilege of using the laboratories. Besides, the Professors are always prepared to help the research scholars in every possible way.
3.6.6 Give details on social surveys, research or extension work (if any) undertaken by the college to ensure social justice and empower students from under-privileged and vulnerable sections of society?
The library, the Postgraduate departments and the labs have facilities which can be utilized for research by the Professors, students and the research scholars.

  • Library with rich collection of books, journals, ICT facilities, xerox and printing facilities, an E-resource center equipped with 20 computers and internet connectivity.

  • Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology and Computer Labs have modern equipments, computers and internet access.

  • The postgraduate departments mainly of science, home-science, commerce have

  • postgraduate libraries and are equipped with computer, printer and internet connection.

3.6.7 Reflecting on objectives and expected outcomes of the extension activities organized by the institution, comment on how they complement students’ academic learning experience and specify the values and skills inculcated.
The college intends to educate its students in order to increase their competency in their respective spheres of study. Apart from laying stress upon academic excellence, the college also organizes a number of extension activities for the benefit of the students. It organizes plantation programmes, Annual NSS camp, and several awareness activities like AIDS awareness, literacy drive, cleanliness, save the girl child, drug addiction to inculcate the sense of social and national service among its students in order to make them better citizens and human beings.

Workshops are planned to teach students the art of repairing mobile and computer art of fruit preservation, jam making. This training helps them to think in terms of self- employment.

3.6.8 How does the institution ensure the involvement of the community in its reach out activities and contribute to the community development? Detail on the initiatives of the institution that encourage community participation in its activities?

The NSS, Red Cross and YRC organize different camps in which students from all the sections including vulnerable ones participate. Through these camps efforts are made to enthuse confidence in the under privileged and vulnerable sections of the society.

  • Health check up camps are organized by Youth Red Cross/Red Ribbon regularly to instill the spirit of community service in the students.

  • Women harassment prevention cell, Anti-ragging cell, Grievance Redressal cell ensures that equal opportunities and rights will be provided to all the students irrespective of their caste and social status. Complaints regarding any gender- based, class- based discrimination is taken seriously.

  • The College prepares a detailed data of the students admitted and provides scholarships to all the SC / ST/OBC students and financial assistance to the poor students of general category.

  • Traffic Week is organized every year by the college to instill awareness of Traffic Rules among students. Role plays/skits, debate, essay competition, poster presentation are organized to illustrate the subject and highlight its significance in community service.

3.6.9 Give details on the constructive relationships forged (if any) with other institutions of the locality for working on various outreach and extension activities.

During camps organized by N.S.S., significant members of society are invited to share their views on the nature of the camp and its significance. Cadets attending camps come into contact with cadets and officers from different regions and a healthy interaction takes place. Eminent resource persons from different walks of life are invited under extension programmes to enlighten the students on health, environment, moral values, social responsibilities and personality upliftment.

3.6.10 Give details of awards received by the institution for extension activities and/contributions to the social/community development during the last four years.

3.7 Collaboration
3.7.1 How does the institution collaborate and interact with research laboratories, institutes and industry for research activities. Cite examples and benefits accrued of the initiatives - collaborative research, staff exchange, sharing facilities and equipment, research scholarships etc.
There is no such established plan or programme of collaboration with research laboratories, institutes and industry for research activities. However, students are taken on educational tours by the various departments to nearby industries and plants to enlighten them about the significant plants of our region.

With mutual consent and letter from the Principal of the institution research scholars maybe permitted to avail research facilities of other colleges. The affiliating University permits the research scholars to use their library and other research facilities.

3.7.2 Provide details on the MoUs/collaborative arrangements (if any) with institutions of national importance/other universities/ industries/Corporate (Corporate entities) etc. and how they have contributed to the development of the institution.

There are no such collaborative arrangements. However, those Professors who are handling Major/ Minor Projects visit other universities, industries, corporate houses as per requirement and share their experience with the staff and students.

3.7.3 Give details (if any) on the industry-institution-community interactions that have contributed to the establishment / creation/up-gradation of academic facilities, student and staff support, infrastructure facilities of the institution viz. laboratories / library/ new technology /placement services etc.
Vivekananda Career Guidance and Placement Cell is effectively functioning in the college. It organizes lectures by eminent people. Job fairs were organized and students were selected by visiting companies.
3.7.4 Highlighting the names of eminent scientists/participants who contributed to the events, provide details of national and international conferences organized by the college during the

last four years.

3.7.5 How many of the linkages/collaborations have actually resulted in formal MoUs and agreements ? List out the activities and beneficiaries and cite examples (if any) of the established linkages that enhanced and/or facilitated -

a) Curriculum development/enrichment b) Internship/ On-the-job training

c) Summer placement

d) Faculty exchange and professional development e) Research

f) Consultancy g) Extension

h) Publication

i) Student Placement

j) Twinning programmes

k) Introduction of new courses l) Student exchange

m) Any other
3.7.6 Detail on the systemic efforts of the institution in planning, establishing and implementing the initiatives of the linkages/ collaborations.
Any other relevant information regarding Research, Consultancy and Extension which the college would like to include.
Faculty members of the college are encouraged to attend seminars, supervise research, organize and deliver extension lectures and to invite regularly personnel from industry and other job providing organizations to guide and provide jobs to its students . Members of the faculty have visited universities to attend seminars and present papers.

The college aims to involve maximum of its faculty members in supervising and carrying out research. Professors are encouraged to take up Major/Minor research projects.

It aims to invite more eminent academicians for delivering extension lecture.

Faculty members of the college are invited as experts and resource persons in other institutions and share their experience with society.

NSS , Red Cross, Youth Red Cross/Red Ribbon units of the college will continue to organize more camps and participate in various social activities to create awareness among the masses in society.

4.1 Physical Facilities
4.1.1 What is the policy of the Institution for creation and enhancement of infrastructure that facilitate effective teaching

and learning?

Our College is known not only for good quality education but for its excellent performance in curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activities for which the college makes sincere and committed efforts to expand the infrastructure with the growing needs of the institution.

4.1.2 Detail the facilities available for

  1. Curricular and co-curricular activities – classrooms, technology enabled learning spaces, seminar halls, tutorial spaces, laboratories, botanical garden, Animal house, specialized facilities and equipment for teaching, learning and research etc.

b) Extra –curricular activities – sports, outdoor and indoor games, gymnasium, auditorium, NSS, cultural activities, Public speaking, communication skills development, yoga, health and hygiene etc.





Well lighted and ventilated spacious classrooms



Computer Lab.



Smart class with interactive board


Laboratories(Physics, Chemistry, Botany, , Zoology, Home Sc.)

12 (UG+PG)


Laboratories(Physics, Chemistry, Botany, , Zoology, Home Sc.)

12 (UG+PG)





Laser Printers



Multi-function Printers



Digital Copiers



LCD Projectors



Interactive Boards



Principal’s Cabin



Administrative Office (fully automated)



Admission counter



Semester Cell (Fully automated )



NAAC Cell(Equipped with 03 computer, printer 03 , and Internet Connectivity with Wi-Fi facility)



UGC Cell(Equipped with 01 computer, printer and Internet connectivity)



IQAC Cell(Equipped with 01 computer, printer and Internet/WiFi connectivity)



NSS room(Equipped with 01 computer and printer)



Career Counselling/Skill Development Cell (equipped with one desktop, one Laptop, one printer and one multi-functional photo copier)



Department with independent rooms (equipped with computer, printers, LCD projector excluding History,Hindi ,English, Psychology Departments)



Girls’ Common Room (with separate toilet facility)



Toilet/Wash rooms- ( 1 each for girls, for male teaching/non-teaching staff and for female teaching/non-teaching staff)



Library (240 sq. Metres)



Reading room



Sports Complex






Staff room for teachers



Open air stage



Vehicle Parking Stand






Staff Quarter



Principal Bungalow



Old Hostel (64 Inmates, with TV, computer and internet facility)



Museum in Zoology Department


4.1.3 How does the institution plan and ensure that the available infrastructure is in line with its academic growth and is optimally utilized? Give specific examples of the facilities developed/augmented and the amount spent during the last four years (Enclose the Master Plan of the Institution / campus and indicate the existing physical infrastructure and the future planned expansions if any).
‘Bhavan Nirman, Anurakshan evam Suraksha Samiti’ (Building construction, maintainence and security committee) and ‘Janbhagidari Samiti’ (Peoples participatory committee) are certain committees responsible for the extension of the infrastructure facilities. To augment the infrastructure and to keep pace with it, proposals are being sent to the Government.
4.1.4 How does the institution ensure that the infrastructure facilities meet the requirements of students with physical disabilities?
The college administration is sensitive to the problems and needs of the physically disabled students. Ramp has been constructed at the entrance of the college.
4.1.5 Give details on the residential facility and various provisions available within them:

Hostel Facility – Accommodation available

Recreational facilities, gymnasium, yoga center, etc.

Computer facility including access to internet in hostel

Facilities for medical emergencies

Library facility in the hostels

Internet and Wi-Fi facility

Recreational facility-common room with audio-visual equipments

Available residential facility for the staff and occupancy Constant supply of safe drinking water


4.1.6 What are the provisions made available to students and staff in terms of health care on the campus and off the campus?
There are two types of health care facilities. First category includes health awareness programmers, which are conducted regularly especially for the students. The second category includes tie up of college with Physician Association and Red Cross Society which are in close vicinity of the college. Their services are available on priority to the staff and students of the college. Other facilities are as follow:-

  • The sports and N.S.S. departments are equipped with First Aid facilities for emergency services.

  • During the state level and national level tournaments sports meets, services of medical staff is also made available.

  • Health check-up camps are organized for the students.

  • Medical leaves and reimbursement of medical bills is provided to the teachers as per the rules of the state government.

  • Female employees are provided maternity, child care leave as per the rules of the state government.

  • There is provision of Paternity leave for male employeesas per the rules of the state government.

  • All the teachers, non-teaching staff and students of the college are covered under Group Insurance Scheme.

4.1.7 Give details of the Common Facilities available on the campus

–spaces for special units like IQAC, Grievance Redressal unit, Women’s Cell, Counselling and Career Guidance, Placement Unit, recreational spaces for staff and students, safe drinking water facility, auditorium, etc.
The college provides the following basic facilities to its staff and students:

  • One separate room for IQAC .

  • One separate room for semester cell.

  • A Career Guidance and Placement Cell is working in the college.

  • A Student Grievance Redressal Committee is functioning in the college. A suggestion box is kept in front of the Principal’s office.

  • A Women’s Harassment Prevention Committee has been functioning in the college.

  • A Disabled Equal Opportunities Preservation Committee has been functioning effectively in the college.

  • There is a facility of a separate common room for college students.

  • Separate parking stand for two wheelers and four wheelers are provided for parking vehicles.

  • Library has a reading room which provides various magazines and newspapers for reading.

  • Facility of an indoor separate table-tennis room is provided in the sports complex.

  • Basketball, volleyball, kho-kho, kabbadi grounds are also available in the college campus. Proposals for new grounds for Basketball, volleyball, kho-kho, kabbadi is in the pipeline.

  • Separate toilets are available for the students.

  • A common staff room is available for the staff members.

  • One open air stage and one stage in a hall to organize various programmes, are available in the campus.

  • A lush-green garden is maintained in the campus.

  • Well-equipped Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Home Sc. and a Computer lab.

  • An e-resource centre equipped with 20 computers, 1 printer, 02 photocopiers, facility and Wi-Fi connectivity has been established in the college library.

  • One smart class with interactive board and ppt presentation facility.

  • All corridors and the entrance of the college are under surveillance of CCTV camera.

4.2 Library as a Learning Resource

4.2.1 Does the library have an Advisory Committee? Specify the composition of such a committee. What significant initiatives have been implemented by the committee to render the library, student/user friendly?

Yes ,Our Institute gives top priority to the library. The college has a very effective and efficient Advisory Committeecomprising the Principal, one senior most professor, 4 faculty members and the librarian. The advisory committee holds its meeting time to time to discuss the annual budget of the library, infrastructure and other requirements including purchase of new books, journals, magazines, newspapers and the human resource requirement so that library is utilized maximum for the benefits of the students and the staff.Computer with internet facility has been installed and the users get the information with the help of the library computer namely as E-VACHNALAYA.

4.2.2 Provide details of the following:

  • Total area of the library (in Sq. Mts.)

  1. Hall1 800sqft

  2. Librarian Room 80sqft

  3. Reading Room 200sqft

  • Total seating capacity

  • Working hours (on working days, on holidays, before examination days, during examination days, during vacation)

10:30AM To 05:30PM on all working Days except holidays

  • Layout of the library (individual reading carrels, lounge area for browsing and relaxed reading, IT zone for accessing e-resources)

  1. Hall1 800sqft

  2. Librarian Room 80sqft

  3. Reading Room 200sqft

4.2.3 How does the library ensure purchase and use of current titles, print and e-journals and other reading materials? Specify the amount spent on procuring new books, journals and e-resources during the last four years.

The Principal of the college circulates a notice and requisitions for books are invited from all the head of departments. Every department of the college is asked to submit the lists of books, magazines and journals to be purchased with reference to new syllabi and current needs of the students. The lists are forwarded to the librarian. The librarian on the recommendations of the college purchase committee does all purchases for it. Sealed quotations are invited as per government rules by circulating the tender notification in renowned national as well as local newspapers. The library follows the purchase rules of M.P.Govt.
The amount spent on procuring new books etc. during the last four years is as under:

Library holdings

Year -2012-13

Year – 2013-14

Year – 2014-15

Year – 2015-16













Text books









Reference Books









Journals/ Periodicals


















Any other










4.2.4 Provide details on the ICT and other tools deployed to provide maximum access to the library collection?

  • OPAC

  • Electronic Resource Management package for e-journals

  • Federated searching tools to search articles in multiple databases

  • Library Website

  • In-house/remote access to e-publications

  • Library automation

  • Total number of computers for public access

  • Total numbers of printers for public access

  • Internet band width/ speed √ 2mbps 10 mbps 1 gb(GB)

  • Institutional Repository

  • Content management system for e-learning

  • Participation in Resource sharing networks/consortia (likeInflibnet)

4.2.5 Provide details on the following items:

  • Average number of walk-ins

  • Average number of books issued/returned

  • Ratio of library books to students enrolled

  • Average number of books added during last three years

  • Average number of login to opac (OPAC)

  • Average number of login to e-resources

  • Average number of e-resources downloaded/printed

  • Number of information literacy trainings organized

  • Details of “weeding out” of books and other materials

4.2.6 Give details of the specialized services provided by the library

  • Manuscripts

  • Reference

  • Reprography

  • ILL (Inter Library Loan Service)

  • Information deployment and notification (InformationDeployment and Notification)

  • Download

  • Printing

  • Reading list/ Bibliography compilation

  • In-house/remote access to e-resources

  • User Orientation and awareness

  • Assistance in searching Databases

  • INFLIBNET/IUC facilities

4.2.7 Enumerate on the support provided by the Library staff to the students and teachers of the college.
Our college has limited Library staff comprising one Librarian, one Asst.Librarian &three temporary staff. Library staff is helpful and cooperative for students and teachers. All the bonafide students, members of teaching and non-teaching staff of the college are the members of the college library. The staff provides the list of catalogues of various publishers to teachers so that new and relevant books can be purchased for library. The students are helped by the library staff to access the books they desire, they issue books to students and staffs, maintain the old university examination paper bank for student.

4.2.8 What are the special facilities offered by the library to the visually/physically challenged persons? Give details.

Such students are given priority for issuing the books. Physically challenged students are given extra attention in the library. These students are helped by the library staff on priority basis. No brail and audio books are available in the library.
4.2.9 Does the library get the feedback from its users? If yes, how is it analyzed and used for improving the library services. (What strategies are deployed by the Library to collect feedback from users? How is the feedback analyzed and used for further improvement of the library services?)
Yes, the library gets feedback from the students. Suggestion box kept in the library is checked by the librarian time to time. There is a feedback form which is given to the final year students and this feedback form is analyzed by the library committee. Good suggestions and recommendations are discussed and further followed accordingly.

4.3 IT Infrastructure

4.3.1. Give details on the computing facility available (hardware and software) at the institution.

  • Number of computers with Configuration (provide actual number with exact configuration of each available system)

  • Computer-student ratio

  • Stand alone facility

  • LAN facility

  • Wifi facility

  • Licensed software

  • Number of nodes/ computers with Internet facility

  • Any other

4.3.2 Detail on the computer and internet facility made available to the faculty and students on the campus and off-campus?

  • Almost all the Post-Graduate departments of Science, Home Sc. and Commerce have been provided 01 computer, 1 multi-functional printer with internet connectivity with the software windows XP.

  • The faculty as well as students of the P.G. classes use this facility.

  • Faculty members can download the material from the internet and can take print outs of study material for the students.

  • Vivekananda Career Guidance Cell has been organizing short-term training programmes for the teachers, office staff and the students.

  • Library of the college has an e-resource centre equipped with20 computers and Wi-Fi internet connection.

  • The library is provided with Inflibnet facilities to be used by the staff, research-scholars and students to have an open access to e-resources including books and journals.

4.3.3 What are the institutional plans and strategies for deploying and upgrading the IT infrastructure and associated facilities?

  • Use of smart mobiles for teaching and transferring other information. (Department of higher education, Govt. of M. P. is going to provide smart phones to all students)

  • We are publishing e-Newsletter for routine information.

  • Soon the college campus is going to have WI-FI facility.

  • The college website has been created and updated.

4.3.4 Provide details on the provision made in the annual budget for procurement, upgradation, deployment and maintenance of the computers and their accessories in the institution (Year

wise for last four years)
The computers and the E-facilities are maintained regularly. Tenders are invited for the maintenance and an hardware expert takes care of the computers as per the demand of the various departments and is paid as per the repairing and maintenance done by him. The following funds have been spent on the maintenance and repairing from the Janbhagidari committee:
1 ) 2011-2012- 1998/-

2) 2012-2013 - 5663/-

3) 2013-2014 - 5466/-

4) 2014-2015 - 15627/-

4.3.5 How does the institution facilitate extensive use of ICT resources including development and use of computer-aided teaching/ learning materials by its staff and students?

Extensive use of ICT resources are-

The College has established one computer lab, in Commerce department. Internet facility has been provided in the administrative office, library, almost all departments/cells have computers. Library, office and IQAC also avail Wi-Fi facility. We are working on creating Wi-Fi campus. Power point presentation is frequently used by the teachers and students of PG programmes. The teachers also bring in the use of the audio-visual aids. We have a smart class with interactive board for teaching and other academic programmes.
4.3.6 Elaborate giving suitable examples on how the learning activities and technologies deployed (access to on-line teaching

- learning resources, independent learning, ICT enabled classrooms/learning spaces etc.) by the institution place the student at the centre of teaching-learning process and render the role of a facilitator for the teacher.
Learning activities are done directly in the class room. Whenever required, the PG departments which do not have smart class facilities make use of the facility of those departments where updated teaching & learning tools are available through computer & internet.
4.3.7 Does the Institution avail of the National Knowledge Network connectivity directly or through the affiliating university? If so, what are the services availed of?
The College does not avail the facility of National Knowledge Network Connectivity.

4.4 Maintenance of Campus Facilities

4.4.1 How does the institution ensure optimal allocation and utilization of the available financial resources for maintenance and upkeep of the following facilities (substantiate your statements by providing details of budget allocated during last

four years)?













Any other

4.4.2 What are the institutional mechanisms for maintenance and upkeep of the infrastructure, facilities and equipment of the


The college has initiated provisions for periodic checks of the facilities and equipments of the college. There is a physical verification of each and every department at the end of the year. The repairing and replacement is covered through the budgets allocated from UGC, state govt., and Janbhagidari samiti.The institution has maintenance contract for the following facilities/equipments like Computing & Networking facilities, Water purifiers, CCTVs, Projectors . Regular audit of the infrastructure is carried out by the Principal and the Coordinator of the IQAC along with the support staff. In addition, architects and professionals having expertise in the area of infrastructure are invited for an overall review which is carried out through a structural audit.

4.4.3 How and with what frequency does the institute take up calibration and other precision measures for the equipment/ instruments?

Yes. We carry out the precision and calibration time to time.
1) Servicing of Water Coolers is done periodically.

2) Servicing of Computers and Printers is done every fortnight.

3) RO Water Filters are serviced regularly.

4)The lab equipments, computers, printers etc. are regularly maintained, repaired

whenever required. Enough budget provisions are made to cover the cost of repairing.
4.4.4 What are the major steps taken for location, upkeep and maintenance of sensitive equipment (voltage fluctuations, constant supply of water etc.)?
The sensitive equipments like generators, computers and lab equipments are kept and stored in safe places. The committees keep an eye on the operation and maintenance of sensitive equipments like electricity generators and other instruments. Voltage Stabilizers used for maintenance of sensitive equipment from Voltage fluctuation. For constant water supply our college has connection of water supply from public health department as well as tube-well water supply. Their repair or replacement or another required upkeep is fully undertaken in their supervision. Water Pump is Available in the Building. Overhead Water Tanks are cleaned every fortnight. Bleaching Powder & Alum is added once in a month in the Overhead Water Tanks. We have RO for Pure Water Supply on every floor of the building. We have a huge generator of 5 KVA single phase. There is a separate room/shed for the safe storage of generator. Periodically, contract is given to private firms for repairing the entire furniture of the college. Water coolers are maintained by the company from which they are purchased.

5.1 Student Mentoring and Support
5.1.1 Does the institution publish its updated prospectus/handbook annually? If ‘yes’, what is the information provided to students through these documents and how does the institution ensure its commitment and accountability?

The Prospectus of the college has been updated uptill 2012.when admission procedure was manual.after 2012 admission procedure was transform to centralized online system .

Hence the usual prosprectus publication has been discontinued and in it place all relevant informations regarding college e.g. fee structure ,courses being run in the college ,various committees are given through the college margin.

  • All information regarding number of courses, including self-finance courses and number of seats per course is mentioned in it. For undergraduate courses the various combinations offered by the faculties is highlighted.

  • Rules of Online Admission and its details are given therein.

  • There is all valid information regarding different scholarships and schemes provided by the government.

  • Fee structure of regular as well as self-finance courses are clearly marked.

  • Committees dedicated towards students’ welfare are also listed in the prospectus.

  • List of admission committees, staff list of the college is provided in the prospectus.

  • Government Academic calendar for the current session is also given in the prospectus.

  • Details about Library facility is also mentioned in the prospectus.

5.1.2 Specify the type, number and amount of institutional scholarships / freeships given to the students during the last four years and whether the financial aid was available and disbursed on time?

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