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KEYWORDS: Genealogy, Aden, Nancy Aden, Nancy L. Aden, Nancy Lee Aden, N. L. Aden, Griesel, Nancy Griesel, Nancy Aden Griesel, Nancy L. Griesel, Nancy Lee Griesel, N. L. Griesel, Jewett, Nancy Jewett, Nancy L. Jewett, Nancy Lee Jewett, N. L. Jewett, Felix, Nancy Felix, Nancy L. Felix, Nancy Lee Felix, N. L. Felix, Nancy Aden Felix, Robert Felix, Robert G. Felix, Robert George Felix, R. G. Felix, Michael Felix, Mike Felix, Clifford Aden, Clifford E. Aden, Clifford Ennen Aden, Carlin Aden, Karla Aden, Carla Aden, Gary Aden, Gary C. Aden, John Ennen Aden, Ennen Hinrichs Aden, Sutich, Bryant, Daniel Boone, Sarah Cassandra Boone, Rohn, Hunter, Rethmeier, Theodora Rethmeier, Culley, Marion Culley, Charles Culley, Herb Culley, Robert Bruce Culley, Robert Griesel, Robert G. Griesel, R. G. Griesel, Gerald Griesel, Auckland, Parnell, Laurie Ave, Laurie Avenue, North Shore, North Shore Hospital, art design, Pamela Moss, Planning Office, University of Auckland, ITS, Information Technology Services, Auckland Domain, Auckland Museum, The War Museum, Auckland War Museum, Ayr, Ayr Reserve, Ayr St., Ayr Street, Parnell Rd., Parnell Road, North Island, Sarah Newlove, Auckland Hospital, SEMG, Surface Electromyography, Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, Kinder House, Ewelme Cottage, Ewelme Garden, Jubilee Building, Parnell Mainstreet, Bishops Court, Thomas Lane, Adventure Cycles, John Brown, Royal Society of New Zealand, Aeroview Investments, Ted Mason,


The Genealogy and one Complete Branch of the Family Tree, going all the way

back to Adam and Eve, of Nancy (Aden) Felix, Wife of Robert G. Felix and

Mother of Michael Noel Felix, all of Parnell, Auckland, New Zealand

-- Part II - The “Short” Genealogical Narrative

Nancy (Aden) Felix – Spring 1962 at age 17

To the Residents of Auckland and Parnell, NEW ZEALAND ( Develop this Version )

My name is Paul. I live in the state of Michigan in the Great Lakes region of the northeastern United States with my wife and daughter. I have known various members of the Aden family since September 1957. I first met Nancy Aden in September 1960 when she and I were both starting the 11th grade in the same public high school and were classmates in the same high school chemistry class. I have always had a special interest in sociology, especially as it applies to genetic genealogy, and over the ensuing months and years I have found Nancy and her entire family to be absolutely fascinating from a sociological and psychological perspective. I proceeded to become best friends with Nancy and better acquainted with several other members of her extended family. I explained to various members of the extended Aden family that I wanted to do their genealogy and just what I had in mind, and they were gracious enough to share much of their family history and genealogy with me. This genealogy and narrative is but a tiny portion of the exciting story of Nancy (Aden) Felix, her parents, and some of her relatives with brief glimpses into their lives. It includes one branch of their extensive and fascinating genealogy and family tree as best as I could put it together over a period of about 50 years with the help of several existing Aden genealogies and Nancy’s parents as well as three other members of the older generation of the extended Aden family clan, and many related genealogies that I found on the Internet. My role in this genealogy, as an outside friend of the family, was primarily one of gathering, compiling, and assembling the available information that was provided to me rather than one of my doing any significant amount of original genealogical research.

You may be wondering why I would want to do the genealogy of a friend of mine. This is not an ordinary genealogy. It combines genetics with genealogy. If a person is a member of the mediocre masses of humanity and wanted me to do a genetics genealogy, I would have to turn him down. I cannot track the average genetics through genealogy of a person with average intelligence and who is pretty much average in every other respect. More than ninety percent of all of us fall into the category of being “pretty much average” – give or take a little. But if a person has one arm that is two feet longer than the other, and one of his parents has the same genetic defect, and a grandparent has the same defect, then I have a unique personal characteristic that I can trace through the many paths of his family tree for as far back as I can find references to it. Nancy and many of her ancestors on her father’s family tree were exceptionally gifted genetically, some were famous or very successful in life, AND there was an extensive amount of genealogical information available about many of them on the Internet.
I need your help. In more recent years the senior members of the Aden family with whom I have been working for the last fifty years have either passed on or have become very old and are no longer mentally active or interested in further effort in these genealogical activities, thus my work is done. They requested that I make this work available to any Aden or Bryant descendants who might be interested in it and specifically, they wanted me to make sure the descendants of Nancy’s parents, Clifford and Dorothy Aden, who are living in Auckland receive a copy of this genealogy. They are “Nancy Aden Felix, her husband, Robert G. Felix, and their son, Michael Noel Felix.

Nancy moved (item 1) from the state of Washington in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States with her third husband, Robert G. Felix, to Parnell, Auckland, New Zealand in the mid 1970’s, and they now have a son, Michael Noel Felix, who was born in Auckland on either 10 May or 05 October 1982.

I told Nancy’s father, Clifford, and a close, older relative with whom I worked on the Internet for many years that I would pass on the genealogical work that we had accomplished to Nancy and/or her family in Auckland. Since Nancy has not shown any interest in her own family genealogy, I feel that it is more likely that one or both her husband, Robert, and / or their son, Michael would be interested in it and I would like to give them the opportunity of examining it for themselves and making up their own minds, by passing this genealogical information and family narrative history including a number of family photos from the 1960’s on to them. I believe they would appreciate having it. If you know either of them, would you please be so kind and alert them to the existence of this web site and information? Robert and Nancy live in Parnell, Auckland, New Zealand on Laurie Avenue with their two-story home positioned on the favored north side of Laurie Ave with its northern boundary right on Ayr Reserve. Laurie Avenue is located north off Ayr Street, immediately east of the intersection of Ayr Street and Parnell Road. Their home is a short 0.6 km walk east from the Auckland War Memorial Museum in the Auckland Domain. Michael Felix should have completed his education at the university where he was majoring in “art design”, and since he was born in 1982, he is likely to be living on his own by now. It is rumored from Nancy’s relatives in the States that he may have taken a job outside of New Zealand.

One additional factor is also influencing me to try to pass this genealogical information along to Robert and/or Michael Felix. I am a retired former professional engineer, and I must begin deciding which of my possessions to get rid of or take to the grave with me when my time is up, and what I should pass on for the benefit of others. I believe this genealogy and narrative family history along with numerous family photos of the Aden family are worthy of preserving and passing on to those Aden family members and descendants who might appreciate them.

Versions of this Genealogy: This genealogical narrative is the second part of a 4-part, 235+ page document that is the “short version” of this genealogy that had been edited for the Internet. The four parts are as follows:
Part I: The Introduction to this Genealogy: It also includes an analysis of the intra-family politics that existed

among the descendants of John Ennen Aden and Freda Gertrude Bryant towards one another in the last half of

the 1900’s as it shows up in the Aden genealogy that was done by Carlin Aden and his younger sister, Wanda

(Aden) Sutich as explained to me by Wanda. While it sheds a significant amount of light and understanding on the Aden genealogy by Carlin and Wanda, it is also less than complementary towards several members of the Pacific Northwest branch of the Aden clan. And for that reason, I am going to hold off putting it on the Internet for a couple of years and wait and see if I receive any other instructions from any of the three Aden/Felix family members living in Auckland, New Zealand.
Part II: The Genealogical Narrative: THIS PART Two lengthy narratives describing in detail the functional and dysfunctional extended Aden family and my interest in them from a sociological perspective. This is the only one of the four parts with two different versions, a short one for the Internet and a much longer one for the family. I am putting the short version on the Internet now and if I do not hear from any of the Aden / Felix family members living in Auckland with instructions as to how they would like for me to handle the long narrative version, I will put the considerably longer and much more detailed version on the Internet in a couple of years along with Part I. Most of the various Aden family photos from the 1960’s and other photos are contained in the narratives of Part II. The longer, private version contains more photos and photocopies of a number of letters written to me by Nancy and various other members of the Aden extended family.
Part III: The Genealogical Charts. Part III traces one branch of the Aden family ancestry from Adam and Eve, through the Holy Family, thence on to Charlemagne and the royal families of early Europe, through three Bishops and Arch Bishops of the Catholic Church, through Daniel Boone, thence on to Nancy Aden Felix and her son, Michael Felix, who are both living in Auckland. It also mentions important points in the history of the Church that are relevant to this genealogy. At the end is a technical article describing the uses of DNA in genealogy, and some of the Carlin Aden genealogy, which was a prime source of information for my genealogy of the Aden family along with personal interviews with Carlin and other Aden family members. Part III is the same in both the long and short versions.
Part IV: Memories of Growing up in the 1950’s and 1960’s: This has almost nothing to do with this genealogy. The information and memories are mostly my own, but many were provided to me by people whom I interviewed for this genealogy including some members of the extended Aden family. These memories provide the reader with a better idea of what life was like for those of us who grew up in the middle 1900’s. They are the same in both versions.
I have removed several items and paragraphs of information of a more private, personal, or sensitive nature from the “medium length version” in various locations of the narrative for this genealogy out of respect for the Aden and Felix families. The removed parts are listed, for example, as [ Item #2 ], and are logged in another document in such a manner that I can easily retrieve and re-insert the removed information.

The long version of the narrative portion of this genealogy of the Aden family” contains an additional 70-100 typewritten pages of narrative material containing descriptions of some of the recent Aden family history, activities, anecdotes, and memories, as well as letters and emails to me from various members of the extended Aden family, mostly from or for the period of 1962 to September 1970, and a number of additional family photos, mostly from the period of January 1962 to September 1962 that both Robert and Michael Felix might want to have. I have inquired several times of Nancy in my annual Christmas letter and Christmas card to Robert and Nancy as to how she would like me to transmit this information to them. She has never expressed any opposition to my just going ahead and putting it all (the “long version”) on this internet site. While I can put the remainder of their family history on the internet, it would be better if I mailed it privately to Robert and / or Michael out of respect for them since it involves Nancy who is still alive, and her parents. The much longer narrative history that I would like to mail to them instead of putting on the internet tells about Nancy’s having been a cheerleader in junior high school, her having taken piano lessons and becoming a pretty fair, intermediate level pianist in her early teen years, her having been an outstanding student and scholar in high school, and having graduated in the top ten percent of her class, and things like that. It also includes a few details which might be construed as being a little less than complementary. Everyone has a few skeletons in their closets, usually small ones that don’t amount to much, and Nancy is no different. If Robert and / or Michael want to contact me or provide instructions for me as to how and if they want the remainder of this Aden family history transmitted to them privately, they can email me at with “underscores ( _ )” in the two spaces. I want to thank the people of Auckland and Parnell for any assistance they might provide to me in locating and contacting Robert Felix and / or his son, Michael Felix, and passing this information on to them. And now the long, long story…… and the even longer Aden family genealogy, or at least a single branch of that genealogy, at the end of this long story.

I have known or am familiar with four generations of the Adens and some of their extended family. Many of them who are not adopted are exceptionally gifted genetically as explained later in this paper. And they are the descendants of the family of Daniel Boone, the great American explorer and frontiersman. Most Americans think of Daniel Boone as looking very much like the handsome, 6’- 6” tall Fess Parker who played Daniel Boone in the TV series that ran from 1964-1970. While Daniel was taller than average, he was not that tall!! If you look back in American history, there were many men running around the early American frontier with their families, wearing raccoon (coon) skin caps, and trapping to earn a living and exploring the new lands of America. What made Daniel Boone stand out as being special among them when they were all doing pretty much the same thing? Did he also possess some of the same superior genetic characteristics or advantages that exist today in his descendants, characteristics that would have made him genetically gifted and better able to compete, lead, and survive than his peers? People tend to marry others who possess characteristics, values, and beliefs similar to themselves, and thus they tend to preserve and pass on their desirable genetic characteristics, relatively undiluted and only slightly evolved to their children, generation after generation. There are only five generations between Nancy’s grandmother, Freda Gertrude Bryant, listed below and the family of Daniel Boone, so I thus know about or have met four generations of the family, which is almost half way back to the family of Daniel Boone.

Since the extended family and descendants of the Adens are all highly gifted genetically and are descendants of the family of Daniel Boone, I have combined elements of genetics with this genealogy as they likely still relate between the family of Daniel Boone and those living descendants today. I believe you will find it interesting and very likely even controversial. One difference that you will find between this genealogy and most other genealogies is that this one also contains numerous narrative descriptions and comments about many members of this family tree, including some who are famous, the most famous ancestor of whom is Jesus Christ.

The four primary people in this genealogy, all of whom lived some portion of their lives in the last half of the twentieth century, include the following:

Freda Gertrude Bryant b. 28 Apr 1893 m. 30 Apr 1911 d. 08 Sep 1987 at age 94

-- Was married exactly 2 days after her 18th birthday and immediately left the family home, with

almost nothing.

– 5 generations descendant from the family of Daniel Boone

Clifford Aden b. 07 Apr 1914 d. 03 Jul 2001 at age 87  Freda was within 14 days of being 21.

Nancy Aden Felix b. 11 Nov 1944 in Port Angeles, Washington State, U.S.A.  Clifford was 30.

Michael Noel Felix b. 10 May OR 05 October 1982 in Auckland, NZ  Nancy was 37 yo.

The branch of their family tree that is developed in this genealogy shows that they are the descendants of a famous and illustrious line of ancestors including the family of the great American explorer and frontiersman, Daniel Boone, many early European royal families including Charlemagne the Great, the Holy Family, and Adam and Eve.
A Final Request:
If you are an American man or woman who was born between 1935 and 1955 who is reading this and happened to have known or known of “Nancy Aden”, “Nancy Griesel”, “Nancy Jewett”, or “Nancy Felix” during the years of 1962 to 1975 in the Puget Sound area of the State of Washington and would like to share some of your stories, rumors, photos, memories, or information about her or her family, I would appreciate hearing from you. Genealogies and family stories are never complete, but instead, there is always more that can be added, updated, revised, or improved. My email is with “underscores ( _ )” in the two spaces.
If any of you in Parnell or Auckland know the Felix family on Laurie Avenue and would like to share any information about them or photos of them with me, I would be very appreciative. Carlin and Clifford Aden, and their younger sister, Wanda, have all passed on now, and Dorothy, Nancy’s mother, is in her late nineties now and no longer exchanges Christmas cards, letters, phone calls, or emails with me. Dorothy quit responding to me in about 2004 due to old age. I continue to send my annual Christmas card and letter to Robert and Nancy, but they are not into writing newsy Christmas letters, so my information sources about them have dried up. If you could share any information or photos of the Felix family and let me know how they are doing, it would be most appreciated. My email is with “underscores” ( _ ) in the two spaces. Thank you.

Paul Olson

Genealogical Form: I have put together two genealogical documents. The first and shortest one, which those involved in genealogy, may find to be of interest and perhaps even useful, is the general questionnaire form that I have been using to collect information on relatives and ancestors for of my own family tree for more than fourty years. It doesn’t work very well for me because no one is willing to spend the time required to fill out the applicable questions if I just hand it to them, and I suspect that some people may be embarrassed to admit that they do not even know some of the basic information requested about themselves, but I use the form anyway, doing most of the work and filling in the information in the applicable spaces myself for the various family members and ancestors in my genealogy. I have used it for more than 40 years. My changes over the last ten to twenty years have been primarily cosmetic – mostly correcting spelling and grammar errors and rewording some questions to make them clearer. For the purpose of listing it here, I have condensed it and squeezed it down from five pages to four by removing many of the lines that provided space for additional information, and for longer and more complete responses. Families in olden days were much larger and required many more lines on this form to record the complete family information. If you elect to use it and need more space for any question or item, just add a fifth page and continue with your response.

Most of the questions came from the computer genealogy program “Family Tree Maker” by, and the answers are used to fill in the blanks in that program. A few questions came from my reading the information found in other genealogies, and a couple of questions come from my imagination where I asked myself the question – “If I could magically go back through time and spend a couple of hours with each ancestor, and have a magic electronic translator device like the ones used on the television series, “Star Trek”, with me, what would I want to ask them or find out about them?” If you were able to answer those questions that apply to each ancestor and relative, then you would likely feel that you were pretty familiar with them. But the strange part about it is that you probably cannot answer all of the applicable questions when applied to yourself, your spouse, and your children. For example, do you know the blood type of every member of your immediate family?

If you could learn the blood type of each family member and close relative (and were somehow able to magically check and compare their DNA and have a DNA specialist explain the meanings to you), you are virtually certain to discover an occasional family member, probably somewhere between 2.5 and 10 percent (It is more than 50 percent for some groups and families.) of all of the members of your family genealogy and family tree, who do not belong there or are out of place for any of various reasons, possibly because they were adopted, they were the child of a relative, friend, or neighbor where their family suffered some tragedy or were no longer able to care for them, they originated from a premarital or extramarital affair with a partner outside the family, or were a child who was the result of a previous marriage (stepchild), or was the result of “invetro fertilization” or “artificial insemination”. Often the information about these personal, private family details is lost over time, intentionally covered up, or is intentionally omitted and buried. If we have no way of knowing about these discontinuities in the DNA line of the family tree, then we cannot show them in the genealogy records.

The young teenage daughter of one of my relatives got pregnant by her high school boyfriend many years ago and her parents adopted the baby. Their family tree is honest and forthright, and shows that the child’s older sister is also the biological mother of the child, and if I remember correctly, I do not think the biological father is listed. Hey, those things happen, and being honest and obtaining the most accurate, precise, and correct information possible is part of what genealogy is all about, but sometimes the truth hurts and sometimes it is just not available or known. Thus, with this genealogy as well as all others, after only a few generations of ancestors, there is a very high probability that it contains at least one such DNA discontinuity on that ancestor tree that we do not know about. And if you can trace your genealogy all the way back to Adam and Eve as this family tree does, it will amount to no more than just a good academic exercise in family research, because there is virtually no chance that every parent-child link listed in the more than 200 generations back to Adam and Eve is absolutely correct as might be determined by DNA tests, if such were possible.

But along that line of thinking, do not get too carried away with exclaiming that because of these genetic and DNA irregularities that are certain to be in any and every genealogy, this genealogy is therefore false. Women are much more likely to have “affairs” and become pregnant with men who are above them in social status, such as having an affair with a young, handsome “knight in shining armor” than with the derelict town drunk. And at least one of Nancy’s ancestors, Charlemagne the Great, was having affairs with every young maiden whom he could get his hands on. Thus, it is far more likely that Nancy’s real ancestry via DNA tracing (if such were possible) would actually show that her ancestry gets into nobility and royalty, as well as into the personalities of the Bible, much sooner and more strongly than even this genealogy suggests, with many more multiple, parallel links and marriages among important relatives, and many more parallel genealogical routes that could be taken to arrive at the final destination.
Please feel free to use this form for research and work on your own genealogies.


(Originally created by Paul Olson in 1965 - 1985 – Last revised Aug 2008 )

(left & right margins are both 0.8 inches, font is mostly Times New Roman #8 & #9)

-- PERSONAL DATA that can be inserted into the “FAMILY TREE” genealogy program and preserved --

Each person has a dedicated page as an adult “HUSBAND” or “WIFE” in the Broderbund Co’s computer software genealogy program, Family Tree”, and also appears on a second page as a child of a “HUSBAND & WIFE” (his/her parents) along with all of his/her brothers and sisters. Additionally, there are pages for “Marriage Notes”, personal biographical “Notes”, Medical Notes, and a separate page with a date for each of fourteen “Personal Facts” of interest. Use a separate genealogy form for each person. Begin by identifying each person as a “Male” or “Female”. Answer as many questions that are applicable as you can and don’t worry about any questions whose answers you don’t know. When possible, list the citation for all sources of information. All of us possess some knowledge about ourselves and many of our relatives. By combining the information and knowledge of many different people about any given person, we can achieve a more complete and accurate historical picture of that person. Let’s act now to preserve as much of this precious information of our family history and culture as we can, and not lose it through inaction or procrastination.


NAME OF PERSON: ________________________________________________________________

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