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Final Portfolio 2013


1. Course Syllabus Packet (tree cover page/packet)

2. Academic Integrity and Anti-Bullying Policies Packet (white packet)
3. Sample Essay format (beige handout)
4. Title Techniques (blue handout)
5. Mythological and Archetypal Approaches (white packet)
6. Chapter 4 Topic Selection (lavender cover page/packet)
7. Chapter 20A Works Cited MLA (yellow cover page/packet)
8. "Becoming a Member of our Class Wiki" & of your IDs and passwords (white handout)
9. SAT Power Plus Vocabulary word lists (green or purple packet)
10. ALL vocabulary work: exercises, illustrations, pretests, tests
11. Literature Circle #1 The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian graded packet (beige cover page)
12. The Heretic's Daughter PACKETS
13. Literature Circle #2 The Heretic's Daughter - graded packet (blue cover page)
14. Literature Circle #3 Into the Wild - graded packet (green cover page)

15. Literature Circle #4 The Catcher in the Rye – graded packet (pink calendar & purple cover page)

16. SAT prompt (graded packet)
17. SAT prompt: Mid-year Common Assessment (with assignment sheet and graded rubric)
18. Portfolio 1 Unit Evaluation
19. Portfolios 2-3 Unit Evaluation

20. Cultural Criticism Critical Theory (blue handout)

21. Cultural Criticism Pre-Writing Exercise (white chart/packet)
22. "Amtrak" Reaction Paper Assignment Sheet
23. "Amtrak" Reaction Paper w/ graded rubric
24. Cultural Criticism Assignment Sheet (blue handout)
25. Cultural Criticism Thesis statement/outlines/drafts
26. Cultural Criticism Final Draft/Rough Draft/Rubrics/Reflection
27. “Historical Figures from the Salem Witch…” Anticipatory Research: Follow Up Assignment sheet

28. Connection Essay…explain the connection between three historical figures presented during the Anticipatory Power Point presentations (graded)

29. Article #1 "Why I Wrote The Crucible" by Arthur Miller (white packet)
30. Article #2 "Beware the Loss of Conscience: The Crucible as Warning for Today" (white packet)
31. Article #3 - "The Crucible" by Arthur Miller
32. Biographical, Historical Essay handout (green page)

33. Any notes/outline for essay as part of The Crucible TEST

34. The Crucible TEST essay (graded)

35. Feminist Critical Theory handout (pink page)

36. Hawthorne Analysis Standards handout (four standards and one task)

37. Essay (graded)

38. "The Masque of the Red Death": An Intpretation JSTOR article (packet)
39. "Annabel Lee" poem (handout)
40. "Annabel Lee" story level and message level
41. "The Identity of Annabel Lee" JSTOR article
42. "The Raven" poem handout
43. "Poe's Flight from Reality" JSTOR article
44. Critical Theory: Formalists/New Critics (yellow handout)
45. Any and all notes, articles, outlines...etc.
46. Midterm Exam 2013: Final Draft - w/ graded rubric attached

47. Midterm Exam Assessment Reflection (handout)

48. Midterm Exam Assessment Reflection (hand-written)

49. “Nature” by Emerson (packet)

50. “Society” by Eddie Vedder (handout)

51. Transcendentalism Essay assignment sheet

52. Transcendentalism 1-2 page Essay (graded)

53. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn packet (ivory cover page – packet is complete with answers)

54. Huck Finn – Chapters 17-20 questions with answers

55. Huck Finn Essential Questions (Essay Options) assignment sheet

56. Any notes/outline for the essay

57. Huck Finn Satire Essay (graded with rubric)

58. Anticipation Guide handout

59. Parental Notification handout

60. perks questions 1-15 for pages 1-40 (complete with answers)

61. November Letter

62. December Letter

63. Final Course Reflection/Evaluation

Final Portfolio Guidelines Packet placed in BACK POCKET

Download 13.8 Kb.

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