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Name: ____________________________ Famous Person: ____________________________
Important Due Dates:

· Notes due: ___________________________________________________

· Portrait due: _______________________________________

· Famous Person Report due: ______________________________________

· Timeline due: _________________________________________________

· Final Project due: ______________________________________________

o Cover and Report

o Timeline

o Presentation/speech

o Self Evaluation

o Bibliography (keep track of where you found your information)

The first thing that you need to do in order to complete a successful research project is the RESEARCH. The following headings and questions can help you organize your notes. It might help to write each topic on top of a sheet of paper so you can organize all of the relevant facts on each page as you find them.

*the topics below are only a guide. They may work with your person, but they may not, you might not be able to find some of the information, and that is okay.
QUOTE: Somewhere in your essay you must include a quote from the famous person and tell its significance.

· When was your person born?

· Where was your person born?

· Where did your person grow up?

· Did anything eventful occur during your person’s childhood?

· Did your person go to school?

· What type of home life did your person have?

· Who were your person’s parents?

· Did your person grow up with his/her parents?

· Did your person have any brothers or sisters?

· Are there any other family members that influenced your person?

· What type of relationship did your person have with his/her family?

· Was your person married? If yes, did the spouse play a major role in their life?


· What was the sensory disability that your person had? (deaf, mute, blind)?

· Was he/she born that way or was there an accident, illness, or something else?

· How did your person respond to these problems? How did the disability make life more difficult?

· How did his/her family respond? Was anyone else involved in these issues?

· Was society able to help in any way (special medical treatments, technological tools, special schools)? Were these tools/treatments hard for your person to learn to use?


· Did your person have any particular strengths or gifting?

· Did your person do anything that changed the course of history or influenced it in any way?

· Did your person win any awards?

· Did your person do anything great that other people talked about? For example, write a book? Win a sports competition?


· How and when did this person die?


· In what ways was the life remarkable, despicable, and admirable?

· What human qualities were most influential in shaping the way this person lived and influenced his or her times?
· Which quality or trait proved most troubling and difficult?

· Which quality or trait was most beneficial?

· Did this person make any major mistakes or bad decisions? If so, what were they?

· Many people act out of a "code" or a set of beliefs which dictate choices. It may be religion or politics or a personal philosophy. To what extent did your person act by a code or act independently of any set of beliefs? Were there times when the code was challenged and impossible to follow? Or, people act in such a way that goes against a set of beliefs- in what way did your person act that went against what we consider to be moral and just?

· What do you think it means to be a hero? Was your person a "hero?" Why? Why not? How is a hero different from a celebrity? Or was your person someone that history looks down upon. Why and do you think all people feel the same as you?


  • Required Assignment #1: FAMOUS PERSON RESEARCH PAPER

  • Required Assignment #2: TIMELINE

  • Presentation for your famous person #3: SPEECH

People to Research:

-Helen Keller (author)

-Stevie Wonder (singer)

-Louis Braille (invented braille)

-Andrea Bocelli (opera singer)

-Claude Monet (painter)

-Dr. Jacob Bolotin (first blind man to become a doctor)

-Doc Watson (American guitarist)

-Erik Weihenmayer (first blind person to summit Everest; is also a skier, long distance biker, rock climber, etc.)

-Tony Max (Canadian painter)

Deaf (might also be mute)

-William Elsworth "Dummy" Hoy (American baseball player)

-Osei Morris (First deaf African American to play professional basketball)

-Laura Bridgman, (American, first deaf-blind student of Dr. Samuel Howe at the Perkins School for the Blind)

-Chuck Baird, (American painter and performer)

-LeRoy Colombo (lifeguard and long distance swimmer)

-Bethoeven (composer)

-Sean Forbes (rapper)

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